Spencer Museum of Art Printroom Home Page lots of nice examples covering a wide variety of subjects.
Instant messaging discusses what is available, and how to use and avoid abusing these chit-chat devices. Via Kim Kommando.
Be Careful! back then, this is about as bad as it got.
Sprezzatura.net: Beauty Edgar Poe said pretty much what Francis Bacon had earlier said (given here). What is meant by this observation?
Happy New Year
The Raelian RevolutionThe world's largest UFO related, non-profit orgainsation.
Are students today dumber than students in the past? Book Proves an Empty Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Waste
When PBS decided to run its series on Evolution they were swamped with objections from Creationists. PBS consulted many scientists to answer charges made against Evolution. Here in PDF form, the charges compiled.Setting the Record Staight
India seeks to become world's back-office Call Center for the world.
W4 Assistant Will soson be that time of the yhear. This will help fill out an easy-to-do W4 tax form.


Have a great day!


Enjoy Your Weekend. This will help Beauty of the Day


Have you seen this man? He is responsible for my machine's endless crashes.
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit Don't know if this is real. But thought I'd pass it on. READ IMMEDIATELY AND PASS ON TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW Someone is sending out a very cute screensaver of the Budweiser Frogs. If you download it, you will lose everything! Your hard drive will crash and someone from the Internet will get your screen name and password! DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! It just went into circulation yesterday. Please distribute this message. This is a new, very malicious virus and not many people know about it. This information was announced yesterday morning from Microsoft. Please share it with everyone that might access the Internet. Once again, Pass This Along To EVERYONE in your address book so that this may be stopped. AOL has said that this is a very dangerous virus and that there is NO remedy for it at this time. This is VERY important. If you receive a screen saver from a friend or anyone you may not know with the Budweiser Frogs in it, DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT
Giving and Receiving Erotic Massage ...a holiday treat(ment)
Arts in the aftermath of Sept 11 artists reexamine why they work and express themselves in new ways.
Sudan (Library of Congress) A place soon to be read about daily.
Printing: History and Development Culture & sociology of printing.
Blooming Plants of Southern California text and beautiful photos
Sprezzatura.net: The feeling that will never come back any more At least Conrad could remember his youth That is more than many of us can say.
All classical accounts of Gaius "Caligula" (12-41) agree that he possessed elements of madness, cruelty, viciousness, extravagance and megalomania. He is described as a coarse and cruel despot with an extraordinary passion for sadism and a fierce energyBiography of the Roman Emperor Caligula
Dorothy: The Later Years Was our Yellow Brick girl on pills?
--...Standing aside, he studied the enormous female spider tattooed on the girl's back, and as he gazed it, he realized that in this work he had expressed the essence of his whole life. Now that it was completed, the artist was aware of a great emptiness. --'To give you beauty I have poured my whole soul into this tattoo,' Seikichi murmured. 'From now on there is not a woman in Japan to rival you! Never again will you know fear. All men, all men will be your victims...' (from 'Tattoo) Junichiro Tanizaki Interesting author whose works I have much enjoyed.
Nature Science Update holiday archive round-up of the year's best stories.
Pompeii unveils erotic frescoes pics are thumbnails.


Wonder Woman page the counterpart to Superman.
"I Just Want To Be Friends." You want sex or you want Platonic pal?
Daniel Defoe a summing up of facts (bio), works, and Robinsoe Crusoe.
"Our Cosmic Habitat" by Martin J. Rees provides what amounts to a pocket guide to the cosmos while "The Universe in a Nutshell," by his Cambridge University colleague Stephen Hawking, is the illustrated atlas. Hawking's book is by far the prettier, but Rees' is a lot less likely to leave you stumbling in the dark. So, where do humans fit in the (really) grand scheme of things?At Home in the Universe nice book review contrasting two wonderful seeming books.
Commercial Closet 30 years of ads depicting gays, lesbians and bi-sexuals.
Tom Joad (Henry Fonda in Grapes of Wrath): where are you now that the country needs you?
New squid on the block many newspaper accounts but here is a more studied piece on the recent discovery.
Welcome to Postcards From Hell !amazing war photography, courtesy of A. Raffaele Ciriello.
Language Tools via Google. Useful for translation.
Art of Moretti illustion as art
Last Expression2 different toujrs of Auschwitz--virtual tours, with 360 degree views from 10 locations.
Photography - Alice Attie - Harlem in Transition photo gallery of the changes being wroght as Harlem gentrifies.
Pioneering Cartoonists of ColorBlacvk cartoonists during 20,30s,40s,50,& 60s.


