Patricia Ford Wouldn't you rather drive a Ford?
Without Sanctuary Lynching in America. Requires strong stomach.
Don't Mess With Aslan the world of C.S.Lewis' s Narnia
From queen bees to elephant matriarchs, many animal mothers are assisted by others in rearing offspring. Anthropologist Sarah Blaffer Hrdy maintains that our human ancestors, too, were "cooperative breeders"—a mode of life that enabled them to thrive in many new environments. today, argues Hrdy, our continued ability to raise emotionally healthy children may well depend on how well we understand the cooperative aspect of our evolutionary heritageMothers and others
Sex S.A.T. via Maxim. Take the test to see how you score.
Duke Primate Center World's largest collection of lemurs. Click on sidebars for materials about primates.
Labor Day Links to American unions
Josef Corso: Photographs Terrific! courtesy of Josef Corso.
AAPGuild Exhibitions on the WebAfrican-American Photographers Guild. Many artisits. Many photos.
Happiness as a cultural construct not aoll people really want to be happy? Can money make you happy? Well, yes and no. Depends.
Allain Robbe-Grillet Against Interpretation L.A.l Times via Arts and Letters.
WOODY GUTHRIE Labor Day special.


Kate Moss till the cows come home.
Gina Gershon In the country of the blind, the one-eyed Gina is still queen
Biography search site for some 25,000 bios of greatest lives, past and present.
Michael L. Dertouzos, 64, Computer Visionary, Dies Interesting obituary. NY Times, reg req'd
chris.com - ASCII Art all you need is imagination and a keyboard!
Panicware, Inc. - Pop-Up Stopper and free! stop those pop up ads.
andante - classical music - essays there is a crisis in classical music. At present recorded jazz music outsells classical music. What can or might be done?
The Pangram page know what a pangram is or why you might want to play with one? Hint: pan=all, as in panther, pandemic, pandemonium, pandar.
Parasaurolophus Sounds and Images Pagedinosaur sounds and images, reconstructed of course.
Stain Removal Guide Info ok. you spilled it. Here's how to clean it.
The Ancient City of Athens nice history stuff
Virtual Frog Dissection Kit Version 2.0 easy enough to take and might just help prepare you for the the post on autopsies.
VIRTUAL AUTOPSY 2 be warned! not for the easily upset folks.
Teeth that can heal themselves and lots of money saved on dental bills too
USA History - Trivia lots of good Labor Day trivia. Remember when American Labor meant something?
Could apes ever rule over man? Frans de Waal, a leading primatologist, argues that Planet of the Apes is not just science fiction - we are more like our hairy cousins than we dare admit Man versus Ape


Vicki Hearne, Who Saw Human Traits in Pets, Dies at 55 Obituary. NY Times, reg req'd. I post this because I have long admired this woman, who gave up an academic career at Yale to pursue her love of animals.
Cars My one act of public service is to provide this warning site that deals with the huge percentage of cars and trucks with at least one under-inflated (and hence dangerous) tire(s). Remember this for Labor Day.
EUNUCHS IN INDIA One million. A tough job but someone has to do it.
Siberian Surprises even in remote areas of the world, the Net spans time and distance and makes all things much closer.
Stars right for astrology college I post this for those who believe that accrediting agencies really mean something and have to do with standards. In the U.S., accrediting is regional. Private. Such agencies are responsible (?) to the Dept of Education. But if the agencies are not doing their job "properly" then will the govt take away their right to accredit? And, if so, who will then accredit the schools? And so the farce goes on. Bottom line: a school that is not doing a proper job gets put on probation. It will only be closed down (college level) if it is financially just about to close down anyway. How does a large regional accrediting agency get to meet expenses? Why by charging the schools they visit to accredit. Do you then close down your sources of income? But Joseph Hellere had a name for this silliness and gave it as a title to his famous novel, Catch-22.
Where are all the teachers? A problem in a number of countries. Not to worry. When the economy gets bad enough, there will be job opportunities for low salary high burnout positions.
Sopranos hit back at 'racist' claim This family now has a real life trial.
First Genetically Modified Dutch Elm Trees Grown I was born in what is still called The Elm City"--New Haven, Ct. Alas, the elms were all killed off by disease. Now perhaps I can go back to my childhood!
The Paula Abdul Page May not be seen as often as formerely but talented enough to do a good deal of choreography.
The Manolo Moochers Dowd (NY Times, reg req'd) explains the new feminist code on dating. Who pays the bill?
Breathless - Love and a grim diagnosisWarning: this, a fairly long read, will leave you in tears.
Closer to Truth brings together leading scientists, scholars and artists to debate the fundamental issues of our times. Get Closer To Truth with the public television series, companion book, home videos, audiotapes, this Web site and the unique HyperForum. [more]Closer To Truth -
Remembering imagination Interesting book review suggests a return to "true" fiction and a turn away from "memoirs" is coming about.
Web Photo School we all ltake pics for the web. But here you learn to do it right.
F r e e z e . c o m : A new degree of free. free stuff on the Net--screen savers, mail, wallpaper, clip art and much more.


