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wildlife photography you can buy these gorgeous photos if you want.
ugo.com 10th largest (their claim) online entertainment network with a collection of some 500 web publishers in all the usual categories of entertainment.

new telescope to search for alien life It's one of the most persistently enticing sirens to beckon the SETI community: a major telescope that can be dedicated to the search. Despite the seductiveness of this idea, construction of an instrument designed to meet the requirements of full-time SETI has always foundered on the large costs. In the next few years, that situation is going to change. Thanks to the far-sighted benevolence of technologists Paul Allen (co-founder of Microsoft) and Nathan Myhrvold (former Chief Technology Officer for Microsoft), a new telescope will be constructed that will allow a targeted SETI search to proceed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Irish portal irishabroad.com
Gametiger searches for players and servers around the world.
high school journalists reach an audience of 15 million. Here are samples of their work.

Punch archives After more than 150 years, Punch, Britain's legendary humor-magazine-turned-political-gadfly, is calling it quits. Even more tragic, the world will be deprived of Thoughts of Chairman Mo, a spunky column by Mohamed al Fayed, Punch owner and U.K. eccentric.

David Alan Harvey “Along streets resonant with the clip-clop of horses’ hoofs and the squeak of bicycles, life moves at a pace from decades past. An older couple watch the passing parade from their front door.” — From “Cuba’s Colonial Treasure,” October 1999, National Geographic magazine Waiting for Jimmy Carter?
Men's murky motives for romance explains when and why.

Australian travel poster(s) wonderful stuff here from nla.gov.au via: coudal.com
The President and the Pope photoshopped by Arkieboy, via Fark.

No job for a woman? Julie Wheelwright on the forces that kept women out of the forces in Men, Women and War: Do Women Belong in the Front Line? by Martin van Creveld and War and Gender: How Gender Shapes the War System by Joshua S Goldstein. Book review.
A voyage to the origin of species Edward Larson talks to Tim Radford about the draw of the Galapagos islands and the mighty influence of Charles Darwin

Manchurian Candy Date To the world she was one of the most successful American fashion models of the 1940s – but she led a secret life as a Manchurian Candidate-style agent for the US intelligence services during the Cold War. COLIN BENNETT analyses this tale of multiple personality, conspiracy, hypnotic mind-control and fantasy life. Additional research by Bob Rickard. via Fortean Times Archives.
African American Perspectives: Pamphlets from the Daniel A.P.Murray Collection, 1818-1907 History of American abolitionism : its four great epochs, embracing narratives of the ordinance of 1787, compromise of 1820, annexation of Texas, Mexican war, Wilmot proviso, negro insurrections, abolition riots, slave rescues, compromise of 1850, Kansas bill of 1854, John Brown insurrection, 1859, valuable statistics, &c., &c., &c., together with a history of the southern confederacy. (Originally published in the New York Herald) : By F.G. De Fontaine.
mars image Mars Odyssey -- Floor of Juventae Chasma May 30, 2002 12:30 CST

Gregory Crewdson Bathroom Boy 2000-2001 at Luhring Augustine Twilight Delight review of Gregory Crewdson (above) art, via Artnet.com
the degradation and removal of the/a black male via Sharemyworld. Photo/essay. Click small box at bottom of page.

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What next from the FBI? Terrorists disguised as farm animals?Summary: The Denver field office's terrorist electronic surveillance probe of bin Laden's network not only snatched targeted e-mails "but also picked up e-mails on non-covered targets," said a March 2000 memo to agency headquarters in Washington. Director Robert Mueller, acknowledging that the bureau had mishandled possible clues before the Sept. 11 attacks, on Wednesday announced plans to shift hundreds of agents to boost counterterrorism activities and transform the crime-fighting agency. The new rules also give local FBI officials more authority to approve undercover operations in emergency situations and let agents conduct preliminary investigations for up to six months without special approval from headquarters. The guidelines will also allow the FBI to investigate certain categories of people and "extends the authority to carry out criminal intelligence investigations of groups involved in terrorism and criminal intelligence investigations of groups that aim to engage in terrorism." The FBI will form a new office of intelligence and strengthen its oversight of counterterrorism investigations in response to criticism over its efforts before the Sept. 11 terror attacks. The changes will also create the Office of Intelligence, headed by a CIA agent and consolidate FBI oversight of counterterrorism and counterintelligence activities at the Washington headquarters, officials said. 36 articles
Karen website .- .The Karens, pronounced (Ka-rans), are an indigenous people to the southeast Asian countries of Thailand and Burma. Our population numbers around 14 million in that region with the majority of the Karens living inside Burma.
soup of the evening many recipes
Alert The U.S. government has alerted airlines and law enforcement agencies that new intelligence indicates that Islamic terrorists have smuggled shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles into the United States. Classified intelligence reports circulated among top Bush administration policymakers during the past two weeks identified the missiles as Russian-made SA-7 surface-to-air missiles or U.S.-made Stinger anti-aircraft missiles obtained covertly in Afghanistan, said intelligence officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity.
Freedoms and Fictions The Bondwoman's Narrative by Hannah Crafts, edited by Henry Louis Gates Jr. (Warner Books, 338 pp., $24.95) Click here to purchase the book. Narrative of the Life of Henry Box Brown Introduction by Richard Newman, Foreword by Henry Louis Gates Jr. (Oxford University Press, 73 pp., $21.95) Click here to purchase the book. Book review, via The New Republic.


