LOS ANGELES (Zap2it.com) - Humans may be extinct before they resolve the debate over evolutionary theory. In the meantime, the new PBS miniseries "Evolution" (this one doesn't star David Duchovny, though celebrity conservationist Jane Goodall has a significant role) is outlining the, well, evolution of Charles Darwin's effect on western culture Evolution mini -series on PBS in Sept.
Absolutley Absolut You have seen all the vodka ads with variations on the outline of the Absolut bottle. Here they are, collected, for a second viewing. Which is your favorite?
LifeSavers Candystand Arcade lots of games to play!
In late July 1864, Major General William T. Sherman's Union army closed in on General John B. Hood's Confederate army defending Atlanta. On July 20 Hood lashed out against the Union right wing north of the city. Repulsed but undaunted, Hood turned to strike the Federal left wing, Major General James B. McPherson's Army of the Tennessee, east of Atlanta. He deployed Major General Benjamin F. Cheatham's corps northeast of the city and sent Lieutenant General William J. Hardee's corps around McPherson's left flank with orders to crush the Army of the Tennessee on the morning of July 22. Both corps were then to assail the rest of Sherman's host. Among the blue-clad soldiers moving against Atlanta was Major Thomas T. Taylor of Georgetown, Ohio. Twenty-seven years old and dashingly handsome, Taylor was a lawyer and sometime newspaper editor who had been with the 47th Ohio since the fall of 1861. During the opening phase of the Atlanta Campaign, Taylor had remained with his regiment, part of Major General John A. Logan's XV Corps, Army of the Tennessee. In mid-May he had been placed in command of Brigadier General Morgan Smith's divisional skirmishers, 15 companies in all. By July 22 he was highly adept in skirmish tactics, as will be seen in the following passage from the letter he wrote four days later to his wife, Netta, describing what he saw, experienced, and did during the Battle of Atlanta, "the most eventful day of this campaign." Taylor's letters have been lightly edited for clarity. Civil War Diary
The Metropolitan Museum of Art | Timeline of Art History great site for putting things into perspective on the past and its history seen through art.
The European Coaster Club when life has its ups and downs.
Snow Crystals Lots of nice things here--for the summer--on snow crystals.
"May We Live Long and Die Out!" is the motto of the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement, or VHEMT. The group opposes violence, arguing instead for a gradual fading away of mankind. Wipe out people! Human extinction here called for. You first. Odd, but then from Fox News.
German art specialists are hoping that hundreds of artworks from the city's Picture Gallery believed lost during World War II may have survived the conflict after all. They suspect that the 434 old master paintings, including three works by Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, did not perish in a bunker in the Berlin district of Friedrichshain in May 1945 as long thought, and that the works of art are now in storage in secret U.S. depots. [more]
Walker Evans The great American documentary photographer. His photos that accompany the text (by Agee) in Let Us Now Praise Famous Men) a classic study of our rural impoverished South.
War Of Our Fathers, WW II, Pearl Harbor & Eastman Kodak. Photo gallery of WWII in the Pacific.
Pure Desmond Jazz great.
Aztecs More about the Aztecs.
The Aztecs remain the most extensively documented of all Amerindian civilizations at the time of European contact in the 16th century. Spanish friars, soldiers, and historians and scholars of Indian or mixed descent left invaluable records of all aspects of life. These ethnohistoric sources, linked to modern archaeological inquiries and studies of ethnologists, linguists, historians, and art historians, portray the formation and flourishing of a complex imperial stateThe Aztecs/Mexicas
Obsolete Computer Museum Think your puter a bit old? Check out these.
Kodak: Olympics 2000: Olympic History Seen through amazing photos.
The Pioneer Story Mormon Pioneer Trail. History.
Steer Clear boat racing game using Flash.
WWW Virtual Library: International Affairs Resources some 2000 annotated links to international affairs topics. Many are gateway sites and/or have search engines. Useful for those interested in international affairs.
The Life and Works of Herman Melville Has't seen the White Whale?America's great author who saw the darker side of life while his transcendental contemporaries saw Nature as a benign revelation.


Welcome to your expedition! Liv and Ann ski Antartica.
Net braces for stronger 'Code Red' attack slated for Tuesday. Remember: friends don't let friends get worms.