Guggenheim Museum - Norman Rockwell a few samples from exhibit.
The Ancient World Web: Mythology_and_Religion many links to aspects of the ancient world. Very fine site for catching up on the past.
'This late in history,' what shall we choose to read? Reading anxiety: A simple calculation shows that none of us has enough time left [more] Too many books for too little time.
AskOxford.com Home Page Word fun for kids and adults.
A world empire by other means The new world language seems to be good for everyone—except the speakers of minority tongues, and native English-speakers too perhaps. via The Economist.
Are We Losing Our Homing Instincts? argues that contemporary life with its many gains over the past may have in fact given us some important values that make life decent.
eric clapton lots of wonderful thumbnails of Clapton
Water feature photos and videos Water Fountains From All Over


Hypercube Photo of the Day: December 26, 2001, "The American Embassy", Gabrielle Taylor, December 2001, Ottawa, ON -- an embassy that broke a thousand mirrors and a beautiful skyline. I hate each and every one of you.


All My Life For Sale Guy selling all his worldy possessions.
this is an experiment one thousand journals passed from hand to hand throughout the world..those who find, add to them and pass along...check it out.
Biographies: The Economists: Thorstein Veblen (1857-1929). very short bio but notes why Veblen is now worth a reading or re-reading.
"Blue Cats and Chartreuse Kittens" For people with synesthesia, letters, words and numbers have their own colors, and you can smell the shape of milk [read more]
An evolutionary explanation for President Clinton, and our interest in him, reveals a baser side of human nature. Sex, Lies and Gossip by Michael Shermer
Reformed Druids of North America and you thought they had come and gone?
JoeCartoon.com -- Joe Fish a game to relax you.
You could just read the books. But aren't you curious what they were thinking as they wrote them? We were.Rambles: authors, editors, poets, artists, etc.
www.hindu.org - Dharma & Philosophy nice compilation of links that deal with Hindu belief, history, and concerns.
Drive Rescue - the hard disk recovery tool claims to rescue items that get messed up so long as HD not badly damaged. Free download. I can not attest to how well it works.
Fodors.com > Miniguides great if you plan a vacation or trip.
Optical Illusions try them. Fun.




The Goddess spirituality via Women.
Primary Zen Texts text central to Zen Buddhist traditionb.
SelfhelpMagazine wide variety of topics covered by experts.
Social Psychology Network many helpful links to this branch of psychology relating to group behavior and cultural factors.
the Henry James scholar's Guide to Web Sites * R. Hathaway * In Heaven there'll be no algebra, No learning dates or names, But only playing golden harps And reading Henry James. . . . . . . , (Anonymous)
Pieces of Eden inertactive exhibit (click on painting to move on) via Yale Museum of British Art.
Grace Albee: An American Printmaker, 1890-1985 women in the arts. Wonderful.
An Online Christmas Songbook hymns & caols to sing and play.
Sheila Marbain : Master Printer photos and biography.
Online resources for Canadian heritage many links to all aspects of Canada.
Before the terrible events of Sept. 11 nudged our national mood towards nouveau-earnestness, skepticism was the disposition of the day. Bred in the swamps of transparent consumer manipulation, untrustworthy political leaders, and information overload, skepticism stamped a permanent question mark onto the brows of Generation X and seemed poised to become the watchword of our nation. The cultural tides may have turned somewhat in recent months, but skepticism remains central to our national character. In the opinion of Grist Magazine, that's a good thing: No mind should be above changing, and no precept should be protected from scrutiny. Hence this special issue on Bjorn Lomborg's The Skeptical Environmentalist. Lomborg, an associate professor of statistics at Denmark's University of Aarhus, applies the doctrine of doubt to environmentalism and concludes that most of the movement's sacred cows are, to put it bluntly, bull: We will not lose our forests; we will not run out of energy, raw materials, or water. We have reduced atmospheric pollution in the cities of the developed world and have good reason to believe that this will also be achieved in the developing world. Our oceans have not been defiled, our rivers have become cleaner and support more life. ... Nor is waste a particularly big problem. ... The problem of the ozone layer has been more or less solved. The current outlook on the development of global warming does not indicate a catastrophe. ... And, finally, our chemical worries and fear of pesticides are misplaced and counterproductive. Lomborg claims that these and other worries are "phantom problems" created or inflated by the environmental movement for its own ends, with the result that time and money are diverted from other, needier causes Something is rotten in the state of Denmark But a number of links to science writers/elites challenge this view. Fine piece!
Anthony's Kite Workshop anxious? bored? need a change? Go fly a kite
Coney Island History Web Site via Fruitlog, aka Nutlog. A great site!


