German comedy lifts film industry stars a gay American Indian.
Golden mummies discovered discovery a few years ago but worth noting now.

Book review on history of the BraUplift
This image, modified from John Speed's map of Yorkshire, shows the walled city of York -- the site of the brilliant annual spectacle known to its medieval performers and spectators as the "Corpus Christi Play". Dozens of short plays, mounted on pageant wagons, began with a performance at the Trinity Priory (red dot, lower left) and moved through the city streets, stopping at pre-arranged performance locations known as stations (white dots). York Corpus Christi Play Simulator -- PSim 2.1 for Java
Medieval plays were staged in recent times and have left a lasting impact.The Mystery Plays 25 years on


Unrelated Bush scandals with amazing similarities.Suicidal Coincidences
Help NASA decide where to go next in space. And no, you can't go.Public Survey for Input to the Planetary Decadal Survey
Sprezzatura.net: American artists Well, if you know anything About Sinclair Lewis then you know he would not turn down the booze no matter which country he was in.
Though he never vanished from the scene as a wonderful writer, he seems now to be appearing again with greater frequency: George Orwell
The Electronic Small World Project seeks to map the social connections among people using email. Using the tools of social network analysis, we hope to construct the first images of the social topography (as opposed to the technical or physical topography) of the Internet. This social map will help us understand how information moves through society, how different types of people are connected, and how small the social world in which we live really is. The Electronic Small World Project
Experience wanderlustWelcome to AARoads.com
The Domain Archaea wasn't recognized as a major domain of life until quite recently. Until the 20th century, most biologists considered all living things to be classifiable as either a plant or an animal. But in the 1950s and 1960s, most biologists came to the realization that this system failed to accomodate the fungi, protists, and bacteria. By the 1970s, a system of Five Kingdoms had come to be accepted as the model by which all living things could be classified. At a more fundamental level, a distinction was made between the prokaryotic bacteria and the four eukaryotic kingdoms (plants, animals, fungi, & protists). The distinction recognizes the common traits that eukaryotic organisms share, such as nuclei, cytoskeletons, and internal membranes. The scientific community was understandably shocked in the late 1970s by the discovery of an entirely new group of organisms -- the Archaea. Archaea
Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of optical and sensory illusions on the world-wide web. This award-winning collection consists of innumerable interactive demonstrations, up-to-date and reliable scientific explanations, school projects, illusion artwork, interactive puzzles, 3D graphics, suggested reading lists, bibliographies, perception links, and much more. There is literally hours and hours of fun and cool material here! Most of the effects, demonstrations, and artwork appear here for the first time. We hope that you will agree that this site is what the web was best suited for! [ more]
A new site you might want to look at. It ivolves mostly left bloggers posting cooperatively at this one place samizdat
Some odd suggestions of what we might do to alter, plan evolutions' future.Salon.com Books | "Future Evolution" by Peter Ward
prominent conservative doctor now advising the Bush team decides right from wrong on what seems an odd basis. You decide.Morally repugnant
An academic contest with a subject of importance for thinking about guns and gun control in America. Did the Shootouts Over 'Arming America' Divert Attention From the Real Issues?


Scientists have found five new Martian meteorites. The new rocks, which were blasted off the Red Planet in the distant past only to land on Earth at a later date, were recovered by expeditions to Antarctica and the hot deserts of Oman and the Sahara. Martian rocks bonanza

spoof on art via Dear Auntnettie.com rogaine: the early years
sexual records of all types answered at this site.Oldest aphrodisiac
Can anyone in the world reach anyone else through a chain of only 6 friends?Smallworld Front Page
Horror comics from the pastGASP!
Old world records of pre-Columbian visitors to America"In Plain Sight"
Coresets and other ties that bind The Foundations of Fashionable Thought
PeopleCards.net :::: The Official People Trading Card similar to cards with famous athletes, these for all ordinary people.


BBC - History - Elizabethan room panorama requires (free here) Quicktime. Guide panoramic view with mouse.
Art, it has been said, is anything you can get away with. Hoaxes too.Jas-Hon Does Tokyo

27 January Holocaust Memorial Day Britain and the Holocaust.
Jeronimo Arteaga Living in the Desert remarkable. Requires Quicktime (here available free), via Zone Zero.com. Photos by Jeronimo Arteaga.
A Long Look Forward

Edo Photos - Pinhole Photograph Portfolios many thumbnails. Permission:

Tony Edwards, edophoto

Home - business culture, customs and etiquette how to do business in foreign countries without giving offense. Pick the country of interest, links supplied. via Marylaine Block.
Scientists plumbing the bubbling, black depths of a geothermal hot spring in Idaho have discovered a unique community of microbes that thrive without sunlight or oxygen. Idaho: Home of Strange Microbes [more]
In a breakthrough that could lead to better vaccines and drugs to protect against bioterrorist attacks, scientists from the Army's biodefense research center at Fort Detrick have succeeded [more]
Lists upon lists of namesJerry Hill Presents Names



