World AIDS Day: Link and Think: December 1, 2001

What: Link and Think is an observance of World AIDS Day in the personal web publishing communities. Formerly "A Day With(out) Weblogs", the project involves hundreds of webloggers, journalers, diarists and other personal website publishers, each linking to resources about HIV/AIDS or publishing personal stories about how the AIDS pandemic has affected them.

Breakthrough for stem cell researchA major breakthrough in stem cell research has been announced that makes treatments for degenerative brain diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's look more feasible.
Bali Snapshots : Western Bali: Tanah Lot Temple this is an amazing temple attraction. With a tidal change, the temple is cut off from the mainland.
NetNude - How to Introduce a Friend to Naturism via Federation of Canadian Naturists. Everything gets organized. Where do they keep pencils and pads?
PhotoMann Travel Photgraphy - Russia and many of these phtos from the gallery can be turned int e-mail cards.
Astral Projection Your present life got you down? Project your body elsewhere. A number of links on this subject. Have faith.
The Last OutlawWillie Nelson’s survived a collapsed lung, four marriages, and the mother of all tax audits. Now he’s ready to come clean about his hard-livin’ half-century on the road.
Author John Knowles dies at age 75 His novel A Separate Peace reguired reading in many schools. This novel shares the dropping out of hated conditions--mainly wars--with Catch-22 and Hemingway's For Whom he Bell Tolls, and Twaine's Huckleberry Finn.
'Promiscuous' Britain uncoveredChanging sexual habits and infidelity in Britain today.
Sex and the Brain a test to see if your brain is typical for your gender.
Nathaniel Hawthorne Life and letters
Scientists warn of 'super athletes' Genetic engineering toincrease stamina, speed.
Plotting Along A how-to on No-Style school of fiction writing. It may not read well but it sells these days.
New Scientist Guide to the Quantum World A number of links to give yo some basic info on guantum physics. Very handy for party conversation.


The rebirth of the decorative arts in the nineteenth century William Morris (1834-1896) and other restore handcrafted objects to place of honor "being ursurped by mass-produced pieces." Crafts took years to learn technique. With mass production and machines, youthful agility and strength were often the primary requirements. Here, a looking back at objects of great beauty.
Printing: Renaissance & Reformation click on the links, here called Islands, for fascinating photos and writing about early bookmaking.
The Bloomsbury Group an odd group with extroadinary talents that have had a profound impact on our times. Brief introductions and bibliographical info for each member of the group.
Wireless Networks in Big Trouble Wireless networks are a little less secure today with the public release of "AirSnort," a tool that can surreptitiously grab and analyze data moving across just about every major wireless network. When enough information has been captured, AirSnort can then piece together the system's master password. In other words, hackers and/or eavesdroppers using AirSnort can just grab what they want from a company's database wirelessly, out of thin air.
Great Writers:James Baldwin a few of his novels have great merit; many are just so-so. His essays are remarkable.
Sprezzatura.net: Pretty as for the plain and the pretty, what of the very wealthy? Is that a porta potty?
Squashed Mill Condensed, but sensibily, a classic tract on freedom and indiviudalism.


Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey ®: HomeThe great old circus, on-line.
Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | New planet sparks hopes for alien life Astronomers have used the Hubble space telescope to detect the atmosphere of a planet circling a star 150 light years away. The discovery reawakens the dream of detecting extraterrestrial life in other star systems. A new breed of astrobiologists is convinced that life on any distant planet would leave its signature in the air - just as methane and oxygen in the Earth's atmosphere would be a clue to any passing aliens that the planet was inhabited. "Only a decade ago,
Bureau of Justice Statistics Home page statistics about crime.
Devious viruses set to grow Seems Darwinian in ways they mutate.
AWOL! WARCLUB- Native American Hip Hop Headz WARCLUB is a Philadelphia based Native American hip hop group consisting of Ryakin and Rymahawk . In the 4 years they have been making music, they have ripped over 500 live performances from Philadelphia to New York igniting the underground with a surge of political consciousness. During a time when most hip hop is dominated by fast cars, fast money and fast careers, WARCLUB succeeds in breaking free from the shackles of mainstream rap to deliver the refreshing sounds of revolution. WARCLUB exhibits the true do-it-yourself attitude by producing and recording all of their music on their own, all the while maintaining a hard commitment to give voice to the injustice that has plagued the Native American community for centuries. WARCLUB and their music have been featured in numerous magazine interviews and spotlights including BLU Magazine, Rap Pages, Stress, Murder Dog and AWOL magazine.
Boston.com / Sex survey America number One!
Israel Bible Museum Virtual Tour: Ecclesiates thumbnails of stained glass.
Native Hip Hop American Indians with their own form of the music.
WATCH ALL SIX 'NEW YORK MIRACLE' SPOTS WATCH ALL SIX 'NEW YORK MIRACLE' SPOTS The Most Talked About Post-Sept. 11 Public Service Campaign. For me: theWoddy Allen ice skating sequence is tops


