Tim suggested I try shopping at this place and in the bikini dept, this is what I found, via: bubblebodywear.com
The Faces of Porn thanks, Tim
Ant City you get a magnifying glass and some bright "sun"....and, well, you know....
brigitte bardot, aka sex kitten, via: retrospice.com ubi sunt?
carrie-anne moss at
Very pretty. Very sexy. Monica Bellucci via: freeweb.supereva.it
The Titanic note: see too the post below on the Titanic encyclopedia.
Lessons learned from 18 months of confrontation Two Palestinians and two Israelis write on the topic. This a wonderful site (BitterLemons) offering 4 views on weekly subjects. How far apart both sides are also becomes apparent in these discussions.
reading Rudyard Kipling a major influence at one time, Kipling is now all too easily dismissed. via Salon Magazine.
Reading Flaubert via The New Yorker.


Give "armed struggle" a chance. and this from a so-called "peace group"! via unilateral
Happy BirthdayWillie Nelson
source: gigposters.com
Posters of the "Fighting Pencil" Group from Leningrad The "Fighting Pencil," a group of graphic artists and poets, started as a real fighting unit during the war with Finland in 1939. Artists B. Semyonov, V. Galba and others, together with poet E. Ruzhanski, created the first poster-broadsheet for the troops at the front, targeting their satire against the enemy and its allies. Later, during the Great Patriotic War against Nazi Germany (World War II), more posters were made calling for defense of the Motherland, portraying heroic deeds of soldiers, inspiring courage and encouraging hatred toward the enemy. via: >a href="http://www.coudal.com/archives/Aposters.php">coudal.com
encyclopedia titanica the Titanic.
habbo hotel Play this game!
angelica russo at ssmax.supereva.it
Saudi Arabia is considering privatizing part of its oil sector. But it is difficult to imagine a deal that would satisfy all the interested parties, which include foreign oil firms, the Saudi government and fundamentalist factions within the country. The proposal is more likely an attempt by the government to get leverage over the United States. Saudi Privatization Plan Floated for Political Gain
Keeping the Faith Stoning and Scripture KHARTOUM, Sudan — One of the central challenges for any religion is to evolve, to adjust ancient scriptures to modern life. That challenge framed the debate as judges here in Sudan puzzled over whether Abok Alfa Akok should be stoned to death for adultery. Ms. Akok, 18, married last year, and soon afterward her husband left town to look for work. When he returned four months later, she was pregnant — but, alas, not four months pregnant.
First, do no harm etc. Egypt's top psychiatrist calls Bush "stupid" enthusiastically supports Palestinian suicide attacks, calls President Bush "stupid," and promises to throw Israel into the sea.
oldest fossil footprints on land The oldest fossils of footprints ever found on land hint that animals may have beaten plants out of the primordial seas.
the police state On the surface, beehives and ant nests seem to be model societies, with each individual striving for the common good. But maintaining this social order sometimes calls for brutal tactics.
the artists of GuggingThe Artists of Gugging "Gugging" is the abbreviated way of referring to the Haus der Künstler (House of Artists) at the Lower Austrian Psychiatric Hospital in the hamlet of Gugging, outside Vienna. The Haus der Künstler was established by the psychiatrist Leo Navratil, who began to notice that the art produced by certain of his patients far transcended the qualitative parameters of traditional art therapy. These artists, selected by Navratil with advice from local museum officials and artists (including the well-known painter Arnulf Rainer), began to publicly exhibit in the 1970s. In 1981, the Haus der Künstler, a separate facility on the hospital grounds, was erected as a place for these artists to live and work as a community. Predating the current fad for "outsider" art, the Gugging colony has exhibited throughout Europe, the United States
You don't have to be Southern to like 'em, but it helps Grits
If the offbeat in reading and books appeals, try this collins library
Hottie of the day tokyo-girls.com
domai.com beauty of the day
carrie fisher of star war's fame, via retrocrush.com
In his first legal response to charges that the Rev. Paul R. Shanley began molesting a Newton boy when he was 6 years old, Cardinal Bernard F. Law has asserted that ''negligence'' by the boy and his parents contributed to the alleged abuse. [more] yep. And a rape victim was "asking for it."
Greek Hottie via Fark.com
Japanese George W. Bush
As U.S. politics becomes increasingly dominated by the country's dependence on foreign oil -- and the Bush administration's cozy ties with oil money -- it's only a matter of time before our gaze should finally fall upon the grim little despotic regime of Equatorial Guinea. [more] note: Salon premium. If interested in full piece, e-mail me.
Not for the office ART click on Exhibition for gallery. Thanks, Tim.
eva hertzagova via freeplaace.com
a photo not to be missed Found photography the great linguist Edward Sapir, 1909 - in the rear, with group at Mrs. Dodd's, Untah Ute Reservation, White Rock, Utah. J. Alden Mason peers from the bushes. Sapir was gathering material for his Paiute grammar that summer.
National Post reporter Stewart Bell talks with one of the few hostages to escape the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, where Palestinian gunmen have been holding civilians and some clerics prisoner under abysmal conditions for three weeks. holy site a living hell for hostages an insider's look at the standoff at the Church.
In 1996 construction workers in China unearthed a burial pit containing 400 statues of Buddha. Had they been thrown away? Hidden? As they arrive in Britain, Sarah Wise reports on an extraordinary 12th-century treasure Secrets of the Buddha
Very hot! Photos from Vampirella
Welcome! PapaInk, the International Children's Art Archive, is dedicated to collecting and preserving children's art and reinjecting children's creative spirit into human discourse. Explore our organizational and special collections. Become an iCurator or upload your own art. Art=Life! papaink
Yasser Arafat has propagated three myths about the deals he turned down. Now Dennis Ross has set the record straight. Myths of the Intifada Ross was the American negotiator present at the scene.
Special Tribute to the terror attack of 9/11
Tokyo-girls.com Hottie of the day.
DEBKA file. Jenin documents discovered by Israelis and shared with U.S. reveal close links to world terrorism.
Domai.com Beauty of the day.



