The Golf Ledgercurrent news and info about golf.
When blogging came of age The terror attack.
Kamila BrenkovaKamila Brenkova a beauty. Thumbnails.
Way back when: Hawthorne's story The Scarlet Letter depicted Hester Prynne, convicted of adultery, wearing a Scarlet-colored letter A to make public her sin. Things change. Now we go in for logos. A
Self-portrait of Reubens Is he playing footsies?
S/M writer: Laura Reese This author has found a niche. She combines the detective story with S/M. Sample from her latest proided here.
Alexander the Great. Some 900 links pertaining to Alexander the Great.
A Short History of the Basque CountryArchaeological and ethnographic findings indicate that Basque man evolved from Cro-Magnon man in this area over a period dating from about 40,000 years ago until distinct features were acquired approximately 7,000 years ago. Two thousand years later the sheep, not native to these lands, was introduced and horse and cattle farming came into being, as shown by Adolf Staffe. These circumstances made it necessary for the people to travel periodically and cultural contacts were thus made.


nymph and satyr but, by George, she has one foot on his genitals!
The Battle Hymn of the Republic via the Atlantic, the background and history to the stirring song.
Bumper Statements yep. choose a category and check out bumper stickers for that group...of couse I love America etc is big now. How about: Honk if you Love Bin Laden? Should get your car some interest.
The Hero Machine construct your own hero or heroine, cloth your hero etc Everyone needs a hero so whynot make your own?
WinMX - The best way to share your media Napster-lie and easy to use, is the claim made for this free stuff. I have no taech background and can not comment.
Keith Haring pop artist, former graffiti writer, his life and a number of paintings.
Internet ranges in new domainsNew names .biz - businesses .name - individuals .museum - museums .pro - professionals .aero - aviation .coop - cooperatives .info - general information
Scientists On Four Continents Linking To Data Grid technical and scientific globalization. We are the world.
Graphion Museum: Online Type Museum the history and practice of typesetting.
DEEP-SEA Pages Habitats and adaptations. Evolution.
Jonathan Yardley book review about the man who tried to build the first computer.
Bubbling seas can sink ships the Bermuda triangle mystery.
The Jailbird Journal on-line diary of time in jail.
Digital Dante very nice site for this great Italian writer of a masterful epic.


Seeing Through Windows XP shortcomings
Provocative Prescriptions this tells where they get those crazy names from that make a flacid guy , well, not so.
WorstJob.com (who's got the worst job?)via Cool site of the Day....would your job make a good showing at this site?
Toaph's Interest in the Urban Primitive Movement What happened to that nice polite young boy? Here he is!
Air Force Link Gallery American Air Force. Many photos of various bombers, fighter, choppers etc. Your tax bucks at work
PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Sometime in the 19th century, a fat woman died and her body changed almost entirely into soap. It may sound like an urban legend, but researchers are serious. On Thursday, they performed a CT scan on the woman's mummified body hoping to learn more about the process that turns some corpses into a waxy, soap-like substance called adipocere. The body, dubbed ``Soap Lady,'' has been on display for more than a century at the Mutter Museum, a former haven for medical students but now a Philadelphia tourist attraction featuring thousands of medical oddities. : 'Soap Lady'
The Foundation For a Better Life if you are not overly jaded, cynical and burnt out from the current news, this site will gladden your hearts with some Positive views and stories.
MP3.com - America's Resolve send greeting with the tune you select (patriotic) and while at it, give to Red Cross.
InstaMom.com Miss mommy? here is what she would offer.
Naturist Page not for office.
j k a i m a n . c o m J Kaiman.com. Infographics. Recently mentioned in NY Times,which noted too the usefulness of blogs, this site has photos of WTC.
Online, Artists Ask 'Why'? frum for artists to express through their art feelings about the terror attacks.
TERRORIST ATTACK as seen through cartoons.
Polish Posters Shop Polish film posters are wonderful and unusual. Truely art.
The Seychelles from what I have seen of this far-off set of islands, a place of magic, beauty,romance.