Microsoft XP adbust in Shoreditch, London via Splinters Spike daily
A Lesson Before Dying: Ernest Gaines, author many links to the life and works of this prolific African-American writer.
Venice house slow loading but well worth the waiting. Stunning. by Joseph Connors, via Columbia University.
The Strange Case of Allan Francovich film maker versus CIA and FBI. Fascinating.
Leonardo drawing destroyed FLORENCE. A recently rediscovered drawing by Leonardo da Vinci has been destroyed by restorers attempting to clean it. Leonardo’s delicate inkwork was erased when restorers submerged the drawing in a solution of alcohol and distilled water, a common restoration intervention.
PICASSO Click on the name of a period for Picasso's paintings during that time. A wonderful site that will readily convince you how outstanding this artist is.
Journal axes gene research on Jews and Palestinians Many non-scientists would know from the bible that during the age of the OT prophets, there aere many splits, and Islam developed during this period. That the ancient Hebrews and Arabs share common genes, thus, is not news. But the story of a highly regarded journal and its actions is of interest.
Sprezzatura.net: Good Samaritan is there such a thing as a Bad Samaritan, with or without money?
Squashed Marxcondensed edition of Marx and Engels:The German Ideology
Traci Elizabeth Lords Remeber her? In America it is possible to remake yourself and image as often as need be.
The Journey of Kijanatravels with a sailing boat: diary & maps & adventures.


Sprezzatura.net: Like men and women I guess the photographyer, Austin Burbridge, was prone when he shot this. Ok, Austin. Just kidding.
Nicole Kindman lokking very ladylike.
Buffalo Bills - The Jills run muse of "Jills" and open as thumbnail. A possible career for a girl you might know. You wish.
ScienceDaily Magazine -- University Of Vermont Study First To Confirm Acupuncture's Effect University Of Vermont Study First To Confirm Acupuncture's Effect
afghanistan UCR/California Museum of Photography's Keystone Mast Collection contains stereographs from around the world. Thirty images from Afghanistan, made in 1933, are included here in a gallery, complete with the text originally printed on the back of each stereo card. Click the image above to see the collection of photographs
The world's first floating city But I wonder if 911 terrorism has given potential passengers/"home owners" second thoughts.
Orisinal : Morning Sunshine a lot of easy to play games (few rules) that will help you pass away the time waiting for your next tax refund.
Archaeology and the Bible - Christian Answers "In every instance where the findings of archaeology pertain to the Biblical record, the archaeological evidence confirms, sometimes in detailed fashion, the historical accuracy of Scripture. In those instances where the archaeological findings seem to be at variance with the Bible, the discrepancy lies with the archaeological evidence, i.e., improper interpretation, lack of evidence, etc. -- not with the Bible." --Dr. Bryant C. Wood, archaeologist, Questions asked. Hit link for answers given by science.
An Edward Hopper Scrapbook Take a few hours off from work. Plead a headache. This is well worth it!
BBC News | SCI/TECH | Scientists use 'virgin birth' technique In many ways the most interesting announcement from Advanced Cell Technology was not that its scientists had produced a human embryo clone - significant though this was - but that the researchers had also got a human egg cell to start dividing on its own just like an embryo.
LangaList Std Edition 2001-11-26 for techies. But has very handy discussions on Microsoft's new operating system--should you switch or not?


No Room for Riches of the Indian Past November 24, 2001 No Room for Riches of the Indian Past By CATHERINE C. ROBBINS LBUQUERQUE — Few motorists speeding along the newly widened U.S. Highway 89 to the canyons and parklands north of Flagstaff, Ariz., know of the archaeological treasure that once lay beneath the road's smooth surface. In just a 17-mile stretch, archaeologists who preceded the road crew's bulldozers found more than 100,000 artifacts, the remains of Native American agricultural and trading cultures that sprouted in the fifth century A.D. and lasted for more than 800 years. via NY Times, free, reg req'd.
Ben Jonson (1572-1637) a number of links about this great writer, a rival to Shakespeare.
New A N T H R A X site for the band.
fossil replicas of dinosaurs, sharks, etc. if they make it, someone will come.
SearchMil.com useful search engine for military enthusiasts.