Butterfly girl any guys who did duty in the service and spent some time in Pacific area know what a butterfly girl is. The prop for the butterfly is Neve Campbell
Poster via N.Y. Historical Sopciety. Note that he blows not smoke rings but the word "Danger," and in English. But can he drive an 18-wheeler?
Welcome to Watermelon.org Everything you ought to know about watermelons. I remember when a favorite treat was to cut an opening in the top of the melon and pour a bottle of vodka into the melon and then chill it overnight. And the next day....
MYTHICAL IRELAND ancient sites; ancient wisdom.
Sherlock Holmes 50th anniversary exhibition and S.H. when depressed used cocaine. But then he was not with the police.
Devi: The Great Goddess This goddess comes well armed.
Photo fish got to swim, birds and Allan got to fly...photo by Simon Schulter.
Filthy Chaucer It is hard to keep a good writer down.
Contemporary Quotations there is at times the need to put in a wise quote to make a point that you might not make so succinctly or cleverly. By using a sharp quyote, wyou will at least be known as a peerson able to get to the right place for the proper thing to say.
Scientists Develop Genetically Created TomatoCan grow tomatoes using salt water. And now for the pepper...
Wanted: Man Willing To Be Crucified A jpob's a job in a tight job market.
disasters of war Prado Museum (Spain) special exhibition, Goya.
The Disaster of War special exhibit at Prado (Spain).
THE UNOFFICIAL FLATT AND SCRUGGS TRIBUTE PAGE The Foggy Mountain Boys. Bluegrass music. Some commerical and self-promoting stuff here but good links to bios, pics etc of Flatt and Scruggs.
Write Like a Babylonian see your name in cuneiform the way an ancient Babylonian might have written it.
"THE FATES (ATROPOS)" Goya. The Prado Museum (Spain) each months selectsx artist to focus upon. Click on top link for better view of work under discussion.
Physics 2000 an interative jhpourney thropugh modern physics. and fun, too.
John Milton Reading Room In many blogs, in many web sites, and with many book reviews and references, I find limitless references to Dante and/or Shakespeare. But John Milton is too often neglected and remains one the great poets of the English language.
Free RV campgrounds of the American West Get on the road! why pay rent or own a piece of land when you can get it free?
And so a country formed fifty years earlier on the premise "...that all men are created equal, and that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, among these the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.." brutally closed the curtain on a culture that had done no wrong. Trail of Tears-North Georgia History- The American Indians.
handheld magazine - issue threevia Spezzatura.com Note: for religous Jews, defacing the body (tatoos) and cremation (the chambers to eliminate the gassed victims) would be sacriligious.
Cash boost for Bollywood But is there the equivalent of the Academy Awards ?


THE HOLY FAMILY OF THE LAMB Raphael. At the Prado Museum (Spain).
Jackson PollockThe artist, the painting, the process.
graffiti "Damaging our lungs for the sake of art"
Welcome to the National Fraud Information Center In case you get stung or to know about recent sting operations out there. Sort of a virus alert for non-computer "bugs."
The long lens of the census reveals remarkable change What the census (recent) reveals about what we were and what we have become and where we seem to be heading, and viewed through detailed real lives to keep the material from abstraction.
'Dante': The Personal Was Political a nice reveiw by the gifted poet/translator Robert Pinsky of R.W.B. Lewis' new book on Dante. Nice contrast is made between Shakespeare's life and Dante's . NY Times, free reg req.
Digital Dante Wonderful URL for Dante lovers. Texts, bio, links.


Botticelli painting Prado Museum, Spain. Is that guy on the horse with sword raised charging the table to slice some cheese or to chase the kids away?
Since the late 1960s, when rock and pop audiences discovered him and his refined, majestic brand of the blues, guitarist and singer B.B. King has been the music's most successful concert artist and its most consistently recognized ambassador. He has been bestowed with more awards and honorary degrees than any other bluesman and has made the cause of preserving the blues his lifetime work. B.B. King
Mandy Barnett via The Lard Biscuit, and then from Bifurcated Rivets. Mandy is truly all that is claimed for her. Great singer.