UnwantedCDs Some spoilsports just don't like the AOL CDs. We use them for coasters at our house and sometimes scale them like frisbees into the neighbors' yards.
Mothers, don't let your sons grow up to be cowboys is this guy very large or is the horse very small?
Turgenev wonderful Russian writer but the essay could use some careful editing.
Buffy Great wrist band!
Shipping threat to endangered whale The end of the Right Whale?
Zooming in on Noah's Ark? Satellites Search for Ancient Artifact Nice site but the intrusive IBM ad very annoying and leaves one with a very bad impression of the company. Will they find dinasaur tracks on the biblical ark? Or places for bees in the ark hives.
NIH: National Institutes of Health (NIH) Update on Existing Human Embryonic Stem Cells, August 27, 2001 and this doesn't even take into account those that might pop up on E-Bay.
The Stupid Pastimes on the Web Site If reading GodShit isn't stupid enough for you, try this site.
You may think that Iceland, an island in the North Sea that's home to only 270,000 people, would be isolated, shrouded in fog, and a bit medieval. While it's true that the place is small enough to retain a few mythological traditions, it's also just the right size to support some modern technology experiments. The country is leading the way in cell phone innovations and alternative energy. Not to mention that its controversial nationwide genetic database is a treasure trove for genetic researchers. Its volcanoes are studied by researchers around the world, and its shifting magnetic fields play tricks on compasses.[more]
Tall Hat: exercise your brain some fun things to keep your mind hopping! Give it a try.
My Word's Worth - Baseball Novels via the always delightful ""librarian without walls," Marylaine Block.
Boys Will Be BandsThe boys who began it all: the Beatles! Listen to "I Want to Hold Your Hand."
Google Web Directory - Society > People > Women > Women's Studies > Visual Arts many links to Women and Erotic stuff. Try a few links but not at work.
MAXIM ONLINE: Girlfriend of the Day click on Erika's photo. This will bring you to a very nice slideshow...
Donna D'Errico Nothing like summer.
Today in History: August 28 The right of women to vote.
Catnip repels mosquitoes more effectively than DEET Now you can take your cat to a picnic.
Discovery Interactive Data Analysis World Data Interactive allows students to research real issues using real data from some of the world's finest sources. The data cover the environment, demographics, economics and health. They span the disciplines of mathematics, science, and social science. World Data Interactive comes with PEMD Discovery(tm), a data analysis tool especially designed for the mathematically unsophisticated student. The educational aim is to enable students of widely varying mathematical backgrounds to benefit from this critical data.
It's the chromosome that has for years been relegated to the sidelines of science. But now this tiny cell particle is providing the answers to some very big cultural questions - and putting a match to political time bombs. Jerome Burne reports.Sperm counts! The mighty Y


Gene 'pill' could help people live to be a hundred further info on earlier posting for those who want to help to empty out the Social Security fund--if there is any left to empty.
Grover Furr's Medieval History and Literature Page many links and wonderful history materials.
When all else fails or becomes boring, tryReading
Israeli scientist shapes a young 'Hal' Will it take out the garbage too?
Researchers narrow search for longevity gene why do many people live to 100 or more? Why shouldn't I if I promise to give up my Social Security after 98?
Delhi children make play of the net Illiterate street kics quickly teach themselves the rudiments of computers and the internet. What does this tell us?
Lives that shaped the land stories by and about farmers.
Cream Rock.