The New York Review of Books: books to consider as holiday gifts the links to each give further info on the book and why it has been selected. Very much up-to-date.
Supermodel Anouck Lepere and I just noticed that there is some writing too about something or other.
Killer Cop Killer Cop by Mark S. Gado In the history of the United States, there has been relatively few police officers convicted and executed for a crime. One such officer was Charles Becker, a high-profile lieutenant for the New York City Police Department during the heydays of Tammany Hall, who was convicted of murder. His execution didn’t end that storied era of corruption, but it sharply punctuated it by giving it flesh and bones. His trial and re-trial were the biggest to ever hit New York. Before this case would close, it would leave the New York City Police Department in a shambles and create a worldwide sensation. For three years it would dominate the headlines of a frenzied press.
CopCrimes homepage on police brutality, law enforcement and government corruptionSome of the best criminals work in law enforcement, and your fate lies in their integrity. Whether or not you personally know about instances of abuse, sooner or later, it will affect your life--it's just a matter of time You can click on any state and get a run-down on crimes done by your the police, city by city!
Compare two cities in 100 categories Our City Comparison feature uses a two-step process to let you choose from 3,000 U.S. cities. First choose the states, then the cities. Next, you´ll be presented with a side-by-side comparison of nearly 100 categories
Paper Airplanes make them and fly them. via Marylaine Block.
Information Literacy - Sources of Information { Skövde University Library Information Literacy - Sources of Information The focus on information literacy issues during the last decade have resulted - and is still resulting - in a vast flood of documents of all sorts. This web page is an attempt to collect and organize different contributions in the field of information literacy literature. This bibliography contains only documents that are freely available via the world wide web. via Marylaine Block
UCMP Web Time MachineGeological time machine.
Cell Manners tries to teach cell phone users how to be less annoying to those around them.
Squashed Plato neat condensation of Plato's classic work.
911 Govt document, via Booknotes, forever wonderful site.
Daily Beauty A thing of beauty is a joy forever.