Dreams by Boris Vallejo
via: myspod.com
nadia bengala at freeweb.supereva.it
Just married! claudia schiffer at freepalace.com
Krista stuller at babewarehouse.com
Guerilla Graffiti - London Jan 2002 via squall.co.uk
Trevor Watson - Girls Behaving Badly

Girls feel comfortable in front of Trevor Watson's lens, and this erotic photographer's topspin of wry humour and obvious technical talents seduce the viewer - in more ways than one - by the extraordinary erotic power of Watson's images.


Here's a checklist of 31 strategies that you can use to improve your search engine rankings. If you follow these strategies before you submit your Web pages to the search engines, you'll have an excellent chance to achieve top search engine rankings. If you need to improve the positions of any page, simply modify your keywords. [click here] Note: I don't do any of this. I just post what I see and like. But then I am non-commercial so nothing gained or lost by ignoring the advice I am posting.
Seems that many cultures have had a vision of an Eden-like place of peace, harmony and innocense. In America the restless hoboes, harrassed by the railroad bulls (cops) dreamt of a land of ease, without work, with all the amenities. They found such a place in The Big Rock Candy Mountains
The name pretty much says it all. But useful info, perhaps, if you are looking for a career change moneylaundering.com
jeweled arts of India Cleveland Museum.
The Streakers a must see via creatical.com
An international juried exhibit exploring new work created by artists who work with cameras and computers. Digital Photography Exhibit
bettie paige at retrospice.com
alice marie at babewarehouse.com
daniela amatoriali at ssmax.supereva.it
auschwitz gallery. click on photos. via yadvashem.org the Holocaust musem in Washington, D.C.
Found photographs come with no context. A proper historian will attempt to establish a context and a history through research. This is as it should be. But we are always tempted make up a story to go with a photograph that catches our eye. found photo: one character in search of an author you are given a photo. Some slim basic facts. Create a story and send it in. And a chance to see what others have imagined from this photo.
He has been called the father of English Prose Roger Ascham (1515-1568
Franklin in the Public Eye: 1818-1859 : A Multimedia overview of the public fascination with Sir John Franklin and the Arctic regions Includes images from Panoramas, The Illustrated Press, popular engravings, daguerreotypes, and documents illuminating the British and American obsession with Franklin's Fate. [click here]
gina gershon and meg tilley at (on?)
gumball poetry instead of gumballs in the machine you get Poetry.
gallery of nude couples this gallery of photos by skilled artists differs in that its focus is upon couples rather than the single figure. Click away. via: gallery-of-nudes.com
gallery of forgotten girlie magazines ah, memories. Thanks Tim.
A game for those so inclined. Dungeon Siege
Yahoo game said to be more addictive than nicotine. Try it.
Dennis Ross interview Ross was the envoy under Clinton who was negotiating a possible peace accord between Israel and the Palestinians. The talks broke down. There have been accusastions as to what took place. Here is the narrative as Ross details it.
try this to deflate your ego things others have done when they were your age enter age and note what others have done by this time.
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roxane mesquida in the film "les paradis de laura" via: brenus.net Thanks, Tim.
Cristie Kerr kisses the trophy she received for winning the LPGA Longs Drugs Challenge at the Twelve Bridges Golf Club in Lincoln, Calif., Sunday, April 21, 2002. They don't make trophies the way they used to!