Dreams May Hold Key to Beating Depression Divorced and Blue? When Your Ex Plays Minor Dream Role, You're Healing [more]
Updated Romanov family tree.The St. Petersburg Times (Photo)
Lots of nice information here for history loversBritannia: Monarchs of Britain with earls, and Barons thrown in!
The old way of military operations has been altered in some respects.CORNERSTONES OF INFORMATION WARFARE
Job-hopping has always been the way to get ahead in IT. But in today's slow job market, IT professionals could use some lessons in staying happy while staying right where they are. Staying Put
Welcome to FictionDB If romance novels, amateur sleuth mysteries, or another type of genre fiction is your passion, then you have come to the right place! Here you will find the most comprehensive, searchable database of authors and titles ever presented on the internet. We also offer reviews, links to author websites, pseudonym directories, and much more. This site is for readers and book lovers everywhere, so come on in and take a tour through the bibliographies of your favorite authors. FictionDB.com - Your Genre Resource on the Web URL via Marylaine Block.
Hundreds of long-lost works of ancient Greek and Latin philosophy, science and literature - possibly including works by Aristotle, Archimedes and Seneca - are about to be rediscovered in what promises to be the most important re-emergence of classical literature and thought since the Renaissance [ more ]

stolen photos source: stolen photo Daily posting of photos stolen from labs where pictures went to be developed. These usually not fit for workplace viewing.
Gallery of Crime Lurid crime magazine covers
Felix Lindsey, Wichita Falls negro, had the dubious honor of being singled out by Geronimo on one occasion. Felix, who is ninety years old, clearly remembers the meeting, which occurred in 1886. This was shortly before Geronimo surrendered to Gen. Nelson A. Miles. Felix recalled this meeting. "I wasn't as dark as I am now, but kind of red like, and when Geronimo saw me he said, 'You ain't no nigger, you're an Indian.' "'My father may have been an Indian, but I'm a nigger because that's the race of my mother and the race I chose,' I said. Felix Lindsey narrative Aframerindian Slave Narratives index
Excerpts from E.O. Wilson's latest book. Here, what it takes for sustainable life.Scientific American: Feature Article: The Bottleneck: February 2002
A new site developed by the folks who daily present http://www.aldaily.com/ and http://www.scitechdaily.com/ Business Daily Review -- the Best in Business on the Web
January 24, 1917: In the small churchyard in Rennes-le-Chateau a few people stand watching silently as the coffin of Berenger Sauniere is lowered into his grave. Of these people, how many truly know the secret which this charismatic priest is taking with him in death? This question did not interest anyone very much for the first 50 years after the burial. The story reappeared in the 1960s and awoke the curiosity of many. From then on the phenomenon only increased, and led to the writing of many books (some more reliable than others), but unfortunately no solution has ever been found to explain the mystery of Sauniere's sudden wealth Rennes le Chateau, The mystery
Od enugh to remember this one? Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom


source: siliconevaleydebug art by Fernando Amaro

I have no tech background whatsoever but this seems like it might be interest or useful for people in the business (a commericalsite)internet product watch - Sleuth9 (Deep Nines, Inc)
what a bunch of laghs you will have here! And the personality tests...but if you need a quick guide to a lot of subject, check out the Spark Guides, free!TheSpark.com - Internet Like Burning.
artifact recovered Kilroy in Yemen? source: dearauntnettie
an interesting article (NY Timnes, reg req'd) that gives URLs for places dealing in almost-new or refurbished or leased computers of all makes and types. Lots of bargains can be had for almost new hardware.When Almost New Will Do: A Trade-Off

Storyville (red light district in New Orleans)

source: masters-of-photograpy: bellocq
This site offers FREE newsletter with lots of helpful tech tipsLangaList Std Edition 2002-01-24
Flash crazy maker: turn sound down! control with mouse. Get hypnotized.SURFACE.YUGOP.COM || MONO*crafts 3.0
Pre-Columbian art:GB_Online's Mesoamerica
Mayans, Incas, and Aztecs filled with many many links
A photographic essay among the Chergari Gypsies in Blagoevgrad, BulgariaStacia Spragg: The Dream
Welcome to threefeathersA connection to Native America on the world wide web

ScienceNet - Resources - Sociology - Senses Questions Many questions aqnsweered. For example: do women talk more than me? Why?
Welcome to C-SPAMspam with the music you select.