Off in a short while for some vacation time. Back perhaps in about two weeks.


Glacier reveals 60-year secretsGlobal warming helps to reveal long-lost plane.
Giant squid caught: photo via Fark posting
Good or bad photo? A cmera buff would say the head is cut off. True enough. But .......
Note: Because a number of postings have the same name (title), don't assume they are double postings. Rather, they are different URLs on the same subject/person.
Humanity Development Library too many good links here to begin to list. But if you think of a larger world, here is a good place to go.
Eric Weisstein's Treasure Troves of Science books and encyclopedias that deal with the sciences.
Commarts.com Network Design and communication arts pages. Many goodies for jobs, tips, graphics. etc
Best in Life in Pictures: gallery of Woody Allen W.A. has just released a new film.
The Millennium Library: Who's Who - Dorothy M Richardson wrote as though a combination of Proust, Virginia Wolff, and James Joyce. Alas, her work extends into many volumes and is thus seldom read.
Local Legacies - Connecticut but you can pick any state (I choose Ct because I live here) and find what is representative of Good Doings.
National Archives Online Exhibit Hall the documents that made America what it was to become...or was meant to become.
solar powered car why worry about gas prices?
Netscape 6.1 at Netscape just released.
Free stuff on the Net but note that Brittanica is no longer free.
Kelly Brook Pictures nice outfit
Crispus AttucksAmerican Revolution Hero and escaped slave.
Paint the Moon concerted effort using lasers--thousands of them.


Spychecker - database of Spyware (adware) products lets you detect spyware before you download. stick in the name of the program you want to dowload and find out if it conceals a "secret agent."
Study Identifies New Source Of Stem Cells I am unable to evaluate scientifcally what this will mean for our immediate future but the suggestion is that the "moral" issue on stem cells may be less important soon.
The Prodigal Century Very nice book review. The opening paragraphs seem a bit misleading before the review settles down to the real topic. Makes me want to buy the book today..
Famous name changes The birth names of famous people who have changed their names to names you now them as.
The Labyrinth provides free, organized access to electronic resources in medieval studies through a World Wide Web server at Georgetown University. The Labyrinth's easy-to-use menus and links provide connections to databases, services, texts, and images on other servers around the world. Each user will be able to find an Ariadne's thread through the maze of information on the Web. Labyrinth Home Page
In 1979, on an insignificant planet in a downmarket end of the Western Spiral arm of the Galaxy, an uncommonly tall ape descendant called Douglas Adams published a book called The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy The Dirk Gently Omnibus by Douglas Adams review.
Scipio Africanus but you get a different ending of the battle in Gladiator (the film).
Burton Silverman somehow this artist is vaguely related to me.
Art Deco Graphics Learn about this great and still very popular art style.
Biographical Dictionary nice research tool for quick info
ArtMuseum.net click on the ones that interest you...wonderful.
Arthur Conan Doyle aka Sherlock Holmes
Microsoft's new operating system To upgrade or not to upgrade pros and cons.
Land of make-believe The Cockaigne of Herman Pleij's book has no connection with the drug that has reputedly come into contact with most of the banknotes circulating in London. Cockaigne is not the agent of the fantasies considered by Pleij, but what those fantasies are often about: it is the name that people in the middle ages gave to an imagined land filled with all the things that their own lives lacked. Book review
GUTENBERG brief bio on Hyper History's pick of the most influential man of history w/ links.
Hyper History history, history, history...some 2000 files on 3000 years of history. Very full history site with many perspectives, maps, options.
With Sex and Sensibility, Scholars Redefine Jane Austen revisionism allows for new publication. Or fresh insights. You decide.