Hooking Up A longish research piece by a women's group that suggests college women care little for relationships but prefer what is called hokking up--one nighters? Note that this may be a backdoor approach to conservative values to be restored. My view: women in college to find careers and perhaps later marriage; this view implies that theyshould be seeking relationships and marriage while in college. Final assessment: things change. Move on.
Old Time Dance / Bill Greene Photo Essay wonderful human interest piece. Make sure you click at bottom of page for music and slide show!
What happened, and why, has remained a huge controversy. But Professor Fekri Hassan, from University College London, UK, wanted to solve the mystery, by gathering together scientific clues. His inspiration was the little known tomb in southern Egypt of a regional governor, Ankhtifi. The hieroglyphs there reported "all of Upper Egypt was dying of hunger to such a degree that everyone had come to eating their children". see, also: Apocalypsevia Reutellog. Disaster that struck the ancients
Green group backs limited whale hunt claims it could save whales.
Game takes a while to load, needs flash, but fun.
Welcome to the National Academies' Intellectual Property website. From Internet content protection to human gene patenting, IP rights in many forms have emerged from legal obscurity to public debate. This website serves as a guide to the Academies' extensive work on Intellectual Property and a forum to discuss ongoing work. [more]
Tufts University Child And Family WebGuideGateway to the best sites about children.
- Internet2: The Once and Future Net Did you know about the second Internet under construction? Who it is for. Why it is being constructed.
Existentialism and Albert Camus some major thmes in his work.


photo: nude males racing photo by Simon Schluter. There may be a point to this sort of race but I fail to see it. I do know it would make me run faster.
The Genoa Tales Separating out truth from tales about the summit meeting and clashes with local authorities, via Spiked.com
Damage to Earth started in ancient times We began early, learned fast and are now "good" at it.
stars being born A panoramic portrait of a vast sculpted skyscape of gas and dust where thousands of stars are being born has been snapped by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope. This fertile star-forming region, called the 30 Doradus Nebula, has a sparkling stellar centerpiece: the most spectacular cluster of massive stars in our cosmic neighborhood of about 25 galaxies. The mosaic picture shows that ultraviolet radiation and high-speed material unleashed by the stars in the cluster, called R136 (the large blue blob left of center), are weaving a tapestry of creation and destruction, triggering the collapse of looming gas and dust clouds and forming pillar-like structures that are incubators for nascent stars. The Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) is operated by the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy, Inc. (AURA), for NASA, under contract with the Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD. The Hubble Space Telescope is a project of international cooperation between NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA).
On the Corner Day Labor in N.Y. Human interest.
These exhibits trace evolutionary thought as it has developed over time, pausing to ponder the contributions of scientists and thinkers including Aristotle, Darwin, Wallace, and many others. Explore the theory of evolution. Learn about the history of evolutionary thought Evolution click on icons at bottom of page to get what you are interested in.
The Encyclopedia Mythica nice ref work for myth, folklore, legend.
Human plunder of the seas How we have overfished our seas.
Judy Collins' Web Site nice photos! worth going to for the opening lyrics to Amazing Grace. but there is much more.
Brainpop lively format deals with health, science & technology--questions and answers.
Penn university to offer computer security degree A Pennsylvania university will offer a bachelor's degree in computer security, training students to protect computer systems from hackers. The program at East Stroudsburg University, billed as the first undergraduate major of its kind in the country, will be offered in fall 2002.
Obituary: Mme. Curie the co-discoverer of Radium dies in part by the effects of accumulated radiations.
Planet typography the magazine of contemporary typography
NCDC Climate Visualization National Climate Data Center--for full account of Weather.
Internet Public Library Reference Center useful and to the point in a variety of areas.
- snapshot.auerweck.com -Personal photo jouranl of the world around us.
Harriet Tubman: Moses of the Civil War the underground railroad.
Charles Dickens many interesting links about Dickens I especially like the Orwell piece.
Maybe It's Your Platitude Talking About Art.


Who needs bumper stickers when you can declare your loyalties on a license plate? Going a step (and a few bucks) beyond mere personalization, affinity plates let you announce your affiliations and priorities. Honk if you like the idea of an arts license plate
By the time you have reached the end of this tutorial you will be able to construct a series of linked web pages for any subject that includes formatted text, pictures, and hypertext links to other web pages on the Internet. Writing HTML of course you know this and do not need it. Or....