Is the female in your office flirting with you? Here's how to know.AskMen.com - Office romance
WebMuseum: Famous Paintings exhibition nice site for great paintings, by period and themes.
For Gabrielle, my love to the North Features: Histoire(s) du Canada by Mark Peranson

Bustier (left), 1990 Designed by Jean Paul Gaultier (b. 1952) for Madonna's "Blond Ambition" Tour, 1990 Pink silk satin Courtesy of The MLVC Library and Archive
Museum of the City of San Franciscowonderful galleries of photos
All the talk about conditions at our Cuban prison for the "detainees" reminded me of Andersonville the infamous Civil War Southern prison.
National Geographic Magazine : explore Ground Zero with 360 camera you need to install an item if you don't have it, but it is supplied, free...see left margin area. Other places to visit too.


World Walk Travel Adventure first verified walk around the earth.
It is, I suppose, common knowledge that Gutenberg's printing press stands as the most intellectually fertile device ever produced by an identifiable person. Its spawn include common knowledge itself, and the modern idea of fame, the type of celebrity that places its inventor on a par with Aristotle, Caesar, Leonardo, Shakespeare, Darwin and Edison. So it does seem remarkably perverse that proven facts about this cultural superhero are scarce enough to fit into a few bare lines of print. [Gutenberg]

Have you seen this man lately?
archeologyDolforwyn Castle
Biography:Alex Haley

Slow Wavesubmitted dreams turned into comics.


Stunning site!
Guardian: Martin Luther Kinglisting of guide to best sites on America's most famous civil rights campaigner.
Chilean poet, diplomat, and Marxist, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1971. Adopted the name Pablo Neruda legally in 1946 after using it over 20 years as a writer. - Neruda is the most widely read of the Spanish American poets. From the 1940s his works reflected the political struggle of the left and socio-historical developments in South America, but he also wrote love poems. Pablo Neruda
the art work ahead of its time, work done by 17th century Belgian paitner, Myopic. Foul
How and why King gave his now world-famous :I Have A Dream speechMARTIN LUTHER KING, JR
a nice introduction to the photographer's work, with specific locations for portfolios given as links.Photographs by Bob Kolb
a fine compendium of links to all aspects of Islam, ranging historically from pre-Muslim times to the present.Internet Islamic History Sourcebook
Dedicated to the history of libraries and librarianship ALA Library History Round Table

Sorry but I am not able to translate this for you or to put into English. But for some very fine contempory art of all types, check this site out and click pics on left.Stanton Studio
African American Odyssey via Library of Congress
Creating an artificial womb as science advances, more and greater ethical and moral questions to consider.
ASTEROID INSURANCE Home owners' insurance will cover certain things, but asteroid bombardment? Try this.
History of the SLA Symbionese Liberation Army & Patty Hearst.
Sprezzatura.net: Kissing Marilyn was like kissing Hitler Well, Tony, I sould gladly have been a body double to save you the agony.

Scientists work to unravel the human compulsion to get high. Very interesting materials on addiction, mental illness and cigarette smoking
Online Tests psi (psycic) ability test.

HORSHAM - The battle for racial equality in America has been going on for centuries. Some of the warriors who fought for it while simultaneously combating Germans in the skies over Europe gathered to mark Martin Luther King Day at the Willow Grove Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base. The men of the 332nd Fighter Group, popularly known as the Tuskegee Airmen, faced a tremendous challenge just getting into the U.S. Army Air Corps in World War II, said Luther Smith, who flew 133 combat missions with the unit before being shot down over Germany and captured. [more]




Buddha di Bamiyan gorgeous shots of Buddhas destroyed by Taliban. Thumbnails.
Greek Culture a fast and dirty summing up and easily followed outline of Greek culture.
Ancient Greek Theater a lot of useful information and pictures w/ major playwrights and their contributions discussed.
frieda kahlo photo: Manuel Alvarez Bravo, collection Museum of Photographic Arts
le piano graphique use your keyboard to make music. Follow directions.
Based on the Book 'Based on the Book' is a compilation of selected books that have been made into movies. Utilizing the Internet Movie Database as the authority on release dates, all movies in this collection have been released in 1980 or later. In the case where more than one movie has been based on the same book, the most current movie is listed.
Here is New York compilation of 9/11 photographs from professionals and amateurs.
Perry-Castañeda Map Collection - Historical Maps source: University of Texas, Austin.
The Nuremberg ProjectRutgers Journal of Law & Religion will post documents from the Donovan collection to its web site approximately every six months. Scholarly commentary on these postings will be published on a rolling basis, so please check back frequently. These documents will appear in PDF format. Please be patient due to the large file size. What is
Observe life in a bear den w/cam Nice because not only does pictures change constantly but there are comments and explanations by expets on bears.