LibrarySpot.com: Encyclopedias, maps, online libraries, quotations, dictionaries & more. great meta search page to get to research materials you may need.
Ice Cream Recipe Collection yogurt, non-dairy,
Paper Dinosaurs from an exhibition
lewis-clark the journey, the meaning, the history of this famous trail-blazing exploration.
WITI Center woemn, leadership, technology.
Webgrrls International the Net and women in technology
The Why Files Science behind the news...lotsx of fun.
Obituary: Frederich Wilhelm Nietzsche NY Times, free reg req'd


Genovese Family Keeps Its Chin Up. Gotti fades fast But where is Tony Soprano in all this?
The Chronicle: Jargon Monitor for computer types and their pals.
Ayn Rand: Her Life and Work always a favorite for many. Oddly, she seems to have a great appeal for many big in the computer world.
The Darwin Awards: July 2001 You have no doubt seen this somewhere, perhaps extracted. Always fun read.
Century dictionary perhaps not as up-to-date as many, but this is12 volume dictionary with half a million entries--and free. Wonderful for writers.


HAIR TO STAY guestbook, page 1 Not sure where this came from but clearly it is reponses to women who don't shave. Darwin would be proud.
Dogs If you own a dog, had a dog, wish you could get one, or just plain like them, then this review of books about dogs is for you.
Feeling His Oats: art Felix Knox art museum.
SCI/TECH :Cray supercomputers set the pace I knew my computer was a bit sluggish!
How to Buy a Flute Laugh, but who knows? Someday....
Lettuce Soup Recipe and other Recession Recipes. Yummy yummy.
The On-Line Books Page very nice URL for book lovers
SoYouWanna Once you know what you want to do, this site will help you to do it, or at least to figure out how it ought to be done.
Janet Jackson flash needed.
Korean History Quick question: how many American troops are stationed in this country at this moment? 35 thousand. The relationship between Japan and Korea and China and Korea central to this country.
Stacey's John Lennon Page... Worth a view just to see the many fine photos...but lots of nice things too.
The Sales Prospectus Nice look on how books, esp. Twain's, were sold through a prospectus. Wonderful illustrations.


Admiral Byrd this to cool off the link just below this one.
Girls kissing girls via Maxim magazine. May not be to everyone's taste. On the other hand....
Vivaldi caricature more on this remarkable composer at a later time.
Names from the bible and a search engine for things biblical with links to biblical passages.
Wimbledon Football Clubah, well. A form of football anyway.
Custom, Customize, Customized! Over one thousand products (through links) that offer customized services.
name permutations a program that tackles permutation of names--happened a great deal--among the many immigrants landing at Ellis Island. This program may help you find those you have thus far not been able to find.
The Original Unofficial Steve Earle Site Know this guy? If you don';t you are missing a heck of a lot.
Naples Florida Swamp Buggy Races fast, dumb looking, go in shallow water...and all the rage for racing.
Car runs on hemp biodiesel and is touring America. May visit your town. Hemp car
. But far from being just a naturalist, Darwin was an obsessive observer of human beings. Instead of coming to overturn human exceptionalism via the study of animals, Darwin did almost the opposite. He started with human nature, concluded that it was different from animal nature only in degree, not in kind, and from there worked back to natural selection. His breakthrough owed as much to Hume and Wordsworth as to the finches and tortoises of the Galapagos islands. This revolutionary claim is contained in a book published in May by Randal Keynes, Darwin's great-great grandson, called Annie's Box. A fine contribution to Darwiniana, it centres on his private life and the central tragedy of his experience--the death, at age ten, of his beloved daughter Annie, from consumption. Annie's Box book reveiw about Darwin's insights and use
Bad start for internet benchBill Gates: oops, I've done it again.
Life - Ministry of SoundVisit (virtual) Ibiza. For the wealthy and the hip. For me: on-line.
Fast Facts easy to use resource compendium.
Searching Ellis Island Database in One Step search for relatives, family members made easier.
Da Vinci Morph Why is Mona Lisa smiling?
Color Matters Color plays a vitally important role in the world in which we live. Color can sway thinking, change actions, and cause reactions. It can irritate or soothe your eyes, raise your blood pressure or suppress your appetite.
the Mosqito book revgiew on man's deadliest foe.