The Photograph Looks at Us Exhibit in Seoul (Korea) museum. thumbnails.
CIA-Backed Web Privacy Firm Closes Service I post this story because some time ago, Ihad posted the web service which we now learn was run by our CIA.
cazotte: The Prophet of Doom via Sprezzatura.
cazotte: The Prophet of Doom via Sprezzatura.
The Sexual Santy Awards via The Postion. Saluting those figures and/or sites that have made it out of the 19thCentury.
ArabNet -- Sudan, History Brush up. You will be hearing much more about Sudan.
Saul Bellow - Biography and with links to Nobel Prize, Nobel lecture, and other web resources. A wonderful writer and still writing.
American prose since 1945: Realism and Experimentation brief discussions on a number of outstanding writers.
Publishers' page of shame a site that lets folks know (via Libraries) of shabbily printed books and their publishers....shame, shame, shame. Via Marylaine Block.
AutoSite - Maintenance trouble shooting guide. This site tells you how to pinpoint the sy,[toms your car is exhibiting and suggests possible causes. via Marylaine Block.
Terrorism In Early America The events of September 11, 2001 shocked the United States out of its complacency concerning its invulnerability. Even though the U.S. has the most powerful military machine on earth, it might be of little avail; it seems that a new type of war will be fought. A war that will need resolve, years of effort, and new tactics. This is not the first conflict in which America has faced such deprivations against life and property. There was another time when it was determined that diplomacy would not only be futile, but humiliating and in the long run disastrous. A time when ransom or tribute would not buy peace. A time when war was considered more effective and honorable. And, a time when war would be fought, not with large concentrations of military might, but by small bands peopled with individuals of indomitable spirit.
Gadfly Online: Follow the Sun to the Shady Dell Route 66 and RV camp grounds.
TheTheme Park Insider fates theme parks in the U.S. See Accident Watch section for info on saftey of indiviudal parks. Info contributed by park users.
A Royal Feud? - 1 of 7 Hatshepsut's death. see photos by clicking at bottom of page.
KODAK e-Magazine: John Sexton: Places of Power wonderful gallery of photos.
Links for fonts a large collection of links for all sorts of fonts, many free.
A huge jump in alchohol consumption in Ireland Is it the recent prosperity?
Test tube holds a trillion computers Well beyond me but the title is, I find, most intriquing.
Doughnut History the white powdered donuts no longer in great demand because of anthrax fears.
Why do we express so many emotions with flowers? The Scientist 15[23]:43, Nov. 26, 2001 OPINION Why We Say It With Flowers E-mail article By Barry A. Palevitz Anthony Canamucio Like everybody else, I blanched at the horror of Sept. 11. But ever since, I've been asking myself what might seem like a trite question in light of the tragedy. In a way I guess I'm trying to extract my own brand of meaning from the rubble. Here goes: Why did so many people reach out to firefighters and their lost comrades following the Twin Towers disaster, by solemnly laying blossoms at the firehouse door? For that matter, why did the British heap flowers in front of Buckingham Palace when a princess died tragically before her time? An old TV commercial for an international florist put it best: 'Say it with flowers.' A red rose tells a sweetheart 'I love you' on Valentine's day. A floral display on the pulpit helps worshipers find solace during religious services. A gift of flowers tells the bereaved we care. A basket of blooms brightens a hospital room. Orchids and baby's breath capture the joy of a bride on her wedding day, as the groom looks on with pride, a sprig of orange blossoms in his lapel. "It's a common denominator worldwide," says Alan Armitage, professor of horticulture at the University of Georgia in Athens. Armitage should know. A recognized authority on everything from amaranths to zinnias, he tests the latest varieties vying for the prestigious 'All American Selection' label. Despite the tragedy, hardened New Yorkers will probably cultivate window boxes and plant gardens atop their high-rise apartments next spring. Others will trek to local botanical gardens. According to Karl Lauby, vice president of communications for the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx, "People come to gardens and find a new closeness with loved ones. The intimacy and tranquility of the space and the simplicity and directness of the experience puts family members in touch with each other in new ways." Armitage agrees that flowers satisfy a need for the basics in life. "The [Twin Towers] disaster showed the importance of basics--family and loved ones," he says. "Simple things are part of those basics, and nothing is more simple than love and beauty." Using flowers to express emotion isn't new. Long before Matthew 6:28 suggested we consider the lilies of the field, saying "even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these," Nebuchadnezzar II gave his wife Amyitis the biggest bouquet ever, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.1 Egyptians planted royal gardens in Thebes thousands of years ago, with the beautiful lotus or water lily as a religious centerpiece. In the Abrahamic tradition, God put man in a Garden of Eden. Jews still marry under a "chupah" or canopy, adorned with leaves and flowers. Long before La Dolce Vita--more than a thousand years before Shakespeare toasted the sweetness of a rose--trendy Roman yuppies slept on beds of them. Remember the flower children of the 1960s? In the midst of antiwar demonstrations, a daisy in a rifle barrel said "give peace a chance." Getting Technical In botanical terms, a flower is the sexual organ of the most successful group of land plants, the angiosperms, more than 250,000 species strong. It's because of the flower, and its ability to lure a variety of animals using food, color, and perfume enticements to enhance the species' genetic diversity through cross pollination, that angiosperms were so successful evolutionarily. Co- evolution of angiosperms with pollination vectors including beetles, bees, termites, ants, birds, and bats has produced incredibly specialized floral designs, from petals modified into landing platforms to runway 'lights' in the form of ultraviolet absorbing spots that guide insects to their target. Some orchids look and smell so much like female bees, they trick males into copulating with them, all in the plant's favor of course. A flower forms when a shoot apical meristem switches from making leaves and buds to producing petals, stamens, and carpels. For thousands of years, using the same genetic material evolution works with, humans have "improved" nature's handiwork for our own purposes, so that even the humblest of flowers, like a simple chrysanthemum, is now breathtakingly resplendent. In his recent book, The Botany of Desire, Michael Pollan argues that the shoe is really on the other foot. Apples, tulips, and potatoes were actually manipulating us, not vice versa, when we domesticated them.2 Plants fooled us into spreading them the world over, aided by smugglers, seed catalogs, and spring nursery sales. So who's the smart one? That may be stretching it a bit. Still, it's fair to ask, what drives such preoccupation and industry on our part? It can't be just food--nobody eats tulips. Most scientists won't answer such questions--they're too philosophical to the nose--but some evolutionary biologists and psychologists aren't as reluctant. Harvard entomologist and biodiversity champion Edward O. Wilson might argue that our fondness for flowers is part of a more general affinity for nature--what he calls biophilia. We love flowers for the same reason we build houses nestled in sylvan settings and flock to the mountains each fall to see leaves change color. According to Wilson, "to explore and affiliate with life is a deep and complicated process in mental development. To an extent still undervalued in philosophy and religion, our existence depends on this propensity, our spirit is woven from it, hope rises in its currents."3 That still begs the question: Why do we crave nature, where did the need come from, and why is it so ingrained in our psyche that it seems more subconscious than conscious? Emotions Evolving Evolutionary psychologist Steven Pinker of Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge thinks an affinity for flowers is rooted in the evolution of our species. In the savannahs of Africa, our biological Eden, we quickly identified flowers as "harbingers of growth, marking the site of future fruit, nuts, or tubers for creatures smart enough to remember them," writes Pinker.4 In other words, placing great stock in flowers was an adaptive response that allowed our ancestors to locate food and thereby survive to reproductive age. "My guess is it's a combination of two psychological phenomena," elaborates Pinker. "Seeing flowers as objects of beauty and well being, which is part of a human habitat preference, and giving valued commodities as gifts, of which high-quality food is the prototypical example. I think both are universal, and probably took place early in the evolution of modern Homo sapiens." Though we eventually settled down as farmers growing our own food, the affinity for flowers was hardwired in our genes, and our psyche. University of Michigan scientist Stephen Kaplan agrees: "The long and the short of it is that one can make a cogent evolutionary argument" for why we love flowers. "It's adaptive to find flowers attractive and valuable, since wanting to stay where they are puts one in a better position to reap the harvest when the fruits follow." Gordon Orians and Judith Heerwagen of the University of Washington in Seattle add, "it may be difficult for any of us, with the year-round supplies of a wide array of fruits and vegetables in our supermarkets, to understand the importance of the first salad greens of the season to people throughout most of human history."5 Together with wife Rachel, Kaplan has studied landscape preferences for years.6 When they showed slides of various landscapes to people of diverse cultural backgrounds, all gave highest ratings to sylvan scenes and forest glades. Says Kaplan, "as a rule, they could not explain why they liked what they liked, but they felt strongly about their choices." In other words, their preferences were subconscious. Studies like Kaplan's document an innate human appreciation of nature.5,6 A gift of flowers to the sick or a pleasant view of nature from a hospital window can even speed recovery.7 But data supporting an evolutionary explanation of those effects are meager. Says Kaplan, "there is, as far as I know, no hard science to back up the argument." Then again, how many of us really care? Will digging into our deepest emotions keep us from stopping at a flower stand on the way home? Not a chance. Barry A. Palevitz (palevitz@dogwood.botany.uga.edu) is a contributing editor for The Scientist. References 1. J. Goody, The Culture of Flowers, Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 1993. 2. M. Pollan, The Botany of Desire: A Plant's Eye View of the World, New York: Random House, 2001. 3. E.O. Wilson, Biophilia, Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 1984. 4. S. Pinker, How the Mind Works, New York: W.W. Norton & Co., 1997. 5. G.H. Orians, J.H. Heerwagen, "Evolved responses to landscapes." In: The Adapted Mind. Evolutionary Psychology and the Generation of Culture, J.H. Barkow et al. eds., Oxford U.K.: Oxford University Press, 1992, pp. 555-79. 6. S. Kaplan, "Environmental preference in a knowledge-seeking, knowledge-using organism." In, The Adapted Mind, pp. 581-98. 7. R.S. Ulrich, "View through a window may influence recovery from surgery," Science, 224:420-1, 1984.
Sprezzatura.net: Wife and baby I always learn something useful and enlightening at Sprezzatura. Take some time and cruise this site for wonderful photography!
I've done the family thing for Thanksgiving. Now time to settle back a resume the normality of the day-to-day me with the Daily Beauty