On the morning of 26th January 1999, passersby outside the NIIT headquarters in New Delhi were treated to an unusual sight. A computer peeped out of a hole that had been carved out in the wall that separated the NIIT premises from the adjoining slum. As the day wore on, the curious onlookers, mostly children living in the slum, approached the computer. The TV-like device seemed inviting. First with hesitation and later with more assurance, they began to explore. It took the children a few minutes to work out the use of the touchpad embedded in the wall. After that, it was a series of "hits-and-misses" as they fooled around with the computer. This went on for the whole day...and the next...and the next... the 'hole in the wall'
DANCE music star Moby is surrounded by 18 naked beauties, bringing to life the sleeve of the classic 1968 Jimi Hendrix Experience album Electric Ladyland. But the 36-year-old American seems more interested in the computer catalogue he is reading. The stunning picture was taken for music magazine Q. via: thesun.co.uk
Afghanistan, 1933, via comp.ucr.edu UCR/California Museum of Photography's Keystone Mast Collection
marie denarnaud getting there is half the fun, via: brenus.net thanks Tim.
The Way Forward an Israeli assessment of resolving the mess in the mideast.
Hottie washing via: breunus.net from Tim.
The Climbing Dictionary This dictionary gives definitions of American and English climbing terms and translations of those terms in other languages.
Vatican Deliberations editorial in The N.Y.Times. Reg. req'd.
betty paige via retrospice.com
linda lovelace: RIP for her life and death, see linda lovelace thanks again Tim
DOMAI.com beauty of the day
HOW THE OTHER HALF LIVES Jacob Riis: studies among the tenaments of New York. Via Plep


the phraselator neat and useful device.
Earliest Known Ancestor of Placental Mammals Discovered don't miss these cuties in the photo gallery.
hottie and via Tim from californiagirls.com
sent on by Tim from californiagirls.com
Not for office. Do it via: brenus.net thanks, Tim.
a redneck gag thanks Richard.
Hotties , count them a bevy of beauties thanks to Tim.
What if your copy of the New York Times Book section does not arrive for Sunday? well you can always go tothe Washington Post's Book World
Social Inventions Through the Ages A Brief History of Thinking Outside the Box
condolences to the Queen mother via UnknowNews mystery links (from thewvsr.com)...is this a takeoff or do so many morons really exist?
Bitter Lemons: the world view of the conflict two Israelis and two Palestinians discuss the middle east chaos. Unlike so many blogs, this one gives a chance for BOTH sides to be heard.
JERUSALEM — President Bush recently lamented that in the Middle East "the future is dying." Being out here now, I can confirm that. There is only one way to reclaim that future: It is for America to get Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah, Ariel Sharon and Yasir Arafat to face up to what each wants to ignore. Abdullah wants to ignore yesterday, Sharon wants to ignore tomorrow, and Arafat wants to ignore today. [more] Krugman, via N.Y. Times. reg req'd.
Hottie Carre Otis smokes via: modelstwon.com
Thumbs up for the white folks! Eugenics, then and now.
carrie otis at modelstown.com
This artist travels from city to city, staying about 3 weeks in each, riding the subways and sketching his fellow riders. subway life wonderful.
The distinguished author and scholar of the Muslim world, Bernard Lewis interviewed at the new Jewsweek (yes: a takeoff on That magazine).
Hottie at rest via: coccozella.com
Yesterday was the birthday of William Shakespeare Here, his complete works.
Claire at domai.com
the Irish Potato Famine and: The Famine and: the Great Hunger links to the past in which various magazinea and papers discussed the issue: Views of the Famine and for further research and additional specific links, see: famine archives