Computer reconstruction site by computerizing ancient sites, repair and needed work can be done more efficiently. Here is what it looks like and how it works.
The Cervantes Project life, works, studies in the great Spanish writer of Don Quixote, M. Cervantes.
DRESDEN. The Deutsche Fotothek in Dresden is in posesion of potentially explosive material. A steel cabinet at the photography archive is jam-packed with 1,000 glas negatives containing photographs of artworks. The Gauck Authority, the agency that administers the files compiled by East Germany's secret police, or Stasi, recently unearthed documents that shed some light on the photographs' murky origins. The Stasi files indicate that the works hail from the archives of the photographer Hans Schönbach and depict artworks bought for Hitler's Special Asignment Linz (Sonderauftrag Linz ), the project set up to create a masive art gallery in the dictator's hometown. Like many former Nazi holdings, the photographs -- which may be able to contribute significantly to resolving some of the isues of loted art during the Third Reich -- have a chequered history. [more]
SelfhelpMagazine listing of self help materials, forums, topics etc--help yourself if no one else can help you.
Remember when you wanted to go see The Crying Game? Remember when a close friend said: Oh, I saw that. The big secret is that she's a he. Of course you remember that. Well, there's a way to get back at all those spoilsports, and that's to beat them at their own game. Welcome to The Spoiler Game, in which you destroy movies for those who haven't seen them yet in the shortest and pithiest manner. The Spoilers Game
LinkPopularity.com: The Free Link Popularity ServiceBecause good link popularity can dramatically increase traffic to your web site. Well placed links are an excellent source of consistent and targeted traffic. And due to recent developments, they can even generate additional search engine traffic to your site. Many of the major search engines now factor Link Popularity into their relevancy algorithms. As a result, increasing the number of links to your site can actually improve your search engine rankings. There is still no one "secret trick" to getting good rankings, but boosting your site's popularity may give it the edge it needs.
The Seeker, Reuniting America! looking for missing friend and/or relatives? Try this site.
Welcome to Quickbrowse Seems a very useful way to do your Web skimming in an organized and expeditious manner. Commerical.
Queer as Your Folks s new study suggests that gay couples are more likely to raise gay children. Whether this is valid or not, the issue for many is how such a study will impact upon electorate.
You are at the "Trenches" Home Page. These pages contain information on the people, places, and events that comprised one of the worst calamities of modern history. Entire kingdoms were to vanish in the clash. The map makers of the world would be busy indeed! World War I - Trenches on the Web Making the world safe for Democracy. Or so it was supposed to be.
UNHAPPY ADOPTION REUNIONS We see the happy re-unions on the talk show. Here are some of the unhappy ones.
Wayne Newton When I think of Las Vegas, I think of bright lights, showgirls, the Rat Pack etc. But for those who live in Vegas or spend a good deal of time there, Wayne Newton IS Las Vegas. The King. Why?
Irving Penn "Photographing a cake can be art,"--Irving Penn
Chinese Discoverers and Australia.
Camp T-Equity day camp for girls to involve them in technology immersion. Tis site a bit dated but idea still important.
The Louisiana Purchase note the map and how, buying this vast tract of land brought together the two parts of the country (as we now know it).
Annie's Box Darwin and his children. Book review. Annie was his beloved daughter who died whilevery young. Fascinating view of Darwin as father.