Hypercube Photo of the Day: November 22, 2001 "River", Bryan Murray, Oct 99, Quebec

I was there but I don't remember any more than this. And I was straight, too.

The Smoking Gun:Yasmine Bleeth arested for cocaine. A very bad picture of a beautiful woman and a number (7) pages of her write-up and car accident.
Why we take risks Evolution.
Kim Smith My oh my.
Thanksgiving-Thanks, Learning Page Following the Revolutionary War, the Continental Congress recognized the need to give thanks for delivering the country from war and into independence. Congress issued a proclamation on October 11, 1782: [read it ]
The "First Thanksgiving" history of Thanksgiving.
Ms Bruni Not wearing a one size fits all outfit.
General Resources: Ecuador get to know all about Ecuador. You just never know when you will need this info.
NewPages Zine Rack many zines for all sorts of tastes, interests.
BookFinder.com: Search for New, Out of Print and Used Books wonderful search engine/device for locating the book(s) you want.
Squashed Machiavelli a condensed (well done) version of The Prince.
Finding God in Cyberspace religous studies resources on the internet
DoHistory Home site shows how to piece together the past from fragments that have surveved. Case study: Martha Ballard (A Midwife's Tale based on this account).
Evolution Entrance explore the theory of evolution
Paragraph Punch Level1 - Reasons writing paragraphs. some useful examples & helpful hints.
A Second Look at the Big Squeeze nice article on corset history, fashion, and social paradigms. Takes a large view of matters and notes current mutilations.


