Literary Movements (frames) and timelines of American literature.
The Complete Lenna Story I cut the story. One pic says it all. Well enough for the moment.
E-mail roulette you sign up. you send e-mail. It goes lord knows where and someone might or might not write back to you and you have a pen pal or an interesting person to write to...sort of a high tech message in a bottle but this one does get delivered.
Lower Congress finger wagging will not wake her up. Not sure why it is called lower congress unless ....oh, well. what is that boat-like object near the dude's toes? Did he just get out of his bathtub and bring his toys with him?
China Dancer ancient dancing...a 6-minute video of the dancing. Nice indeed.
Living History sites a wonderful batch of links to museums offering "livinghistory," that is, places where you not only visit the past but have discussion leaders show you around and explain the what, why, where, how of the museum and how it related to the past and to the present. Nice to line up a few of these on a vacation.
Spam on the run? Supreme court seems to side with anti-spam forces.
The Last Jews of Libya a museum, on line. click on photo and then at top bar (Museum, testimonies etc.) Sad. While we hear so often about the Israel and Palestinian conflict, andhow the many Palestinians sold, fled, or were kicked out of Palestine area, this is a reminder of the many Arab countries that at one time housed Jews but sent them packing when Israel became a state in 948. Many of course came to Israel of their free will. Others were forced out.
Sprezzatura.net: Ugly I believe that Sprezzatura sticks on these witty quotes so that I can try to comment upon them. Ok. Why does the guy closest to us seem to have painted legs? Why are all in this family on the heavy side?Perhaps Mirabeau seduced the babe because he had lots of money and made big promises. The count is witty and there is a saying that if you can make a woman laugh, you are half way up her leg.
Assyria tired of same old vacation spots? Try this place.
To test a very powerful computer, play an ancient game After the machine (Big Blue)_ won at chess, now is the time to try "GO"
Distinguished writers: Naipaul recently awarded the Nobel Prize for literature. "The writer strongly believes that the post-colonial cultures of the developing world are not well adapted to the modern world and are destined to failure as a consequence. "
Glass of the Sultans museum exhibit (Met)
Prepare for Halloween makeup, dressing etc Everything you need to know for the big event.
Scirus.com a very useful new search engine for science subjects only. Categories listed for ease of operation.
House plants probably the biggest one-site collection of info on house plants by name and what they need for care. If you like house plants, this is a great site to learn more.
The Dead Sea Scrolls wonderful batch of links to all things related to The Dead Sea Scrolls.
Girl It is 8 am. I can not think of any rationalization to explain why this early in the day I posted this pic. But go back to it later on. I will get serious after some coffee.
Yetti lives! British team claims to have found evidence for existence of Yetti.
Sabering how to open a bottle of champagne with a sabre.
In Remembrance 911 cyber wall of remembrance.
Where is Darwinism going in the next 50 years? essay by a distinguished Darwinist (Ernest Mayr).