El Niño Theme Page mucho liniks (and La Nina not neglected).FAQ, what is it, impacts, benefits etc
Hemmings The bible for auto buffs.
Movie Review Query Engine a search engine that allows you to get instant access to film reviews for the film title you specify. In these hard times it is nice to know in advance what you are getting for your money. Or from the video you are thinking of renting.
FastSearch another search engine. This is somehow connected commercially to Lycos. Though I don'[t know how well it competes it certainly lives up to its name.
MyStudios- Amedeo Modigliani with many links to his images--very fine.
Search the Internet with Lookle Search Engine This is a new or fairly new search engine. I am not able to say how good it is. I believe there is some sort of litgation going on between this search engine's owners and Google. Why not sample it with a few searches and compare it to other engines you like.
Social Security for Women new website from S.S. specifically for women.
Our working poor need a break Ehrenreich via Newsday.
Chess brains take it easy What fascinates me is the many findings that are now showing up with the use of FMRI (functional) MNRI, where the brain can be watched as activities are taking place rather than the older form of MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), which was static. And we can expect many new findings with every month.
Great Writing excerpts quoted. I sure wished I coulda writ like them folks.
Ballroom Dancers.com - The Ballroom Dance Resource Because you never know if you might turn to something to change your life.
The wonder of all these Internet security problems is that they are continually labeled as "e-mail viruses" or "Internet worms," rather than the more correct designation of "Windows viruses" or "Microsoft Outlook viruses." It is to the credit of the Microsoft public relations team that Redmond has somehow escaped blame, because nearly all the data security problems of recent years have been Windows-specific, taking advantage of the glaring security loopholes that exist in these Microsoft products. If it were not for Microsoft's carefully worded user license agreement, which holds the company blameless for absolutely anything, they would probably have been awash in class action lawsuits by now. more a serious rant about electronic viruses, putting the blame directly on Microsoft.
Woody Allen Slide show. Woody has new film to be released soon. I had already posted a Woody Allen page but this slide show too good to pass up.
The Museum of Questionable Medical Devices but you can probably pick them up cheap now at a tag sale. Odd devices for what ails you.
Ars Technica: Photography as an Art form site via Inernet Scout Web log.
Kathy Ireland ah, Kathy, the beauty I fondly recall from the Sports Illustrated Bathing Suit Editions. Fond memories. But I am so uptight. I post (below) a painting with a nude male and immediately need to post a gorgeous woman in a bikini lest.......
Look at a painting by Lucien Freud.nude male. You are given info and asked questions to help better appreciate the work and the artist.
Rock Star Games what the title says it is: video games
panoramic photo of S.F. Earthquake use horizontal bar to move images along.
Merle Haggard Life and appreciation. I especially love the line that "what gray poupon has meant to mustard Merle has meant to country music." I am still working on that one.
The Boxer Rebellion Learnmore about the history of China. It may come in handy some day.
Guiness Book of World Records Lots of fun. But you might find a category you could top if you tried real hard.
Industrial Workers of the World the wobblies. Still around And could they unite (their dream) wsorkers and farmers throughout the world to fight for their interests, globalization would have to change.
Writing through the ages : Timeline parker Pens put this up. I had been looking about at pens, in general, an interest of mine.
The WWWall: The Great Wall of Links! brings together all the Pink Flyod pages on the Net, with many links.
BookMarx - A utility to monitor URLs, and spy on your favorite Web Sites for Netscape. Will scan favorites and notify you when there are changes or a bookmark invalid.
Alfred Russel Wallace (1823-1913) Very importat co-discoverer of Evolutionary theory. His work, once known, got Darwin to publish earlier than he had planned in order not to be pre-empted in the credit. Wallace seems to have taken a gentlemanly backseat, allowing Darwin the credit for Evolution, but there are some skeptics who still wonder about the timing, credit etc when the theory first was made public. Fascinating co-respondences between two totally different men.
Pink Floyd What I fid as I prowl about is that "official" sites for popular figures are overly commercial and "unofficial", ie, fan sites, push the URL owner right up there with the star he or she is offering a tribute to. Ego v commercialism.
Andrew Jackson One of the two Jacksons. See following for the other.
Stonewall Jackson Biography. A chronology of key events. thee are twso Jacksons in American history that often are conflated or not known separately. This post and the next should distinguish.
We get more cow meat than we imagine vegans beware. Cow meat comes in many forms into our lives.
New theory for Kursk sinking Russian nuclear sub.