Obituary Central tracks obituary resources on the Web. see too, the following post.
Online Newspaper Obituary Task Force An attempt by wiliam Cribbs to track obituary resources on the Web for genealogy. The Obit as History
Sprezzatura.net: Radical reactionary conservative liberal How about guys like me? Indifferent or wobbling all over the place?
For those of you fascibnated, obbessed by "IT," aka "Ginger," and now Segway, this is the site that gives you updates, the latest info on the Dream Machine.Segway
Earthquake Links & Websites links to some 25 big earthquakes.
Gadfly Online. About Gadfly. a site you should look into.
Investigating a 'protective gene' against alcoholism "All in all," said Ehlers, "I think this finding definitely strengths the case for the genetics of alcoholism. It also further delineates the importance of ethnic and cultural differences when looking at risk and protective factors for alcoholism."
The Christos started out wrapping Vespas and moved on to the Reichstag. Kate Connolly on the couple who now plan to package a whole river The big cover-up
Guy Fawkes - Treason in 1605 and the Gunpowder plot.
The Love Calculator figure out your chances in advance before a heavy committment is attempted.
ChristmasTree What geeks probably want for Christmas.
UCLA Center for Communication Policy 2nd year of reveiwing the Internet in general.
Google Catalog Search Beta. New addtiion to Google. Let's you search many catalogues.
Life's sweet start Life on Earth may have got off to a sweet start nourished by sugar from space.
OperaGlass Your source for information about opera.
The Why Files The science behind the news.


The 'Rings' Trilogy: a primer via Boston Globe.
Casanova Research Page Did he have a problem or do we wish we had his problems?
The Science of Cycling allyou need or want to know about bikes.
AFRO-Americans: This is Our War. Blacks in WWII The writing collected here is treasured not only for its historical value, but also for the excellence of the writing. Along with an important historical record, these writers returned from Europe, Africa, the North and the Southwest Pacific with taut, engaging prose that still stands as a literary gem.
The only man to have been awarded two Noble Prize awards Linus Pauling: A Centenary Exhibit
AFRO-Americ@: The Scottsboro Boys The devastating day of March 25, 1931, started with hope for the young men on the freight train chugging away from their home town of Chattanooga, Tenn. For Eugene Williams, 13, the idea of leaving his birthplace and the grinding poverty there had seemed like a good and responsible one. "If I leave her, " he reportedly said of his mother, "it will mean one less mouth to feed." By the end of the day, Williams would become one of nine young black males forcibly taken off the train by a sheriff's gang and charged with raping two white girls.
Wonderful free site that searchs through many magazines and papers for topics or issues you put into search slot. A quick and expedient way to keep on top of issues that concern you.AllYouCanRead.com
EmailAlibi.com A strange site (free) that helps you out with lies and alibis by delaying e-mails you might want to send out to "explain" away a lie.
Autism - and its milder cousin Asperger's syndrome - is surging among the children of Silicon Valley. Are math-and-tech genes to blame? The Geek Syndrome
Sex Glossary Useful to look up a specific word or item, or entertaining to click randaomly.
Hardly fitting in among the more "literary" writers of our time, he was however prolific and loved for his many novels depicting the imaginary West of the U.S. and like Maugham, a great story teller.Louis (Dearborn) L'amour (1908-1988)
The background, with many photos of D H Lawrence and Eastwood
Brought the importance of feeling, senusalityh and eroticism into his novels.D H Lawrence biography
Harvardf professor. He dropped out to preach the gospel of LSD and became famous as the guru of using drugs to ehnace the path to Enlightenment and thus beacme a well-known leader of the hippie movement. Timothy Leary