Kite aerial photography yes. cameras affixed to kites. Nice stuff, or, as we like to say: good shit.
Easter Eggs the term refers to the many hidden things creators place in their works, including many tech items. This site brings them to you.
This will move you how and what to pack when you are planning to move from your present address to some other place. But make sure you don't pack your computer before you view this site. makes things seem so easy you will want to move somewhere.
Vampire films and tv a summary and descripition. Most appetizing.
Sex Glossary many words you knew; many you want to know; many you never heard of.
National Museum (Gt Britain) of Science nice links and interesting things.
History: How Islam won and then lost leadership in Science a long article from the NY Times Science Section that traces the outstanding advances made by Islam hundreds of years ago and then lost this lead to the West. Some lessons to be learned here.
Thomas Eakins: American Realist Walt Whitman said of Eakins that he was not an artist but "a force." Take the virtual tour of his works, a painter who was one of the first to incorporate photograhy and its uses into his art.
Cyber Feminism this is al beyond me. I have trouble with the present let alone the futre but sci-fi types will find this of interest I think.
Mousetraps the name reminds me of the playwithin the play of Hamlet, used to trap the King in his guilt. But we have all experienced getting caught with pop-ups that give us ads--many pronorgraphic--from which we are uable to exit. Here is the background of mousetraps and what is being done about them.
Haircuts! for men: haircuts--various tyles with pictures. Advice (such as Everyman ought to shave his head at least once in his life)...fun site.
Now easier way to quit smoking! some goodshit for the bad shit.
fossil find of largest member of the crockadile family Even dinasaus must have trembled.
Tokyo Rose was she really a spy/turncoat in WWII? a Net site devoted to her history and activities.
What makes killers kill an interview with an expert doctor in the field.
Writers: Sir Thomas Malory his life and works. Made famous the King Arthur and the Round Table.
Halloween Special a lot of fun links to all things Halloween, via Netsurfer. Enough here to keep you too busy to go out trick or treating.
The Comics Journal views comics as serious art form. Via Marylaine Block.
The Business Law Site useful if you are thinking of opening your own business or if you already have one. Via Marylaine Block


Enter the dragonsKomoto dragons at L.A. zoo exhibition. Nice links tell about this interesting "dragon."
American Heritage Book of Usage there are books about grammar. There are books about style. And then there are books such as this about how the language is or ought to be used. Nice reference tool.
nipple enhancers as een, so to speak, on Sex and the City. Via Metafilter, an uplifting blog for sure.
New Zealand Art links pretty much covers all Kiwiland has to offer. And that's a lot.
If you love classical music you will love classica.com
Call for all species If we discovered life on another planet, the first thing we would do is conduct a systematic inventory of that planet's life. This is something we have never done on our home planet. The aim of the All Species Inventory is simple: within the span of our own generation, record and genetically sample every living species of life on Earth. This audacious goal will be accomplished by using one billion or more dollars of philanthropic wealth to fund and train a network of local collectors and naturalists throughout the world, and to employ the latest in information technology to manage this surge of bio-information
Oriental Institute museum sme very nice stuff here.
Not sure what this guy is up to but seems to keep very busy.
erotic haiku try out your erotic and poetic instincts.
Great Writers: Ralph Ellison a webliography (bibliography on line) with links to many aspects of Ellison's life and works.
negritude a movement that rejects Western balues and seeks a return to African roots.
Issac Babel nice book review.
I wonder what I'm missing on the Jerry Springer show? Donne married a woman named Anne More, much against her father's wishes. In a poem he noted that "When I am done, I am not done, for I still have more"--was he taking poke at his dad-in-law?
Polyamorya number of loves at the same time. It happens. It can work.


Computer down. Will take me a few days to get up and running again. I have no tech skills so bear with me. But come back. I miss you.


Sue at The Field Museum the largest, best preserved,most complete T. Rex
Mayan ballgame: not for those who value life you might want to introduce this to your local highschool or college athletic director.
Spy Stuff you might not be interested in buying but it is nice to know what is out there and being used.
The Ecole Initiative: Early Church Documents alphabetically listed. Fine stuff if you have historical interests.
Sudan photos with text, thumbnails.
Writers: Don DeLillo Don DeLillo, a novelist who has made American life his explicit subject for over 30 years, has faced similar charges. Like Stone, DeLillo's fascination with conspiratorial themes has drawn no shortage of heated rebukes.
Roger's Profanisaurus a thesarus of all the dirty or offbeat words you will ever want to know about. Note: published by Anus House.
National Compensation Survey Home Page The National Compensation Survey (NCS) provides comprehensive measures of occupational earnings; compensation cost trends, benefit incidence, and detailed plan provisions. Detailed occupational earnings are available for metropolitan and non-metropolitan areas, broad geographic regions, and on a national basis. The index component of the NCS (ECI) measures changes in labor costs as well as average hourly employer cost for employee compensation.
Living in Panoramic Format what is it good for? How does it differ? Samples.
The ToDo Institute alternative approaches to mental health issues.
HORRORFIND.COM The Horror Search Engine lots of cool (Halloween) links here.
Morning, hon late start today. Server down for a time.