Kilroy if you don't know, search or ask.
Playmates Why does Playboy give some pics of women each of whom represents a month and they begin with November? Is there something we should know about October that we are not being told?
Phrenology revisited Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle and E.A. Poe believed in it so why not you?
CELEBRITY FASHION run your mouse over a body to find the owner.
Richard Nixon? why Nixon seemingly portrayed as grafitti in Essex, England?
Watching How the Brain Works as It Weighs a Moral Dilemma science helps to explain culture. Via NY Timeseg req'd.
Chasing After Conrad's Secret Agent - It's the archetypal novel about terrorists. And everyone's getting it wrong. by Judith Shulevitz a corrective to what the writer perceives as misreadings of this Conrad novel. As I recall the plot is based on events that did take place.
Solution To Ancient Pueblo Indian Mystery Is Elemental how science helps anthropologists.
Arthur Schlesinger:The Last Liberal what I like about this book review is all the historical background you are given.
Spirit of the Dance by Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux Save the last dance for me.
HBO :SIX FEET UNDER the series on TV.
Kudzu Recipes f you live in the South, nice cheap dining.
anonymomma.com - in the beginning there was a bag & a blonde if you figure what this is all about please let me know.
NextDraft a plug for a newsletter that has lively news with a much-needed dose of humor. And no. I have no connection to this newsletter.
Danny Boy--the Mystery solved! the song & lyrics
These photographs, along with his notebooks and writings, illuminate the rare vision of an intensely private man who, as a writer and photographer, was able to reveal the lives of others with striking sensitivity. Included here are selections from Gedney's finished prints, work prints, contact sheets, notes, notebooks, handmade photographic books, book dummies, and correspondence William Gedney Photographs and Writings via Duke University Special Collections.
Daphne ok for work but then you won't get much work done
Iraq history, culture, people, archeology, Islam, mythology, current events, oppression of modern day Iraq and more


Children's Songs singalong (parents need permission from the kids) with music. A number of bible-oriented numbers but then there are the others, including---Hokey Pokey. If you don't have a kid, rent one or just sing while no one is around.
Nice! ...but not at work.
Aubrey Beardsley art, via Memepool.com
Shattered 9/11/2001 photo gallery of WTC, via Time Magazine. Conrad, The Heart of Darkness--"the horror! the horror!"
Just another brick in the wall young women in fancy outfits seem to wait for Pink Floyd to turn up.
Where are they now file the girl next door (not next to where I live), Barbie Benton, long-time lovemate of Hugh Playboy Heffner in a number of poses. Some of which are but covers to the Playboy Magazine. And some that you should not view at work.
- Under Biology's HoodFrom the man who gave us the automated DNA sequencer comes a whole new approach to the study of life
The Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem Islam's First Masterpiece.
A.Raffaele Ciriello's Photographs on Afghanistan fine photo collectionof life in this harsh land.
OPENING EYES WIDE SHUT interpretations ofthe film. If looking at it not enough.
corporate aviation security trainingAir Security provides customized training for Flight Crew, Cabin Crew, Flight Department personnel, passengers and company security personnel. Participants learn the theory and application of Air Security International’s proven concept of preventive behavior techniques for international flight operations. In the course of this training participants will learn what preventive measures flight operations, crew, passengers and security personnel can take to reduce their risk from such crimes as kidnapping, sabotage, extortion, harassment, illegal trafficking and acts of terrorism.
Author Profile: Joe Queenan some more Joe Queenan.
Holocaust - Non-Jewish Victims5,000,000 killed and forgotten.
Joe Queenan's Contrition Web Page if you don't know this guy's writing, you should and you will be delighted by his wit.
One Slime! slime volleyball--nice game for relaxation.
Scouting For All--But with diversity helping scouting to change their ways.