Not for the workplace, unless you work at home, alone. nice outfit source: eroticart.playground.tomrorrow.de
witticisms from death row the "sayings" come and go so just focus upon the quote in upper right corner.

via Metropolitan Museum of Art.
bohemian grove extract follow our brave camcorder man as he peeks at The Adventures with Extremists, the masters of the universe.
Richard Wolin is an intellectual historian with a remarkable gift for upsetting people. His {Richard Wolin] work has annoyed postmodernists, outraged Heideggerians, infuriated scholars of Hannah Arendt, and provoked Jacques Derrida himself into faxing lengthy denunciations and threats of legal action. Such notoriety has its uses: In 2000, after 16 years at Rice University, Mr. Wolin became a distinguished professor of history at the City University of New York's Graduate School and University Center. The corridor buzz is that several prominent academics wrote letters seeking to derail his appointment. [more]
the psychology of colorthis offers a way to test yourself as well as others, via Luscher test, and the many times I have used it or have had others take the test seems to validate what it does.
Al Qaeda recruiting videor just fooling around.


Dorothy: The Later Years Dotty of Wizard of Oz, of course.
EW DELHI: Indian scientists have made an archaeological find dating back to 7500 BC suggesting the world's oldest cities came up about 4,000 years earlier than is currently believed, a top government official said on Wednesday. [more]
Artic National Wildlife Refuge photo gallery from U.S. News.com
Conspiracies! a site that has a different view for events that are important and have been explained to us by our leaders and media but which may in fact may be cover ups. You decide.Serendipity: Geopolitics, Drugs, Religion, Music and More!
"Maternity" by Picasso.
Prosopagnosia ( Face Blindness ) a truly odd affliction.
1st-Aid for Choking works for pretzels too.
Review: The Oxford Companion to the Body I would sure like this book as a gift for my birthday!
Going to Dust: The Midwestern Drought photo gallery and text.


Sprezzatura.net: What pornography is really about ok. But it is the getting there and not being dead that I live for.
surce: grconnect.com
Sprezzatura.net: The orgasm has replaced the Cross Perhaps because though often failing, it is worth the effort and, as the shipline used to say:" Getting there is half the fun."

Atmos Clocks huge collection.
Behold the Rocklopedia Fakebandica! make believe bands used for films or tv.
E.O. Wilson great writer/thinker/biologist intervied about the future of our species etc
The 80s Server nostalgia if you are old enough.


CETI a new message sent out into space. Listen to it here.
Viva Zapata! source: grconnect.com
The case "Olof Palme" A great life. A strange death.
Ice sculpture, China, an hour later and Miss Liberty hungry again.
Science: The discovery suggests the ability began longer ago than believed, and in Africa, not Europe. Carvings Spark Debate on Origin of Abstract Thought


Dawkins vs. Gould one of the big intellectual stands, here presented in undeerstanable and interesting form.

NameBase Book Index FOI and those listed as criminals, suspects etc.


Bart's Special Shape Collection - Instructions hot air balloons of all shapes, colors and figures.


Los Angeles
American Bar Association nice site for some free info and advice on many aspects of the law and your rights.
Woody Guthrie at Cooper Union. source: photographer: John Cohen via boston university
What a difference a war makes
Tattoo Factory: Body Piercing wherevever there is a spot, it gets pierced. See them.
Anil Gupta: tatoos stunning!
Gallery samples of Ouchman tatoos on various parts of the body.
All these designs have been researched and drawn by Catherine Cartwright Jones. Details of historical paintings and objects have been redrawn as closely as possible to the original style of the art. Bibliography and sources of this material are available from Catherine. Catherine Cartwright Jones has been hennaeing and researching henna since an Israeli friend introduced her to the art in 1990. She lectures on the history of henna and its patterns and hennas people from The TapDancing Lizard in Stow, Ohio. More "how to", patterns, history and henna supplies are available at her website: http://www.mehandi.com .Historical Henna
Happy birthday, Steven Hawkins, with wife.


If you are over 18, like erotic stuff, are interested in photos and info but not porn, unless it is "classic"--ie, from the past in art, then try me at: senuous liberation army This is not for everyone's taste, but you....well, you know...
Collect celebrity autographs! Here in alphabetical order address of celebrities, mostly film stars, so you can write them.
Renaissance Gowns- Pirates, Gypsies, Wenches, and More. commercial site but the pics are nice.
Art Crimes: Iceland neat graffiti
KODAK: The Endurance the expedition to the artic caught here by Frank Hurley, "a Warrior with his camera." outstanding.
fun-with-words Wordplay website.
Anger plays key role in human cooperation this study indicates that anger is not simply feelings getting out of hand but has an evolutionary explanation.