EIGHTEEN STREET GANG L.A. huge gang and its graffitti
nice girl thumbnails
The Code Duello: Rules of Dueling mentioned in the book on The Founding Brothers when Hamilton fought a duel with Burr. Get these down pat. You never know when dueling might make a comeback.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art - The Collection: Arms and Armor: View 1 view themone at a time and check out the useful text.
Sprezzatura.net: A jagged lancet as usual, the ever delightful gang at S. offer up a quote that sound snice but I don't now what it means. I only seem to understand bad things said about lawyers or in-laws.
aboutmalta.com - malta's one-stop information clearing house Ok. Where is the Maltese Falcon? or, can you make me a Malted? Nice island!
belly dance lessons - Belly Dance Time frankly, my dear, I would rather watch.
Great Writers: Norman Mailer bio with pics. Richard Poirier said of Mailer that he was more interesting even when wrong on a subject than most writers were when they were right.
Escorts - How to Use Escort Services - A Men's Guide Hiring a sex professional is the same as hiring any other professional, like a doctor, lawyer, or auto mechanic. You pay them money for a service. It doesn't matter what the service is: if you're nice to the professional, you generally get a better result than if you aren't. I treat sex professionals the same way I treat other professionals I hire. And like other professionals in my life, these women treat me as a valued customer and may even become friends of mine. They look forward to seeing me again, the same way any other professional likes to see their good clients come around. Does my HMO cover this too?
Phone Sex Operators links for emplyment in the phone sex biz in case you are looking for a career change.
mass extinctions evolution
Phylogeny These exhibits explore the ancestor/descendant relationships which connect all organisms, past and present.
Zeus just hanging out.
follow the whatever and breathe for peacefullness within helps relax you in timnes of stress.
Shoes: Their history fashionable shoes through the recent years. Lively
K. Ferenczy: the Sacrifice of Isaac painting. Ok dad. I'll cut the lawn.
'The Liar's Tale': The Truth About Lying birds and bees do it too Darwinian piece.
PimpHats commercial site catering to special needs.
Knots on the Web kno theory,art & tying.


Machiavelli Online Resources great Itlaian political and military theorist.
The return of Howard TateI can’t exactly remember when I first heard Howard Tate. Somewhere back in a now-hazy teenaged memory I recall riding around North Jersey suburbs listening to the AM soul station out of Newark and hearing "Ain’t Nobody Home" and "Look At Granny Run Run" and knowing they were like nothing else, bluesier, just as funky as what was coming out of Memphis and every bit as soulful. via Gadfly Online
Conquest - Sound of the Saxons Hear the sound of Saxon in a speech given in 1014. What the language then sounded like.
Natasha Vita More Universe Not sure who she is or what she does but seems to like being a bridge between biological being and melding with technogical being. In any case, all is forgiven when you turn to body sculpting and click the link.
Smithsonian Institute (museum) this is the virtual museum with much to see. Select bandwidth preference.
Ali Landry Her pool via K-Mart
The Simpsons Archive: Web Links Welcome to our cornucopia of Simpsons links. This page serves as a nice starting point to several of the major Simpsons sites available on the internet, including a healthy assortment of web sites created by fans of the series, fan clubs and chat rooms, official program resources, the creative staff's personal home pages, licensed merchandise retailers, and lots more.
Hemingway Resources with many links to useful on-line materials as well as bibliography and biographical notes.
Blockbuster customers are Dumb! andthis worker/site tells you why and how.
ThoughtCafe Welcome to the Thought Cafe, a quiet corner of the internet for amateur writers to meet, chat, publish their writing and give and receive feedback. If you would like to post your work on the site you must first log in and then you can add an article into any of the categories
Rodney Dangerfield fun and jokes.
World of Inspirationmotivatgion, quotes, stories, life, leadership etc
Looking for answers TV show, materials on terrorism, Saudi Arabia, conflict, solutions.
Islamic Server class lecture on what and is not Islam.
ICYouSee: T is for Thinking using the web as a research tool.
Empowerment Directory homelessness and formnerly homeless.
just visiting girlie.
beer bottle collection 2003 and growing.