According to lore, Oscar Wilde died of syphilis, but medical opinion one hundred years after his death is more inclined to attribute his end to an ear infection. But how could something so apparently benign have killed him? And what was the nature of the mysterious operation performed on Wilde in a Paris hotel ten weeks before his death? After poring over the evidence, psychopharmacologist Ashley Robins of the University of Cape Town Medical School believes he knows. Wilde, he says, had a chronic and corrosive form of middle ear infection, called cholesteatoma, which crept into his brain and killed him at the tender age of 46. Oscar Wilde's Death: not VD?
Nice getaway home Interested?
Product Reviews and Reports by Consumer Search - ConsumerSearch.com very useful site. Pick a category, then an item: look it up for info before buying.
The Lives they LivedNY Times (reg required,free). An ineresting section where you can click on photos of notables to learn more about their lives.
GuerrillaNews Special Report: Coca-Karma If you thought things truly went better with Coke (yes: the drink), read this. A story of crime and litigation that never made mainstream media.
Al Capone and the Capone family Before there was the Sopranos family, there was the Capone family. Made in America.
Woody Guthrie anti-fascist perspective on this Ameican folk hero. Woody is one of America's (and the world's ) outstanding song writers and spokesperson for the working class.
Labor Art Splash Here the word Work is used for Art (art seems too pretentious for labor art). Flash.
FAST Multimedia Search a good search engine that should see more use.
Niobrara is a very small town in Nebraska--so small it doesn't have a cinema, and the locals could not have flocked to see Saving Private Ryan. But Niobrara has a memorial outside its library dedicated to the three Sage brothers, who were the first family group allowed to serve together on a U.S. warship after World War II. Radarman 3rd Class Gregory Sage and Seaman Recruits Gary Sage and Kelly Sage died together, along with 71 shipmates, on USS Frank E. Evans when the Australian aircraft carrier Melbourne literally cut their destroyer in two at 3 o'clock on the morning of June 3, 1969, in the South China Sea. Collision at Sea
Knots on the Web tying, theory, and art: knots
Natalie Wood's grave (photo) a new bio just published on her life.


Seventy-one years after it became world-famous, after it made its leading woman world-famous, we get the full-length original version of The Blue Angel (Kino). The Blue Angel
While reading this afternoon, I came upon some references to smallpox and how it had wiped out so many of the indians on the American continent, esp. the Mayans. During the 18th century, many women wore "beauty marks," small patches of various shapes to mask the scars brought about by the pox (a pox upon thee, a curse often appearing in Shakespeare). Since the Pox is eradicated now, I wondered how it came into being, how it spread, and how it ended. And then I found this site with a quiz and answers and pictures about this dreaded disease. See how you fare on this test. Small Pox
Photo for a hot summer day....and some writing to rationalize itl
girls always get to sit at first I thought she was legless.
The Mexicana The Sutil in background.
Attic Head Attic as in Grecian not as in top of house. Must have been a boxer from the looks of his nose.
WE could certainly do with an intelligent person's guide to medicine. Despite being the most over-exposed subject of our time, it can be virtually impossible to grasp what is really going on. Why the endless contradictory admonitions as to what we should and should not be doing? Why the lack of tangible improvements in the Health Service despite a doubling of expenditure over the last decade? Why the litany of cancer cures that never materialise? [more] Book review looks at "a lucid analysis of the lies and vested interests that infest modern medicine."
ePodunk - The Power of PlaceLots o f nice small towns. Ten most misspelled cities in America. Free e-cards from the old days. Lots more.
Utne Reader Online: Culture Black Depression on Rise. Why?
The biggest news in this book has to be that gruesome playground lore has been wrong all these years. Ancient Egyptian priests did not, it turns out, fish people's brains out through their nostrils using a hook. They just poked a hollow tube up their client's nose till it "punctured the tiny porous ethmoid bone between the eye sockets". After that, the fermenting grey jelly inside simply poured out. Lifestyle book review on mummies and what they tell us.
Vladmi Nabokv bio,timeline, works.nabokronologyTruly a gifted writer. Many gifted contemporary writers are measured by Nakokov'sachievement.