The Art of Holding Still tintypes of children, alive and dead
Virtual Cave From the comfort of your keyboard, browse the wonders of the underground! As a caver and photographer for over 30 years, I've collected images from caves all over the world. This site tells the story of caves in words and pictures: what's in them and how it got there. Because caves are so diverse, I've split them into four underground realms. Grab three sources of light, a helmet, some sturdy boots, and your mouse, and have fun exploring - there LOTS to see!
BOUNTY HUNTER 2000 career change? Get training and collect on bin Laden.
Dark Peak Images - Rock Climbing Photography great thumbnails! Scares the hell out of me, though.
Anarchist Archivesmovements worldwide and bibliography, photos, figures (ie, Chomsky), and links.
Daily Beauty Great outfit!
The Clifton Waller Barrett LibraryWell over a thousand American authors are represented in the Library, and of these nearly five hundred are considered of such importance that they are collected in depth--meaning everything in printed form, manuscripts and letters by or relating to them.
Cartoon and 3D Pictures Spiderman. It's a tough job but someone etc etc.
Sprezzatura.net: Degree fine. I've got an erection. Can I spend my days and nights getting laid? I don't think so. Quantity drives out qualityl--K. Marx.
Dolly Parton,Linda Ronstadt,Emmylou Harris,Lee Ann Womack ladies in country music: free downloads.
The Budget Traveller's Guide to Sleeping in Airports nice place to nap but I wonder if National Guard folks will object
EPICURIOUS: EATING: THANKSGIVING MAIN PAGE five menus steeped in local flavor and tradition
Simenon's Inspector Maigret a wonderful site that deals with Simenon's phenomenal litezrary output-over 500 novels--with a focus on the famous detective, Margret. Bio and pics and links.
Welcome to Charity.Artificial.Com check out actual pitches made by panhandlers.
#fork-you.com# Teaches you how to bend a fork like a "psychic."
The Big Idea By Robert WrightIt was more than a century ago that Herbert Spencer wrote the words quoted above: "No one can be perfectly happy till all are happy." This may be an exaggeration, but it's less of one now than it was back then. Thanks to technological evolution, it has long been the fate of human beings to have their fates increasingly shared. And now, being at a watershed in technological evolution, we are at a watershed in the growth of this interdependence, for better and for worse. More on the connectedness of all countries. An interesting essay well worth the reading.
Welcome to the Brooklyn Museum of Art click on photos for descriptions.


Found Pix and with captions!
Daily BeautyBetter late than dressed. Why does this site often show young women & not have their faces showing?
First humans 'learnt to walk while living in trees' It is the key, defining ability of our species, the one critical evolutionary feature that sets us apart from other creatures. Yet the reason for humanity developing a prowess to walk on two legs has baffled palaeontologists for decades. Despite investigating myriad theories, no researcher has satisfactorily explained why prehistoric apemen and apewomen got up and stayed on their hind feet. But now a group of scientists has proposed a controversial theory which maintains our upright ability is far more ancient than supposed.
Albert Camus's novel The Plague: A hero for our times and how it relates to bioterrorism today.
Sprezzatura.net: Catamite why take a mighty cat to bed?
What is a Slip-Up? - The term "Slip-Up", as we use it here, means any amusing accidental blooper or mistake that wasn't caught, and made its way to the viewing public. They can be inconsistencies in movies, like an actor wearing something in one shot, and it's missing in the next shot. Or they can be funny errors in books. If it's a Slip-Up that is entertaining, accidental, and in a popular medium where others can see the Slip-Up for themselves, we want it posted in this archive. Browse Slip Ups
ZDNet: Help & How-To "Expert Helpt Forumn" On the right-hand side of screen, lots of tips for problems with computers, free, when the technician you have tried to call doesn't get on the phone with you.
If You Publish It ... some intresting views on the publishing industry.
Nov. 5 - 6, 2001 Aurora Gallery if you missed the display in the skies, here it is. Beautiful photographs.
MIRO painting gallery.
printmaking: techniqueThe History of Printmaking. Relief printing.