Groupie Central follow the stars of Rock and mostly their girfriends and wives and others, names and places and lots of stuff you could do without, via Popbitch. The first (and only?) site for Groupies!
Your Everything Online Image Editor seems capable of doing a lot but I haven't the background to know.
A Japanese Artist Goes Global NY Times. reg req (perhaps) but free.
Meet the Neanderthals President Bush, shown this, exclaimned: We can give them legal status here if they are illegals.
The Roman Army You have some ideas about the Roman military from the film Gladiator. Here is a full page, with links, to fill you in on how they fought, with what they fought, ranks, officers, tactics etc etc. They were strong, and well disciplined.
Our nation's official timekeeper: US. Navy times here and anywhere in the world and humidty and weather data.
theOrigins.com - Temple of Inscriptions, Ruins of Palenque click around. Lots of lovely pics of Mayan ruins.
Yahoo! Social Science > Women's Studies > Theorists and Critics a wonderful list/links of books dealing with Feminism by some outstanding writers. How many have you read?
The Duke of Wellington / Arthur Wellesley (1769-1852) Ok. Here, a non-American important fellow.
Cartoonfix.com The selected "winner" for Cool Site of the Day.
Swords 'n' Stuff One good Knight deserves another night out.
Charlize Theron I had posted her photo not very long ago (you can never do too much of this sort of thing), but her name came up the other day. Seems that for years this actress told interviewers that her father had died in a car accident. Recently, she cleared tha air and stated that in fact her father, a drunk, had physically assaulted her and her mother shot and killed him.
OPE Campus Security Statistics Search Page urports to give campus security data for most colleges and universities. In my experience, I suspect that a lot doesn't get recorded.
Hurrel Created through his photography star images of Hollywood actors. Here is his story and a photo of Jane Wyman.
Howstuffworks "How Ballpoint Pens Work" How many have you owned? thrown away? George Orwell in one of his essays tells of the Biro (eary version of ballpoint pen) and how people stood in lines to buy them. Find out how this thing works that you use daily.
Goya: Saturn Devouring His Son Why? Vegans sneer.
Ansel Adams at 100 San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Very well-done exhibit of the photos and life of one of America's great photographers.
very nice caricature of Woddy Allen see below: Woody Allen page.
Free Stuff Channel - Beauty Freebies give her many gifts and don't pay a thing!
Revenge! Strike back at a lot of things you despise select the objectionable person or group and let the program do the getting back for you.
Dream cars via Maxim online.
IPL POTUS -- Presidents of the United States sorry. they are here in order of occupancy of the job and not in alphabetical order! but here you can learn about the Good, the Bad, and the Who-the-heck-is-he?
Tribute to Kenny Rogers country/western star.
GUERNICA 1937-Pablo Picasso's Spanish Civil War with the variations on the final depiction, links about its meaning, place in art history, etc etc.
USA: Index on Manifest Destiny If you read this, follow the links, you will understand much about our past and present policies and beliefs...what has been taking place has been firmly rooted in our past.
Salon.com Books | "The Sappho Companion" She did not invent lesbianism nor was she necessarily the first etc, but an important lyric poet. Remember: all people with but one name are important. via Salon.
Bombing of Dresden The allied bombing of this city with massive civilian casualties, recalled in the Kurt Vonnegut novel (he was POW) there at the time. An example of warring upon a non-military target.
The History of Evolution differs from others in that the focus here in upon growth and development in complexity.
Waylon Jennings country westernb star.
The Alternative Dictionaries words not generally found in regular dictionaries and a reader-generated listing of citations from numerous languages.
The Internet Pinball Database is a comprehensive listing of most pinball machines ever manufactured, with photos of over 2000 machines. You can search the database on-line or download it for use on your personal computer or PalmPilot.The Pinball Pasture and that's just the beginning. Tips, history, gossary--everything you need to know and to have for Pinball.
Evolution Entrance history of the theory of evolution.
Foucault Site many links.
Michael Foucault is the design meant to suggest prison bars?