Tim Leary: LSD advocate expanding consciousness.
Remembering Nagasaki somber photo gallery.
The World History of Male Love - Japan the Samurai. Who would have thouht!
Naturism some nice thumbnails, if you like erotic photography. And who doesn't?
GunHoo: Gun Pages Central: Firearms Links not for everyone but lots ofshooters and sportsguys out there. Ammo, antiques, jewlery, 2nd amendment essays, basics, a section for women, scopes, targets etc etc.
Kim Basinger and she acts in films too.
panoramic view of WTC click and drag.
vomitorium of the damned art. sort of. Not for the overly sensitive. But ok for you.
Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority the largest corral reef in the world, off the coast of Australia. Come and explore.
ChiroLinks - Chiropractic Directory and Resources my aching back! find outmore about chiropractic.
Point of View look like twins. But one owns clothes.
Erotic Traveler - Khajuraho, India oh those temple sculptures. !
Your Old Books Everything you might want or need to know about old books if you are not an expert.
Sprezzatura.net: The Secret of Her Sex to which I might add--women dress for other women and not for men.
Exhibit of Broadsides printed materials. Not girls.
IBM Research: Autonomic Computing techies may like this. I don't understand this, among many other thinbgs.
A Closer Look At Weblogs I blog. threfore I am.
Cheyenne/Arapaho Lands American Indians.



buddhism Chronology and history">
Catherine Zeta Jones If Mike is busy tonight.....
Weather World Weather Folklore over 200 weather folklore saying to help forecastg with a humours touch. And some weather jokes.
Momento Mori commemorative motifs and mourning symbols. Cemetary things. Interesting text but make sure you click at bottom for pics.
Red Babe Pretty in pink; gorgeous in red
Ah, the good old days No smut. Standards and morality.
Trouble Coping With Terrorist Attacks? Help Is Here The closer one is to NY City, the more stress there seems to be.
Terra - Modelos aka: models. click away.
The Taliban before an American atack. photo gallery with brief explanatory notes.
Aces wild? pin-up girls on playing cards. No wonder it took so long to win this war.
Matchbook covers Pin-up girls were very popular during WWII. Here they appear on matchbooks.
Famke Janssen Picture I was taken by the name. and then something else caught my attention.
Poem WTC
Congress? that's what it says.
Willy Sutton he robbed banks,he said, because "that's whre the money is." Ah, the good old days.
da Vinci's Ginerva de Benci thumbnail. Magnficent painting.
Mystery of bird 'V' formation solved At last! and I thought they wree learninbg theletters.
Guggenheim Museum check out the motorcycle-as-art exhibition!
Daily Beauty Wake up! This might help.
Surfing The Apocalypse a very bizarre auction item from EBay: haunted painting.
tonypierce.com : dear kids Tony's blog present moving pics of children of Afghanistan.
The power of Ten an interesting site that helps expalin Big Numbers so we can better comprehend them, via Marylaine Block.