Very Funny! turning the tables.
Stanley Elkin: "'Listen, disdain's easy, a mug's game, but look close at anything and you'll break your heart"
gypsy lore society Information on Gypsy & Traveler Cultures in America. If the subject interests you, see too: gypsy
I never tire of looking at the gorgeous heidi klum via: babezone.org
As many of you now know, Linda Lovelace died in a car accident yesterday. Here is an online tribute to her from Retrocrush.com
Howard Kurtz on the world of Blogging
For all the chatter on various TV channels about how the Israelis leveled Jenin, here are actual aerial photos of Jenin and the refugee camp, before and after the Israel attempt to root out what the terrorists themselves boasted of as the capital of the suicide bombers. aerial photos clearly does not measure up to the absurd claims being made. Gotta love that UN.
a tribute to awful recipes retro recipes
Hottie @ uh-ho.com
katie richmond at dialspace.dial.pipex.com
Afghanistan: Growers vow to fight ban. "Yes, we know it's poison, but we have to feed our families."A Cloud of Ruin Hangs Over Poppy Crop
Tribute in Light WTC, 9/11. Don't skip this one.
Today's Quote "The most maddening thing about the sheer stupidity of America's health care system is that the far better alternative is perfectly clear. Every other industrialized nation manages to do better than we do. The answer is universal health insurance, a single-payer system. Every time we start to get serious about reform, the right wing starts screaming "Socialized medicine, socialized medicine." And then we are all supposed to run, screaming with horror. But if you want to see horror in action, try the emergency room of any large hospital in this country." In the Washington Post Molly Ivins, 30-Mar-02
15 high resolution shots (gallery) of the Victoria's Secrets 2000 fashion show in Cannes via:lookonline.com
pollen daily U.S. daily allergy data for entire nation.
the jellies Monterey (CA) acquarium exhibit on jellyfish.
a Slave's Journey in Sudan via New York Times, reg req'd.
The real war on terrorism Robert Young Pelton, author of "The World's Most Dangerous Places," says the U.S. military has killed "thousands and thousands" of people in Afghanistan, al-Qaida is a myth and the WTC was brought down by a "Mickey Mouse" outfit. the interview via Salon.
Slate's Roundup of Today's Papers
claudia schiffer at freepalace.com
hottie in fur gisele bundchen at
links to the most frequently sopught documents under the Freedom of Information Act
Welcome to medieval science on the Web. This page is intended to provide a convenient and comprehensive set of links to all Internet resources worldwide which deal with aspects of medieval science, both in Western and other culturesThe Medieval Science Page
Review of three books about robots and human beings, as the two begin to get closer Robots Are Us: The Mystical Side of Science (and Fiction)
In Germany the aryans are gone but the police warn Jews about German Arabs
use your noodle Japanese company marketing ramen-like noodles for outer space travel. Will be handy as a reminder for Japanese space travelers of home as well as a quick snack.
guess what thanks Tim.
This well-reasoned article suggests that since the '67 war, Israel, esp. under Sharon, has been running roughshod over the occupied lands and the Palestinian people mainly because the U.S. has not made any attempts to stop them. I would argue that the piece, though very helpful and informative, downplays Arafat's role in the chaos in the area and forgets that a central point in negotiations (under the Barak offer) is to come back with a counter offer if what you are presented with is not acceptable rather than walking away from the bargaining table and beginning an intifada (recall this was before Sharon took power). The Road to Nowhere very worthwhile piece no matter which side you support.
Pitching in and doing her part beauty of the day
With a listing of general topics at this page of this book, you can get a good read on many aspects of life through the Victorian Dictionary


who's ahead? via Fark/Yahoo.