William Caslon's work has long been associated with Colonial American printing and letterpress printing in general. It was chosen as the exclusive face for the Printing Office in the 1950's and remains the house face in our demonstrations in front of the public today. William Caslon
The Spain, United States, & the American Frontier: Historias Paralelas project represents progress toward the realization of a vision shared by leaders of esteemed cultural institutions in Spain and the United States. The fulfillment of this vision will result in a multimedia digital library portal which provides Internet access to the historical treasures of several institutions. The October 1999 signing in Seville, Spain of a landmark agreement between the Institución Colombina and the Library of Congress provides for a digital collaboration that will bring unique documents from the cultural heritage of both nations to the fingertips of students and lifelong learners around the world. Historias Paralelas (Parallel Histories)
The Sioux Nation a number of nice links to various tribes belonging to the Sioux (Amrican Indian) Nation.
Using Multiple Mini-Sensors In Surveillance System Technology used for surveillance in a neat new way.
   Military Costume and Armor Links From ancient to modern,
Deja Vu: (re-)creating web history You have it made! See this site and you will understand how technically challenged your parents were by what was then available.
Go Ask Alice! Home PageAnswers to questions by trained people about sex, relationships, drugs, tmotional health etc. Set up initailly to help college age students.
The New Yorker: From the Archive A very full gallery of timelines, photo galleries, commentaries all dealing with Sept 11 terror attacks.
W. G. Sebald: the past is another country by Tess Lewis Book reviews. Sebald died this past week in an auto accident.
indieWIREIndependent film fans can get lineups of the 2002 Sundance Film Festival at the aptly named indieWIRE. Featured: movie synopses in a wide range of categories, along with reviews of the latest flicks.
Aprilia UsaMtorcycle Racing


Francisco Franco Bahamonde Spanish dictator
Neptune Fountain Giovanni Bologna
Glenn Miller killed by 'Friendly fire' new findings on great musician.


Greta Garbo Here, not left alone.
Finding God in Cyberspace One of the best resurces for studies in religion, via Marylaine Block.
'The Significance of Being Frank' by Tom Foran Clark is a rare biographical gem on the Web - a complete (or mostly so) online biography. Sanborn is little known to our generation but we have author Clark to thank for changing that. This elegant and evidently well-researched portrait of Sanborn gives us insight into the abolitionist, publisher, and educator who was at Concord with Thoreau and Emerson and was confidential advisor to John Brown. Highly recommended'The Significance of Being Frank' : Franklin Benjamin Sanborn
Heroin users all began with pot Piece by police official in UK undeercuts conventional views.
Beauty of the Day for a change, a sketch rather than a photo.


John-Fu read the first letter of each line, downwards. Via Rotten News.
Security guards at secret Area 51 protest wages, overtime Not easy guarding alien beings from outer space. Question: Army guards not allowed to strike. Who are these strikers, Teamsters?
Brain Food puzzles etc for the brain to gnaw on. Via marylaine.com/exlibris/
SIGHT: Philpott: Travel wonderful photo gallery
Sprezzatura.net: Truth My favorite "truth," told to women: "I have lied to many women but never to you."
i-SEE "Now more than ever." a far-out "game" that you use to go from starting point to destination (in NY) to get there with the fewest possible hidden video cameras watching.
All-Gauge Model Railroading Page link via Marylaine Block.
The Ultimate Sacrifice archeology in Gt. Britain
The secret history of Mr. Happy Review of book on the human penis.