The Seductions of Socrates As my teacher once said: Socrates never published and would not be given tenure in any university today.
Web Premiere Toons Short and with a moral uplift.
Bruce Lee always brought a seriousness to his films (the films were laughable) and he seemed totally lacking in a light touch or a sense of humor. The new boy on the dojo mat, however, is all grins, smiles, and fun.Jackie Chan
Quiltart: Contemporary Art Quilters on the Internet Lost your job? Your girl? Take up quilting if you are afraid to whittle. Begin here.
Mobile Computing & Communications Admit it You are addicted to the Net. But now you are going on vacation for a week or so and you begin to fret about missing your hookup. Give in. Start here to go mobile.
FutureFiction.com - Sci-fi & Fantasy Book Reviews Not the type of fiction I prefer but many of my friends read only this sort of thing.
Montezuma Castle, A Photo Gallery by James Q. Jacobs Looking for Mrl Montezuma, I came across a castle named after him. Too nice to post.
Lurid Paperback of Week Why not? Look at the bodice rippers on Romance novels. The cover or uncover helps sell the "art."
The US Mint's Site for Kids well, also parents and teachers. Ok. Be a kid and play with it.
Welcome to realrunner.com Nice site for runners/joggers. First select a country and then losts of useful links come up. What is the difference between a runner and a jogger? Anyone running slower than I run is a jogger. Those who run mypace, speed or better are runners. My pace? Don't ask; don't tell.
why Ayn Rand is so popular among young gays and lesbians. Independent Gay Forum: `Ayn Rand Among Gay Youth,'--well, among the M/S crowd we might say: Beats me. But here is another answer.
RECORDS SMASHED: CLINTON GETS $10 MILLION TO WRITE BOOK; TOPS POPE, WIFE--headline in Drudge Report (afternoon, Aug 6): We never figured him for a bottom. No stopping that guy.
Lefalophodon: An Informal History of Evolutionary Biology Web Site the name says it all...but what does the name mean? Nonetheless, a nice history of evolution (or, if you will: evolution of evolutionary thinking).
Economic History Resources Norm: this one's for you so you can brush up.
BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Mexican Americans in the U.S. who speak primarily Spanish and are less "Americanized" are significantly less active during leisure time than Mexican Americans whose main language is English, a study headed by researchers from the University at Buffalo has found[more] so off the wall, so to speak, that I had to post it.
Other Useless LinksImportant useless things.
Modern Napster: The Motion Picture Christopher Walken to star.
Teaching young kids the alphabet A clever and fun site for teaching youngsters the alphabet. Try it. It will bring back the kid in you.
BBC | New worm infects the net by now you know about this...I think. But just in case...
How does it feel to be all alone--like a former Rolling StoneBill Wyman
Wind meets tree=fallen cones? They should be picked before they get overly ripe, otherwise the cones get mushy.
TIME.com Pictures of the Week. click away at "next" for some very fine photos that sum up the news of the past week.
Near Death Experience how about near life experience?
"Standing by while my partner Kerry Fox performed in the explicit film, Intimacy, I experienced a strange kind of controlled jealousy." [more] via Prospect.
Sarah Vaughn and much more!
Painting I have left the link vague to encourage you to go to this painting. And that, in turn, I hope, will encourage you to open the various links on the post below this.
WebMuseum: Rembrandt bio and links to paintings. A Giant.
Hernando Cortez Conqueror of Mexico.
Music & genetics Is there an evolutionary explanation for music?
BestPlaces.net - City info, data, stats want to move? new job? just hankering for a change? This site might be helpful.
Virtual Library: Science many links to the numerous sub-divisions within science.
Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna (1794-1876) The defeat of this charasmatic Mexican leader (later disgraced because he sold many acres of his country to the U.S.) gave a large part of our southwest areas to the United States. The war (Mainfest Destiny) encouraged by Pres. Polk and was the training ground for Lee and Grant (though Grant opposed the war). Henry David Thoreau bitterly opposed this naked act of agression by his country against Mexico.
Lyrics - My Old Kentucky Home a URL on Steven Foster to be posted soon. Many of Foster's songs reflected a sense of loss, nostalgia, emptiness. He identified early on with the slaves in the South and their lot. I have heard it said that this famous Foster song, now associated of course with Kentucky and with th eDerby, is really about the breakup of a slave family, as one or more of its members is sold (the sort of thing mentioned in Huck Finn). Read these lyrics with this in mind and decide for yourself. note: about Old Folks at Home:Foster's intended meaning (1850s): No matter how far we may travel or what sadness the world imposes on us, all our hearts ache for the best memories of childhood, the security of a family and parents ("old folks"), the familiarity of a home
Welcome to MouseRug commerical site but curious.