not for workplace! warning. Ok. you are curious. And now jealous. Disgusting. Or...
Amusement Park Art Golly. I wasted my time collecting stroke magazines.
Robot brains become more human But can they understand the govt tax regulations?
bacterial intelligence may help us to improve communication networks.
Junger & the Taliban Junger is the author of The Perfect Storm. Here a lok at Massound, opposition leader assassinated just before WTC attack.
chick is missing some body parts she is described as a "leggy" Australian super model but supporting evidence lacking.
Witnesses of an age: the residents of Leningrad from the 20s to the 80s. Great photos. But don't cl;ick. Just sit back and the pics change for you.
No one exploits American fears of, and unconscious longing for, catastrophe more expertly than the concept-thriller writer Tom Clancy, said to be the highest-paid author in the world (his recent two-book deal is worth a reported $45m). Clancy is a cultural phenomenon: arguably the most popular novelist on earth, with more than 30 million of his books in print, an unreconstructed Republican hawk and a close friend of the Reagan family and Oliver North. "If you don't like driving a tank, there's something wrong with you," Clancy once said. His work is saturated with research and hard detail; his descriptions of nuclear submarines and fighter jets have a startling authenticity - the boffin porn of the teenage defence electronics fanatic. "A lot of what I know about warfare I learnt from reading Tom," said Colin Powell, the US secretary of state and former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. Tom Clancy
Ask Yahoo! got questions? Ask here.
DefenseLINK - Official Web Site of the U.S. Department of Defense links to various departments and activities.
NatureBent for those who enjoy waterfowl in a variety of aspects, from conservation to hunting.


Television Can Enhance Children's Intellectual Development, Study Finds Get your kid off the computer and let him watch Jerry Springer.
KABUL (Voice of Sharia) -- Citing worldwide reaction to last week's terrorist attacks, multi-national terror network Al Qaeda announced Thursday that it would lay off 5,000 or more holy warriors. The "holy war" concern said the move was necessary because of an expected 20 percent fatwah reduction and the cost and complexity of thwarting new airport and immigration security procedures, according to a statement broadcast on Afghanistan's Voice of Sharia radio. [more]
EVA HERZIGOVA to be viewed with a martini, but not at work
f Afghanistan, page surviving in the mountains.
Today in History: September 24. F. Scott Fitzgerald His novel The Great Gatsby has much to tell us still.
Anita Blonde With Girlfriend Definitely not for the workplace. Why are guys so attracted to lesbian sex? I have yet to get a convining answer.
Robert Hayden An amazingly gifted poet. He was one of the most gentle people I had ever met, and yet his poetry is very "masculine." Read a poem given in the links and you will see what I mean.
Music - Tabs many links .
The Artistic Animal A self-made scholar, Ellen Dissanayake, thinks so...all in the genes
Spamex.com gets rid of spam without a filter.
Men who look like Kenny Rogers a tough job but someone has to do it.
Anna Kournikova bio and pics (!) of this great tennis star.
Virtual tour of Autumn and places to go, where and when as the leaves turn.
TV and Movie Trivia Tribute quizzes, if you like that sort of thing.


Why the gardening glove on the beach sand? Not for your kids, the workplace, or the little woman.
Science fiction came true this week." That remark wasn't made by some professional reader of the culture's tea leaves, but by George Robertson, the secretary general of NATO. When a globalist commander falls back on a genre to describe reality, you know the triumph of entertainment is complete. It used to be the Bible that got quoted in moments of enormity—and to some extent it still is, as all the prayer vigils held last week attest. But these days even the Almighty bows before pop culture's clout. In an unfathomable event, we turn to entertainment, and from the inventory of its words and images, we assemble meaning. [more]
Why the show must go on Broaway theatre.
Loss of sex drive isn't all in the mind Bob Geldof's problems and the rest of the world.
Armchair adventures Nice reviews of very big book ( 4 bols, 1,6000 pages) of world travel writing.
Hitchcock Film Posters 2001 by decades and individual films. Wonderful.
Ruins why are so many people fascinated by ruins? Perhaps for the same reason the love cemetaries.
Religion and Spirituality links to religons and (possible) cults.