Hot Spot: Savage Love by Dan Savage While medical fetishism has a long and proud history in Europe and Asia, according to the Doc, there's very little awareness of it in North America. So Sebastian and Laurel started MedicalToys.com to let others into domination and submission know they had alternatives to run-of-the-mill bondage-s/m play. And to make money, of course.
Learn to Juggle 3 Balls cause you never know.
Sons of Confederate Veterans National Website just to let you know it is out there. If you care.
Tumbleweed you never know when you might needs ome. Perhaps you are planning to film a western? Then you need stuff from this farm. Or send some as a gift to a displaced Texan (the president?)...many uses.
tough job but someone's got to do it museum of early erotic art.
panoramic views a number of sites to choose from. You click the one you want and get a panoramic view by hitting ;control button--easy. Even I managed. Goes in all directions and zoom and out again.
Talk to John Lennon! Brought back to life through artificial intelligence, he will chat with you (his talk based on lines from his music and life) when you click on the button and follow directions. via a posting at Metafilter.
Giacomettisculpture exhibition (flash) at MOMA.
Health for who? Photo courtesy of Timothy Stamps In striving to free the world from disease, the World Health Organization has attracted many critics. Not least among them is Timothy Stamps, Zimbabwe's minister of health. He accuses the organisation of ignoring the needs of developing countries and of trying to solve every problem with drugs. He refers to the organisation as "WHO Inc". Stamps insists there's much more to health than distributing medicine. With his own country being devastated by AIDS, he's well qualified to judge. As Sanjay Kumar found out, he's followed an unlikely course to the hot seat [more]
An Edge Question: WHAT NOW? Great thinkers addres Now and the Future. Speculation after WTC.
IcelandNaturally.com Discover this country. It's Hot.
bewitched playful and hypnotic.
A List Apart: For People Who Make Websites the growing popularity of Flash
Modern Humorist with materia just for the Bin Laden times.


The Pam Grier Web Ring Just struck me as so odd that I had to post it.
The Blue Mosque Afghanistan. Amazing links (photos) gathered years ago when the Taliban were not in control Hit bottom buttons to see the entire list of great links/photos.
Close-up of the Giant Buddha There no more, thanks to Taliban
Robert Wilson Blog If you are interested in memes, this is a site well worth visiting.
A Walk With Ishmael in That Island City Moby Dick published 150 years ago today! Read this fine piece in tthe New York Times, reg req'd.
John Coltraine great jazz and video. Relax and listen. via Metafilter posting.
Evolution PBS broadcast. Nice.
Today just what you need. Electronic cacophonic music. Changing colors. Chaos. Very much Today. Play it. Once. Or, if you like as background to your brooding.
The Beatles fab 4 on the web.
Seeing Through Windowsevaluation of XP (Microsoft's new operating system).
Sprezzatura.net: Absurd, ghastly, and dull the always wonderful Sprezzatura. If Chamfort (1740-94) thought this back then, imagine what he would say today!
Most Popular Pages: CHINA enormous number of links here reduced somewhat by indicating popularity of links.
Americans United Flag Across America A money raiser for a good cause.
What should I put on the Fence? whree to lock your bike.
LRB | Malcolm Bull: You can't build a new society with a Stanley knife This book review is a critical examination of Empire, the fashionable new "Bible" for anti-globalization forces. And the writer thinks the book and its authors off track.
KEYKatcher computer monitoring system You might need this or might want to be aware of its potential.
Henrik IbsenWriters' Series. Great Playwright.