THE NEW YORK OBSERVER: Special on The City a magnificent gathering of talented peoped write about their love for New York.
PBS: Life 360 -- A Place in Time: Storyline There are the stories that you choose to tell, and there are the ones that choose you. They nag at you, quietly but insistently. I couldn't tell another story before I got this one out of my system.
Soul Search a search engirne for all thing African-American.
Nordic Underwater Archaeology Nordic Underwater Archaeology If you like history and scuba diving, this is for you. Learn about maritime archaeology worldwide, from a north European perspective
Cookies: The Restaurant kind randomlyh generated by clicking on re-load (refresh) button.
Marie's World Tour 2001 follow the adventures (with pics) of our intrepid traveller.
The First Evolutionary Psychologist Fine book review on Darwin and his children.
Beauty of the Day This goddess walks on water
Sprezzatura.net: Friendship Why not have both?
** DIGITAL PULP FICTION POSTCARDS! free, offbeat, cards from paperback book covers going back in time.
Exhibitions by description of the work Via and with permission from Zone Zero. A very fine exhibit of collections (galleries) of 18 photographers.


A site that I have begun posting at, with materials--almost all pictures--, deals with the erotic, from soft to very hard porn. There is also some art, erotic, sensuus, kinky. It is not for everyone's taste. But then, what is? If interested in giving it a shot, you will at least avoid popups that never end and requests for credit card numbers. http://www.drmenlo.com/sla.html
Great parody of IT see video with Meg.
ALI new film trailer.
18 Ways to Make a Baby what is your favorite way?
The Life and Times of Winston Churchill a new biography just out on this great leader.
Small, ugly and first America's first site on the world wide web celebrates its 10th anniversary on Wednesday.
Operation Migration - Home humans helping birds to migrate!
photos & signs samples of great signs and lettering.
Frozen Under Antartica, via National Geographic
Sprezzatura.net: ColorAgain, thanks to Sprezzatura.net. Here note the slam dunk of the last line, the similie indicating that behind the beauty of color, is a visible sign of death.
images - girlrepair.com Many fine photos, via Sprezzatura.net, without whom my life would be a bit less fulfilling.


Researchers discover gay orangutans No doubt they "choose" this lifestyle.
AIR SAFETY ONLINE: Photosif you are fascinated by this sort of thing, photos of many different air disasters, world-wide.
Up from the AshesRoboteers at Ground Zero Redefine Search and Rescue
Babble On, Babycakes language acquisition.
"Evolution Without God" via Impact Press
The knitting Addiction: a comeback why can't they do this for men and whittling?
Noah's Flood was there a real flood or not? (the cynic: if Noah took took two of every species, what did ant eaters eat on the 2nd day?)
turbulence home great site to explore all sorts of things of this world and other worlds. Science, art,culture
Magic Mill- Create a fake college diploma or letters of reference etc.
SLURP Deluxe - Naked Pigmies a child's poem too amusing to skip


Fat burn today, fat yearn tomorrow moderation the better choice.
Sprezzatura.net: Modern art And a guy like me with no skill and no imagination would love to sit at that table with that woman.
Russian Venus she seems to be in a steam room.
The Objective Individual Combat Weapon  (OICW) If you like guns, you will love this
Affluenza: PBS Program on the Epidemic of Overconsumption Layoffs may soon make this site a bit satiric
Virtual Cave You won't find Bin Laden here but you can get an idea of what caves are like.
The New Historians & Islam very provocative.
Porn -- for the rest of us Slash fiction--women write materials that have gay males in romantic situations. What is the appeal for women? Well, it is safe. Now write your own with this template
Why We Take Risks Darwinbian
The Long Proustian Shelf a nice review of the many books written on Proust. This may get you to read Proust.


Astronomy Picture of the Day Have a nice Sunday.