Kristy Swanson mhold on, girl
Lucy, the Amazing Elephant Building a former model of a war elephant?
Greek Warriors found at Riace make love not war.
Nice workout outfit via Robot Wisdom.
Dartmouth Researcher Investigates Digital Secrecydetecting that which gets hidden in digital images
A Romantic Natural History A website designed to survey the relationships between literary works and natural history in the century before Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species (1859
The Editing Room: Abridged Scripts for Movies funny stuff. Editing, re-writing well-known films
Get paid to surf a scam or for real?
More than 100 years ago, Friedrich Nietzsche observed the gradual turning inward of the German population, away from an open neighborliness. He noted in Human, All Too Human that the clearest sign of this increasing social alienation was that people say "ironic things to the other, but neither of the two feel the other's irony." This sort of keen insight into daily life can reveal larger changes in the culture. Though the social worlds of latter-day Germany and present-day America are disparate, there are similarities, at least when it comes to the way a nation's culture helps to create an inward turn in the lives of its citizens [more]


God Bless America My country--right or wrong. When it is right, I will cheer like hell. When it is wrong, I will let them know as loud as I can. And that is waht democracy is or should be all about.
Afghanistan Culture looks like a fun place for a honeymoon. Bet accomodations will be plentiful and inexpensive by next week.
BBC: not always serious mucho fun here. Via Metafilter posting.
Julia Ormond Photo Galleries thumbnails. And she can act too.
Poster via Fark
What a lady my grandmother saw this glorious woman when coming here to escape the oppression of the old world.
Irving Berlin once said that, "a patriotic song is an emotion and you must not embarrass an audience with it, or they will hate your guts." This philosophy made him one of America's most outstanding writers of patriotic songs from World War I through World War II. Irving Berlin
Ganapati or Genesha, the Lord of Categories: All that can be counted or comprehended is a category (gana). The principle of all the classifications through which the relations between different orders of things, between the macrocosm and the microcosm, can be understood is called the lord-of-categories (Ganapati). Ganesha Home Page


National Security Agency What with so many cut-backs in employment, this place may well be doing a lot of hiring soon.
Caprice Bourret too good to share at the workplace. And not appropirate, unless you want unemployment compensation.
The Weekly Bitch but it is not what it usally is--light, fun. Instead a focus upon the terrorist attack on America.
Hunting down mainland Chinese mistresses becoming lucrative trade in Hong Kong It's a living and beats working the counter at McDonald's.
Jane's Video Gallery Helpfully presented in alphabetical order! Watch brief videos to see what the world's makers of arms brings to our Civilization. RealPlayer needed.
Note: tomorrow I will be posting URLs that are concerned with the attack upon the United States. These sites are mostly about locating people, survivors etc.
Arab and Jewish Thought from the past.
Star Wars No. The film version.
Medical uses of herbs. an alphabetical listing of herbs with desciption of what each does.
Genomic Revolution mapping the genes
Sex and heart attacks Is it a risk? Not a risk? or a risk worth taking?
Japanese art: historical presentation many links to all aspects of art in Japan.
Gogo4u.com Pakistan fun page (?). Not sure what the heck this about but click on pics for lots of laughs.
-Dinosaur & Fossil Discoveries anumberof links to a number of new finds.


CatStevens a convert to Islam laments ill use of Koran by extremists.
Marcel Proust I tried twice to read the entire work (Le Temps retrouve) and failed. I finally began and found it nearly impossible to stop. I finished it and it was truly a remarkable experience.
Girls of Coyote Ugly Tough to get drinks at that bar {in the film} but well worth the wait!
Doctors in New York Use Robot to Operate in France but where is the bedside manner?
GAY LEBANON Do the Syrians occupying Lebanon know about this? Or do they take part?
Life in Elizabethan England : Letter Writing and written without a word processor.
pocketpig.com - a daily dose of delectable drawings Sabrina uses her sony clie to draw her daily etas. A tough job but someone has to do it.
Italian Holidays, Festivals and Street Parties... easy to use site. Just enter dates and areas and you get listing of fun events in Italy!
Rock of Ages, Sands of Time, paintings by Barbara Page Evolution as Art. A must see. Gorgeous.
Early option for prostate patients a new approach that may be very helpful
Prehistoric Art many many links. very fine site.
Words of comfort How art helps--esp Shakespeare.