Leonard Baskin great sculpture.
Daily Bikini Start Page lots of good links to news and other reference spots.
Denise RichardsDenise not the uncle.
Daily Beauty Even I know to include the head when taking photos!
Salmon: Spirit of the Land and Sea very pretty and informative.
America's Most Wanted the John Walsh TV show that has helped police capture so many wanted criminals and fugitives. And now, perhaps, some terrorists.
In Search for the Paradise Lost Apsheron, in a sense, is a unique place, the place of an historically formed meeting point of many religions and cultures. It is also a region extremely rich in natural resources. However, Apsheron is also an artistic school, the Alma Mater of the Azeri artists
Bioluminescent Bay Vieques, Puerto Rico something other than a target range on this controversial island. And it is gorgeous.
Apollonius.Net - Erotic Art in Pompeii mosaics. Slow loading but well wrought.
Giving and Receiving Erotic Massage Gosh it is time consuming. No wonder so many folks masturbate. But try it if you decide not to go it alone.
Almudena That is her name!
Gulf News Online: Exclusive Pictures from Pakistan. Thumbnails.
Daniel C. Dennett's Home Page Distinguished writer on Evolution, cognition, philosophy. Very much worth reading his book Darwin's Dangerous Idea.
RetroNerve sign me up? for her or for what?
Alessandra Ambrosio What do these people do in the cold weather?
RUDOLPH VALENTINO This actor became all the (romantic) rage as he posed as a mytsterious Sheik of Araby. A legend in his time and long after.
One-Named People thnk Plato, Jesus, Hercules...why only one name? Does havding one name constiturte greatness?
Welcome to NaughtyBids.com an erotic E-Bay?
NATALIE BANUS / NATALIE JAY smudged lipstick
Natasha Vita More Universe great thinker (too)
Augustana'a Antarctic Dinosaurfoswsil finds in Atarctica
Money and Love nice book review on Adam Smith, Condorcet, and the Enlightenment. via New Republic
The 60s are back! adult. hit small tabs at top! great effrects
Windows XP should you upgrade or not?
Space Imaging - Gallery attack on America
Dia de Los Muertos great masks
H.R. HAGGARD: HE-WHO-MUST-BE-READ an interesting writer whose works made into films you have seen


Home free! not for the kids! via RetroNerve
Threesomes top, middle, bottom?
Kabul Weather Channel click on Watch This Movie for weather and condition in Kabul, Afghanistan.
Don't worry. They're very gentle. Go ahead and pet them. No. The animals, sillyMedieval babe and pets no leash law.
Katie Holmes with that arm rest you might think her name to be Kate Moss.
Medieval/Celtic Marriage Ceremonies and Handfasting You might consider this for your next marriage. Just to annoy the new in-laws.
Island Directory Home Pageone thing about an island, it has beachfront property all around it. But better check them out before moving.
Came across this. It moved me, given the WTC and recent events, so here it is, without a URL...does it work for you? just strikes me as appropriate: Let the word go forth From this time and place To friend and foe alike That the torch has been passed To a new generation of Americans. Let every nation know Whether it wishes us well or ill That we shall pay any price - bear any burden Meet any hardship - support any friend Oppose any foe to assure the survival And the success of liberty Now the trumpet summons us again Not as a call to bear arms - though embattled we are But a call to bear the burden of a long twilight struggle A struggle against the common enemies of man Tyranny - Poverty - Disease - and War itself In the long history of the world Only a few generations have been granted The role of defending freedom In the hour of maximum danger I do not shrink from this responsibility I welcome it The Energy - the Faith - the Devotion Which we bring to this endeavor Will light our country And all who serve it And the glow from that fire Can truly light the world And so my fellow Americans Ask not what your country can do for you Ask what you can do for your country My fellow citizens of the world - ask not What America can do for you - but what together We can do for the freedom of man With a good conscience our only sure reward With history the final judge of our deeds Let us go forth to lead the land we love - asking His blessing And his help - but knowing that here on earth God's work must truly be our own. Inagural Address
Thje photographer's hat looks better on her
40 Shades of Green someone's home page but if you are Irish....you gotta love it. And if you are not--your problem
The Official Site of the New York Yankees A bright light in a too-often dark world.
MoMA Picasso collection | Painting and Sculpture thumbnails. Shockwave for audio commentary.
Sprezzatura.net: Unite opposites Nice quote. Today it would read: "Hey! want to do a threesome?"
Sixteenth Century Renaissance English Literature: Background Information just about everything you want to know or ought to know or need to know about the times of William Shakespeare, with too many links to count.
Scarlet Blues-1997"...one of the greatest erotic photography icons of all time..." Must be so because the artist said this about his own work. Would he kid us?
Dangerous Places Interested in travel? check out the links here to countries that may be hazardous to your health. And life.
Neurotic T-Rex cast in a Woody Allen role a new view of the fascinating animal.
We don't know our own strength New research suggests that we underestimate our abilities to weather emotional storms--undermining our satisfaction in the process.
The Open Diary via Cool Site of the Day. Read diraries or begin your own on-line one.
Images on JonahWorld! many links to the Civil War Re-enactors life and Civil War Things.
Hobo Boxcar - A Site For Hoboes nice photo gallery too.
William James One of Americqa's and the world's truly gifted psychologists and philosophers.
You may need to go here from now on . . . if this works . . . hold on! (dr. menlo wuz here.)