Tucson Museum of Art Pre-Columbian
Biography of John Adams Founding Brother.
Become a Librarian! nice site if you are thinking of becoming one. via Marylaine Block.
Random Steven Wright Joke click for new ones.
The British Library upgraded web site.
Sprezzatura.net: A fancy prose style There are exceptions. Would that killers could write like the author of the quote.
Walter Sickert Sickert was an artist who expressed perhaps a little too much interest in the ripper murders and could describe the injuries in detail. Some people believe that the famous 'Dear Boss' letter sent to police by the Ripper is in his disguised hand writing Jack the Ripper?
Portrait of a Man, 1520-25Jan Gossart (called Mabuse), Netherlandish, active by 1503, died 1532.


Susan B. Anthony (1820-1906) and Elizabeth Cady Stanton (1815-1902) led the movement for women's rights in the nineteenth century. The documents in this mini-edition focus on the first decade of their collaboration, from 1852 until 1861, when they honed their skills as reformers in New York State. These primary historical sources are pertinent to the study of women, American politics, New York State, and antebellum reform movements. Stanton and Anthony Mini-Edition
B&W pictures opf Neve Campbell Neve Campbell was born on October 3, 1973, she's 25 this year. Born in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, she growed up in Toronto. Her eyes color and natural hair color are brown. Her height is 165 cm. Her parents, Gerry Campbell (drama teacher) and Marnie CAMPBELL (psychologist), divorced when Neve was 2 years old. She's got three brothers : Christian (older), Damien (younger) and Alex (yougest). Her first name "Neve" is a old spain word meaning "snow". Neve also has a middle name, her full name is Neve Adrianne Campbell. [thumbnails]
The Art Test take it! fast and fun.
Letters from fans At this site, ordinary people are asked to send e-mail to Katherine Zita-Jones. Here is a listing of the letters. Some romantic. Some a bit off color. And some funny because of mangled English from people whose first language is not English. Read a few till bored.
T-Shirt Hell "Where all the bad shirts go!" some hip and funny shirts that are right up -to-date
Sprezzatura.net: Put her back together Don't these guys ever go home? They have been sitting around and shooting the shit since yesterday. Why all the pie shops in this place?
The Prisoner - Number Six a TV cult classic kept alive
Les Cahiers du Cinema for the truly dedicated film lover.
The Holocaust essays and photographs. Very moving.
Stacia Spragg: The Dreamphotograhic essay on the Gypsies of Bulgaria
The first atomic bomb actually used in war time was dropped on Hiroshima on August 6th, 1945 killing between 130,000 and 150,000 people by the end of that year. Those who survived the bombing are rapidly aging now after struggling for many years. The Hiroshima Peace and Culture Foundation has decided to newly videotape the testimonies of 100 A-bomb victims to commemorate the International Year of Peace 1986 to record the precious experiences of these survivors to be handed down to the future generations. Voice of Hibakusha
The Case for Red Wine Ok I'll take a case.
Prehistoric man 'was never a teenager' You mean they didn't ask for the family car?


Russian Archives Online > About RAO > What is RAO? Russian Archives Online. Click on the left for some nice Russian stuff.
The Keeper of the Well I sure don't know what this is all about. She has long hair. He has no clothes. That much is clear.
-Natalie Portman Could she get any closer?
Beauty of the Day This is almost too much.
Flasher Eagle The American Eagle! A flasher!
Reading faces How good are you at it and how accurate?
-- nia peeples -- wondrous singer, with sample. Nice site.
Lunch Buddy - School Food is Cool Food stuff for parents, teachers, kids...and you might relive those days now gone.
Number takes prime position The largest prime number yet discovered has just been revealed to the world.
Adam Smith: Radical Leftist or Conservative Right-winger? Both sides claim him. Who is right?
Robert Louis Stevenson Book review on Stevenson. A good read.
AUCC This association presents Canadian colleges and universities for prospective students.
Coolrunning Front Page For the runner in you or a friend. Jogging, running, racing.