Game I never manage to do well at such games but I have been told this one lots of fun.
Thee are least three, but to my way of thinking more, great reads in the Science section of the New York Times for 9/18. You need of course the free registration--FREE--to access the great links hereNy Times Science Section
A British scientist has gone back to the drawing board to make computers that can cope with the internet age. Web without the waiting
The Vocabula Review - September 2001 - Table of Contents for those in love with language (English), here is a great spot.
Webb Page Confidential tripping through pop culture.
History / Wars / Crusades depicted through gorgeous stained glass windows.


Leeches reduce the pain of osteoarthritis the old ways still often have something to offer.
Iskip.com site for the latest aerobic fad--skipping. It is fun. It works. It makes you feel great and lose weight. But sure is tough on shoes.
About the Glass Armonica not a misprint: Armonica and not harmonica. And glass. A history of the darned thing.
Memetics on the Internet many links to things memetic. Pass it onl
So You've Decided to be Evil how to get whree you want to be.
Welcome to Frogpool - Austria´s 1st Online Frog Museum Hard to imagine a second one wanting to compete.
zenandphotography.com yes. Zen plus photography. You judge.
Dewey Webb | Peep Show Joan Crawford does Pepsi. Very odd. Fun though.


The Scientific Revolution nice, indeed, with great links


Lemon Aid Used to be you bought a lemon of a car you [plainted a lemon on it and drove it up and down in front of the dealer. Then some states passed "lemon laws," helping those taken in by shifty dealers. With the Internet, you can call attention tow whatever mistreatment you feel you have been subjected to. Here is a site that attempts to point to the many inadequacies of a hospital!
BerzerkoLinks - Food and Health:Food very nice links to Food.
NASA Image eXchange (NIX) best way to get NASA photos.
Manhole covers as art I laughed too till I viewed this site.
The Hunley - How it worked! the sub from Civil War.
My Professor Sucks.com your turn to grade the teacher.
Free Career, Personality, Soulmate, and Color Test you are given 12 colors. Yo pick your favorite. Then you learn which career(s) are appropriate for you!


Phish Nation via Gadfly online.
An interdisciplinary group of scientists argues that we know behavior is crucial to health--and it's time health research and interventions reflected that. Stop ignoring the data
POLLSTAR - The Concert Hotwire [Home - Last Updated 5:34 Fri, 14 September 2001] tracks favorite music groups as they tour and now listing cancellations because of terror attacks.


Note to readers: in light of the tragic events unfolding in America, I am cutting back on postings at this site in order that I might spend more time at www.bushwacker.blogspot.com, where I feel I should be making what materials I can find available for readers there. I will,though, continue to post here but not with the same quantity. But enough to keep you busy.
book review a number of books reviewed here on drugs and the state. Is there any way we can halt a large part of this trade?
Martin Luther King site just about everything on MLK can be found here.
Prostitution: Links of Interest a non-erotic batch of links on the profession


Christian Mondin - Fotógrafo: babe Syssiphus had to roll asomething or other uphill too. But I prefer the job done by this young lady. Not for the workplace.
Edward O. Wilson: Aliens interview with top notch scientist and writer.
David Hume (1711-76). a quick and easy guide to this important thinker/writer. His prose noted for its elegance.
Ben Shephard's A War of Nerves: Soldiers and Psychiatrists in the Twentieth Century traces the evolution of wartime neuroses from the puzzling appearance of "shell shock" in the winter of 1914-15 through the "post-traumatic stress disorder" of the Vietnam War's aftermath, and, more recently, to "Gulf War syndrome." Midway through his engrossing narrative, one especially evocative statement appears: "Every man has his breaking point and these, in the fulfillment of their duties as soldiers, were forced beyond the limits of human endurance." When the Mind Sounds Retreat Good book review.
By 1952 Les Paul was not only the most popular guitar player in America, he was also a leading innovator in guitar and electronics design. The Les Paul Story
nature photography beautiful stuff.
Regional Food Habits odd habits, worldwide, for which, click on links to the left of image.