Society for Human Sexuality title says it all. But serious stuff.
The Cook Book Shop Books for Cooks
Yamila Diaz nice name. nice looking girl.
Eight planets found around nearby stars lots of worlds out there.
NEW PUB SEARCH ENGINE the definitive guide to Irish pubs, worldwide.
Painted Lady Gallery "Hot Shoes" Nice but useful for sprinting.
Lilith Adam's first wife.
The Dinosauricon lotws of good stuff on the big beasties.
Blondie Gets Married! the comic strip classic (not the singer).
Casa Zapata a college door floor with ethnic motif and murals to depict it.
The Leakey Foundationresearches into our evolutionary past.
William Faulkner on the Web Writer of the Day.


Pity the poor photographer of gorgeous women if he did not have a beach for his bathing beauty
Toulouse-Lautrecpainting of Oscar Wilde bad gag: the train crashed cause too loose le trek; and this made Oscar wild.
Prejudice, The Authoritarian Personality where does it come from? How can I (we) end it?
Walt Whitman Home Page simply wonderful. Note that Whitman is more and more being mentioned in terms of America in light of the Sept 11 attacks.
The Life of King Edward the Confessor the only copy of an illustrated Anglo-Norman verse Life of St Edward the Confessor, written in England probably in the later 1230s or early 1240s, and preserved in this manuscript, executed c. 1250-60. see the link for thge gorgeous manuscript at top.
Cultural penpals meet people and correspond.This site says no prisoners (jail) and not for romance. But how often does friendship turn into something beyond? Got some time to kill? Then write a note and see what happens.
All you need at this site for a visit to Afghanistan.maps, hotels, culture, history, attractions, birdwatching sites, airports boating, etc. You just never know.


Early Christian and Byzantine Art Monuments of Ravenna
Book of Kells background of the Book of Kells. See following post for illuminated MS
Blocked Site of the Day reports on those sites that are blocked by filters, naming the filter name and what has been blocked. Leaves you wondering about who filters what and why.
Encarta Homepage with special pages dealing with terrorism and Afghanistan
erotic art from the 15th centuryAround the year 1520 the Italian artist Giulio Pipi, known as Romano, made sixteen very explicit erotic drawings of men and women having sex. These were reproduced as engravings and titled I modi (The Positions). None of them seems to exist anywhere. The engraver, Marcantonio Raimondi did his time in jail, but after his release he worked on another version of this series together with Pietro Aretino, a writer and commentator who also wrote erotic literature. Their version of the engravings together with sonnets was published in 1527 with the title Sonetti Lussoriosi (Lustful Sonnets). Again, none of these seem to have survived. Note how I include the text so I can justify posting this...it's art!
Beauty via e-mail. I was asked if I wanted this in red. Any color will do.
Gina Gershon Photos what is it about this babe?
Heartless Bitches International take the quiz. They are recruiting.
Sprezzatura.net: Nothing matters very much but here are two things that matter. Very much.
Ancient Greek fortifications. 11 buildings, thumbnails.
Afghanistan @ Culture virtual Afghanistan--
Remember A Day : analysis of over twenty years of American rock music festivals.
We know what you're thinking ah, that body! ok, brain scans now know what is turning me on.
Kareena Kapoor Poster nice film. Pretty girl.
PostInfo for those pieces of mail going overseas. Useful info.
Museum of Roman erotic art click opn walls pictures.
Turtles steer a steady course the internal compass.