Daily Beauty Seems to offer photos of different women twice per day. Makes a return worthwhile.
Puppetry of the Penis Using the male organ, on strings, for entertainment and puppetry. I make no forther comments.
Squashed Darwin a series of squashed (condensed) philosophers. this "condensed" outline of Origin of Species is an easy and very worthwhile read for the many people who know of the importance of the work but have never really read it. The concluding paragraph, extracted here, is a majestic passage that give nearly a religious view of Evolution: "There is grandeur in this view of life... from so simple a beginning endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been, and are being, evolved
About The Canadian Literature Archive many hard-to-get text available on line.
Sherlock Holmes - The Sherlock Holmes Museum of Baker Street Notice that more often than not we refer to Homes, the character, rather than to Doyle, the author.
Merriam-Webster: Search Results for "Islam" Useful links for learning about Islam.


Hypercube Photo of the Day: November 17, 2001, "Covered bridge", Bryan Murray, Oct 29 2001, Midway Road, New Brunswick

Another bucolic shot... However, Bryan's going back to Ottawa Monday and he'll be sending for me when-he-finds-work whereupon I'll have the entire federal capital of Canada of which to take photographic advantage.

Daily Beauty ...Twice Daily! what a difference a day makes etc
Concordances of Great Books especially useful for scholarly types.
Great Writers:Norman Mailer He will no doubt be best remembered for his exciting non-fiction though he has always wanted to be heavy weight champion of novelists.
Norman Mailer quotes on this and that. Amusing and often insightfuyl.
BBC: Beast of the Day and much more
SuSE Linux 7.3 claims to be for the home computer and very user friendly.
Famous Quotes at BrainyQuote turn to a category and find great quotes from "Aristotle to Zappa."
How the first stars were born to be simulated with computers.
Reasons for Liking Tolkien very long but worthwhile ilf you are Tolkien fan.


A daily beauty picture see my post (just below this one) and my note.
Daily Beauty NOTE: today's beauty posted early in the day and now this new one for today! But if you follow this site (DOMAI) you will see that most of the pics are of very young and cute/attractive women. Another site, that I will now post, also has a daily picture. But the women at the site tend to be older. Compare and contrast as we used to say in college.
Walking in our footstepsDr Alexandra Freeman, researcher on the BBC series Walking With Beasts, explains how computer animators portrayed the walking behaviour of Australopithecus, possible ancestors of modern humans that lived around three million years ago.
Chucky gets lucky folloow the diary and pics of Chuck's new heart transplant.
Fake or Photo? reality check (quizz) to see if you can tell the real thing from a fake. Fun.
'Corrections' Is Winner of Top Prize for Fiction he Corrections," Jonathan Franzen's modernist epic of a dysfunctional family and a mother's efforts to get her grown children to come home for one last Christmas, won the National Book Award for Fiction tonight.
Farewell to the Chief Neal Cassady's son says farewell to Ken Kesey.
n the first-century A.D., the Roman poet Martial sent his friends the following invitation: Canius, Cerialis, Flaccus--will you come? My dining couch holds seven--there are six of us--add Lupus. The housekeeper from my farm has brought me laxative mallows and the various resources the garden affords amongst which are lettuce which sits close to the ground and leeks for cutting. Burping mint will not be absent nor the aphrodisiac herb. Sliced eggs will crown a dish of Spanish mackerel with rue and there will be a moist belly of tuna from the salting barrel. These are the hors d'oeuvres. This little dinner will consist of a single course: a kid snatched from the mouth of a savage wolf, chops which do not need the carver's knife, the workman's broad beans and unsophisticated shoots. To these will be added a chicken and a ham which has already survived three dinners. When you have had enough I will give you mellow apples, wine which was three years old in Frontinus' second consulship, decanted into a Nomantian flagon. In addition there will be jokes without bile, a freedom not to fear the next morning and nothing you would wish unsaid. My guests talk of chariot racing teams and our cups do not put anyone in court. (Book 10, Epigram 48) Dining with Martial: the menu
John Updike life and works
Updike Home Page A very prolific and talented fiction, poetry and writer of criticism, both literary and art. This site suffers from overly large font sizes, giving the viewer a sense of advertising or crisis. But the links are good.
Sprezzatura.net: Flattery Too much is not enough
Brontë Parsonage Museumthe extroadinary writing family.