FallingWorld Trade Center
Milena Miconi not for the office.
DreamBank data base of dreams. Deposit, withdraw etc
Lee Konitz teacher and jazz great
jazz history @ harlem.org: a great day in harlem Explore jazz through one extroadinary photograph. Don't miss this one.
Rule the planet planet of the apes sort of thing.
VMA Nation if you missed the music awards tv show, see it here.
Picture Index: People Pictures of classical figures (Roman) based on coins and busts, and arranged alphabetically.
RatingZone - Your source for personalized entertainment recommendations! tell this site your preferences in various media and it will give you ideas for others that match your tastes.


"The Corrections" by Jonathan Franzen Book of the year. Or at least one of the most talked about (hyped) books of the year. Review.
Just plain SEX or info for the young about what is ok and what is not and the answers they need that too often they are denied.
Indecent Images images from "provacative" pre-Raphaelite paintings that censors and other "moral" people did not want you to see. Includes commentary.
Mikhail Yurievich Lermontov a great Russian poet. But his early novel, A Hero of Our Time, is perhaps what he is best known for and will be remembered by. This work (and others) available on-line, throlugh links here. Also links to other sites.
Jefferson Davis Memorial site for the president of the Confederacy.
Picasso paianting Unfortunately, they are not thumbnails.
Dwight Yoakam country/western.
Slam down those dishes and scream "I QUIT!" Working for the Man. Tips on jobs and careers. What to do and not to do.
Widowers peakMenlive longer. Often lonely widowers. Yates said it years ago: An old man is but a patry thing. A hat upon a stick (scarecrow) unless soul clap hands. For many, no sould that is uplifted.
Evolutionary Psychology hot area of evolutionary studies, growing out of Sociobiology. Is genetics all in the mind?
purportal.com: anti-bunk toolkit sort of a search engine for myths, lies, falsehoods, fake stories.
The Toilet Museum - Main Lobby No shit. It really is.
And the Best Internet Art Is . . . Virtually Anything Electronics is very hot in Hollywood.
Plato's Republic 'best philosophical work ever' Darwin's Origin a close 3rd for most important works on human condition.


"I'm not a black man singing white man music, I am an American singing American music. I worked out those problem years ago, and everybody else will have to work their way out of it too." Charlie Pride, Mississippi musician
Niki I will miss summer.
Shroud of turin - burial cloth of Jesus? a seemingly unbiased review of testing of the shroud for authenticity.
Madonna on Venice Beach painter: Peter Blake,
Fun game test your speed and skill. Shoot down invading planes.
You are my sunshine scroll down while music plays. Will give you a lift for the day.
'Empire': A User's Guide, Deconstructing the New World Order, by Charles Mudede and Nicolas Veroli (08/16/01) This is regarded as an important book. I have posted this review on my other blog, Bushwacker, but I am also posting it here. The book itself is written in a turgid academic style and is difficult to read, but the review here sums up the salient points of the work on Globalization, how it came into being, what it means, and where it may be going, and how it will affect nations and individuals.
New Deal: Rediscovering America I am a photographer hired by a democratic government to take pictures of its land and its people. The idea is to show New York to Texans and Texas to New York. --Russell Lee, Farm Security Administration photographer, U.S. Camera One, 1941
Circumcision rites world wide. History, practises. via Robot Wisdom. The first cut is the deepest.
Leonardo da Vinci brief bio and some 5 painting that can be clicked on,with a few that enlarge to full page.
Beatles Ring: Real Audio some 30 tunes you can listen to. And then return to Beatles Home Page.
Anton Dvorak Classical music.
Ben Katchor edgy cartoon artist. See the links to his works at this site.
Being ugly is attractive too an odd evolutionary stance that indicates unattractiveness has appeal.
"Secret" email at risk from impostors PGP encryption problem
Kathmandu, I will come back to you Nepali capital, with pictures.
Pitcairn's History Details the history about The Mutiny of the ship Bounty and the settling of Pitaciarn Island.