On loan from The American Museum of the Moving Image in New York and based on its permanent collection, Behind the Screen uses interactive experiences, actual tools and products of the trade, art, and audio-visual materials to take you behind the scenes of motion picture and television production. You can learn the basics – how projectors, television receivers, and film and television cameras work, what goes on inside a TV control room, how sound is recorded, and much more. You can also try your hand at using a variety of state-of-the-art tools and techniques throughout the The Exploratorium
There are two things that every museum wants to avoid: buying fake art and buying art of dubious provenance. The first makes you look stupid, but the second makes you look worse. In 1977 the J. Paul Getty Museum in Malibu, Calif., acquired a 6th century B.C. sarcophagus that sources in the art world say may have come from an illicit dig in Turkey in the mid-1970s.The sarcophagus in question is from Clazomenae, an Ionian city roughly 20 miles from modern Izmir in Turkey. Disputed Art At The Getty
Have we entered an era in which mind-sizzling technological leaps -- virtual reality, genetically altered rabbits that glow in the dark, digital actors, laboratory animals bred to grow human organs, stock-trading in your back yard, clones -- are now so common that even respected members of the scientific world are finding it increasingly difficult to separate miracles, magic, myths and madness?Science's Mything Links
Kitty Wells: Queen Of Country Music more Kitty. Listen to the music.
Kitty Wells Country/Western great. Note: a number of earlier women singers are called the Queen of Country Music. Kitty can well deserve the title.
Invisible Library books that contain books with them.
y far the most ambitious undertaking to occupy Botticelli during his service with this second Lorenzo, however, was a series of illuminations that were meant to adorn a sumptuous manuscript copy of Dante's Divine Comedy, the epic poem (completed circa 1321) by a Florentine exile that granted consolation on a cosmic scale for temporal woes. The Way to the Light


The Official Page ONE Literary Newsletter Website want to write? Or read about writers? Lots of important ground covered here.
Largest-Ever Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial to use selenium and vitamin E, separately and/or together.
The Mariners' Museum - Collections and Exhibitions you could spend your vacation looking at all the stuff here.
Lost on Everest Climb Everest! With your computer.
Name this actress hint: in Good Will Hunting.
Interesting WWW Sites In & About Belarus: Don't Search For Anything -- All Is Already Found! Might be the place to go if you have seen the rest of the world.
At the age of 18, Austin Osman Spare was being exhibited at the Royal Academy and hailed as an artistic genius. Twenty Years later he was all but forgotten, selling pictures for a pittance in local pubs. Today Spare's artworks command a small fortune, and his writings have spawned a whole generation of occultists. PHIL BAKER profiles the strange career of this extraordinary artist, visionary & magician. Austin Spare
Cancer information It is not always helpful or useful to prowl the Net for medical information but this site seems to offer a good deal of information on various forms of cancer and what can be done for those in need.
THE severing of Vincent Van Gogh's left ear in an apparent fit of madness may not have been the act of self-mutilation it has always been presumed to be. Instead, Paul Gauguin may have done it. [more]
The 'Lectric Law Library's Entrance, Welcome & Tour Before you start paying per hour....
EyeWitness - Photo Of The WeekNay 31, 1918,via Ibiscom.
Need a Perfect Name for a New Pet?long list of names for both cats and dogs...why should most dogs be named Spot?
Mayan pyramid photo Chinchen-Itza.
Andrea Doria-Tragedy and Rescue at Sea tomorrow (Wed.) is the anniversary of this ship disaster.
Piranha Found In California Lake and sharks in the salt water. All in all, this should help health clubs with swimming pools develop their business.
AlterNet -- Globalization many useful and informative links of the topic of Globalization and Genoa.
The Electronic Passport to the Suez Canal History and good info on this important canal.
Flying E Guest Ranch - WIckenburg, Arizona commercial site. Want to play cowboy?
What folloows is a few files on George Orwell. With a publication of some earlier work in a new edition, his novels and political views seem to be undergoing a re-valuation as a political thinker, especially in light of the capitalism which has taken over so much of the world with globalization and it effects. Orwell's simple prose (simple in the sense that it lacks "literary" flourishes, his down-to-earth common sense, and his ability to see through the various "isms" of his time and those that still exist, and his dread of a Big Brother government that would deprive us of our humanity is still very much a concern today.George Orwell (4)


L.F. looks a bit like M.J. here full names supplied upon request.