art in a Roman bath to make things even steamier, it seems.
Chicago Tribune: `83 percent of poetry is not worth reading.'according to Billy Collins, America's new poet lauriate, picking a number at random to belittle our propensity to put things out statistically.
Jenna Z - Sexy Model - Your Ultimate Fantasy Theme Girl clearing up things and came across this (so to speak) and rather than merely delete....
Author! Author!L. Frank Baum and the illustrators.....The Wizard of Oz
Navajos in New Mexico a zillion links to all things Navajo (American Indian tribe of New Mexico).
National Book Awards tonight. Lists finalists in each category. Is a favorite of yours on the list?
All letters of rejection are not the same! If you submit art of some kind andget arejection letter or note, there may well be distnictions that might be worth knowing. Samples given and interpretations of the sample rejection letters.
My3cents.com - Let your voice be heard! nice site for consumer complaints. Includes places to contact, letters from other annoyed folks, e-mail delivered newsletter, sample complaint letters, contacts on tv and on and on.
Threesome painting by Reubens.
When birds ate horses A spectacular new fossil of a tiny ancient horse is shedding new light on the evolution of equines.
Philip Roth by David Levine caricature of Roth. Note: there are many individual critical pieces on each of Roth's many novels, too many to post. First things first: Read him.
Featured Author: Philip Roth news and reviews (from NY Times) of Roth's work.
Philip Roth research page with wonderful listings for anyone interesting in a study of this great and very prolific American writer.
National Weather Service Wind Chill a new method for indexing! Very exciting.
Gender Trouble from the always challenging Judith Butler
Innovative Lives the lives of important inventors./


Supermodel Anouck Lepere: Dangling earrings what distinguishes a model from a super model? Pay scale? what and where she models? measurements? Can you work your way up and possibly get downgraded? these were questions discussed recently at the French Academy of Arts and Letters.
Men, Women's Brains React Differently To Gut Signals I refraqin from cmments on this.
Leonardo's knot now you make one just like it.
James Fenimore Cooper Society Home Page nice site with photos, articles, literautre, links. Cooper taught Amrican writers that it was possible to make a decent living as a writer using American materials rather than merely imitating European models. His Letherstocking series helped mythoogize the West. Addionally he wrote about the sea and is an early concerned writer about abusing the natural environment and the devestation that would follow rapacity and unbridled appetites.
JOSEPH CONRAD FOUNDATION many nice links to this great writer and his works.
Daily Beauty differs from most because face not seen and phtos usually have attractive non-professional-looking young women. Emphasis elsewhere.
Dinotainment The big guys. Vidos and some fun things. Kids too will enjoy this site.
Cleopatra learn all about this fascinating and captivating Egyptian seductress who charmed the Roman rulers.
Great Writers Series:Joseph Conrad Web sites many links to Conrad, all aspects of this great writer. See too Conrad biography here. His novel A Secret Agent a good fictional work on terrorism.
Dot Gone Guy adventures of a dot.com guy who loses his job. Comic strip.
Salon.com Technology | High score playing computer games on-line whlie taking various types of drugs. A new "game."
Webcam TAXI Tupi BARCELONA tour the city by web cam as taxi criver with mounted camera shuttles passengers about.
Latent Print Examination fingerprinting, palm printing, foot prinint. How it works and what it can tell investigators.
Old Woodies Museum of wooden bodied cars and trucks. They don't make 'em the way they used.
Found Magazine items such as letters and photos or objects, fund randomly, posted for viewing and reading. Why would this be of intrest? But it is. And you can post those you comneupon too.,
Sadder still: Getting used to poverty more alley shots via Sprzzatura, from whom I now steal (creatively) on a daily basis.
War and language how the latest war is shaping our newspeak.


Best Free Reference Web Sites a handy and useful lisitng of various web sites that specialize in areas one might want to research.
Jenna not for the workplace. I note this (again) so as to alert women who may want to skip my posting of such items. I noted that my library has a filter and Goodshit does not make it through because of the title and so I assumed no underagers would get to this. But when I clicked on Bushwacker, my other blog, I was sent right to GoodShit. Thus the notice out of concern for women viewers and not those who ware under whatever age.
way of the stick fun kung fu game.
Praying? the quote beneath the photo has a German word that expresses the sentiment. Paraphrased (I can not recall the German): what makes you feel bad makes me feel Great!
Twins on the Edge This may well be the oddest thing you will read for some time. Via Metafilter.
The Worlds Navies Today Looks at navies of many nations with descriptions of strength, types of vessels, etc. for navies throught the world.
The Secret Diary the title a bit misleading. A page about journal keeping and what it can do for you and how to do it etc. For many, journaling proves helpful.
The Aurora Lights nice photos of the Northern Lights.
Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters Kesey was a bridge, a transtion between the Beats and the 60s Hippies.
Official Toronto Homepage No. I have never even been in Canada.
Daily Beauty Hapy Veteran's Day



Daily Beauty Had to share this even though I am doing the Lord's work in some vineyard or other.
Pretty much the day off this Saturday. Try Monday. I should be back, unless I get called up for duty in someone's army. Not likely to happen though.