Hogarth satirizes crowds consumed by political speculation on the verge of the stock market collapse of 1720. The 'merry-go-round' was set in motion by the South Sea Company, who held a monopoly on trade between South America, the Pacific Islands and England. The Company tempted vast numbers of middle-class investors to make quick money through absurd speculations. The wheel of fortune in the center of the print is broken, symbolizing the abandonment of values for quick money, while 'Trade' lies starving to death. On the right, the original inscription on the London Fire Monument--erected in memory of the destruction of the City by the Great Fire in 1666--has been altered to read: 'This monument was erected in memory of the destruction of the city by the South Sea in 1720.'

Curtis Centennial Editions after you have read about the project, turn to curtis photo gallery for some outstanding photos (using the goldtone process) of American Indians.
CLEMENT GREENBERG (1909-1994) CLEMENT GREENBERG (1909-1994) was the greatest art critic of the second half of the 20th century and possibly the greatest art critic of all time. All this, of course, is arguable and remains so. He was the most vilified critic since Bernard Berenson -- "Clembashing", as it came to be known, has continued unabated since the late '60s, climaxing in Florence Rubenfeld's dreadful biography and Adam Gopnik's savage review of the same in the pages of The New Yorker. This site may not win converts, but it will present the opinions of friends and admirers as well as some of Greenberg's own writing -- in the hope (perhaps faint) that someone will actually read the stuff. I'll add to it as material becomes available.

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Wimpzillas leave tracks say astronomers An army of monster Wimpzillas is hiding out in our Galaxy and Earth is under attack. Fantastical as these beasts sound, they could solve two mysteries that have been plaguing physicists for years: the source of the Universe's missing mass, and the origin of the most powerful cosmic rays hitting our planet. --more--
do you have blacks in Brazil? Your president if you are American.

Inside David's Head Wanna really see what's inside my head? Well, try not to get too grossed out! I created the movies below from anatomical data collected from a magnetic resonance image (MRI) scan. Special thanks goes to Sarah Creem for letting me participate in her psychology study, and for letting me get my hands on some of the resulting data. Each of the MPEG movies below has a pretty good frame rate. The animated gifs are worse quality, but can be viewed by most browsers.

firehouse.com everything you might possibly want to know about firemen, firehouses, fire fighting.

photoshopcontest Welcome to PhotoshopContest.com!!! Here you can take a pre-chosen image, alter it how ever you like and post it for others to view, vote, comment and submit their own versions. The images that we select for editing can come from anywhere, such as news, sports, a random keyword search, anything! Check out the Featured Pic to the right or choose from the list of recent contests below:

NOT for office bikini.hottie via: ww3.voyeurweb.com

The economics of confrontation The wonderful site Bitter Lemons presents its weekly issue, here discussed by two Palestinians and two Israelis.
android picture gallery via: Robot Maxamilian aka R. Max "Let your robot do the heavy-lifting"
Not for workplaceGina striptease slide show.

whatsbetter? a variation of Is she hot or not, you get to pick and choose.
the Karen The Karen, who call themselves Pakin-ngaw and who are known as Kariang to other ethnic groups, are one of the largest hilltribes in Southeast Asia with a total population of about three million spread throughout Burma, Laos and Thailand. It is estimated there are over 322,000 Karen in Thailand alone, which makes up half of the total hilltribe population in Thai territory.
Stone Age Habitats Man's earliest ancestors sought protection from the elements and predators in natural shelters such as caves and rock overhangs. Gradually, they learned to improve their caves with inlaid stone floors, walls at the entrances and fireplaces. Ultimately they began creating entirely new habitats in locations that had no natural shelter. The construction of such habitats may have been influenced by the cold weather of the ice ages cycles shown in the white areas of the diagram below.

The Right Kind Of Second Guessing There is more than a little historical irony in the furious indignation that has been emanating from the White House for the past10 days.

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dinosaurs alphabetical listing of photos of many dinosaurs.

These and dozen of other pieces of art are destined to be destroyed as part of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers improvement project along much of Chicago's lakefront. via: interestingideas.com

Captain Charley - Maricopa (The North American Indian; v.02) CREATOR Curtis, Edward S., 1868-1952.
Removing a Demon Become an exorcist! Career change, possibly.
Tortures and Torments of the Christian Martyrs They were truly creative and inventive back then. Puts Texas and Saudi Arabia to shame.