Summer of the Shark And today's Drudge reports the attack of a Great White off Cape Cod upon a fishing boat, going after the fish used as bait and Moby Dick-like ramming the boat. And the Cape is where I plan to be in a few short weeks.
Wherein your gentle blogger gets a bit political but if this guy is your hero, then mea culpa.
British Sixties stars Memory Lane stuff. They made giants in those days.
This page is about Dr. Albert Schweitzer, the humanitarian, theologian, missionary, organist, and medical doctor. It contains my reviews of books by and about Dr. Schweitzer, pointers to related sites, and whatever else seems to be relevant. Albert Schweitzer
Author Eudora Welty Dies at 92 but she will live on not only in her books but because of the e-mail program named in her honor.
Welcome to www.treasure-troves.com. Here, you will find the extensive on-line encyclopedias of math and science compiled by web encyclopedist Eric W. Weisstein. Here is some background on the Treasure Troves Project, and here is summary of the current extent of the treasure troves. You can also view a list of awards this site has earned. Eric Weisstein's Treasure Troves of Science wonderful spot if you like science and want to do some prowling about.
Norwegians, Defying Protests, Will Sell Blubber to Japan And Norway recently named as one of the top countries to live in. NY Times, reg required (free).
Billy Sunday figured prominently in the early 20th century prohibition movement, and liquor sellers often closed down when he came to town. You can now read his famous Booze Sermon on-line!Billy Sunday and much more about this once-prominent do-gooder.
CopyKat.com - Your home for recipes you'd normally find AWAY from home. make at home that which you loved at an expensive place.
The End is Near! Well, not for a few years.
"It was because of what John Wayne said about what we are and what we can be that his great and deep love of America can be returned in full measure".... Jimmy Carter John Wayne American Icon
Human interest Zelig-like "scientist" whose life a fabric of deception. via Metafilter.
SEX AND PHYSICS Albert Einstein.
Carl H. Lindner, Stutz owner, Stutz Bearcat 1979 this man owns three Stutzes (see posting below). Why are they all yellow?
Lured by dollars, many immigrants find death in dangerous jobs Dreams flourish--then perish
Joe DiMaggio called Satchel Paige "the best and fastest pitcher I've ever faced". Satchel Paige
Crystal Gayle Loretta Lynn's sister and a wonderful singer in her own right.
Loretta Lynn Bio the coal miner's daughter--country and western singing great.
Exhibits museum of Jurassic technology.
World's great men of color many links to individuals.


name this film if unable but curious, drop me a note.
In this changing system of increased competition and new registrars, the only way to get an absolutely accurate domain report is to: - lookup the domain in the shared domain registry - locate which registrar has reserved the name - visit and query that registrar's database for the correct information BetterWhois.com does this for you instantly. BetterWhois: The WHOIS domain search that works with all registrars.
American FactFinder Census Bureau main page.
NASA Image eXchange (NIX) wonderful site for great NASA images.
Tammy Wynette often called The First Lady of Country Music.
Photo the photo is my payback for the post just below this--a lot of pretension on my part.
The big pain arrived about a year after "Jane Doe" broke every bone in her neck, pain so terrible and unrelenting that she lay awake in the night, screaming in her paralysis. "That's how it starts, from the pain," said the 37-year-old Shoreline woman. "I started off with Vicodin. That didn't cut it at all. I went to Percocet. Nothing. Then I tried OxyContin, and I didn't feel no pain at all." OXYCONTIN
Pastoureau's investigation of the stripe's [the review discusses the "history" of the use of stripes in clothing] epistemology, ably translated by Jody Gladding, is very much a part of this enterprise. Despite its brevity -- a change from the doorstop-sized tomes that many new histories fill -- The Devil's Cloth'' gets to the heart of matters like the way we perceive color and pattern, and speculates interestingly on whether these perceptions derive from nature or nurture. As with other histories that sift the past to confirm an observation or theory, there is much to debate here. And while a reader may wish that Pastoureau himself had employed the devil's advocate more often, his playful but learned book will doubtless have an influence. I, for one, will never again see stripes as either innocent or blithe. 'The Devil's Cloth': The Checkered Past of Stripes reg required for NY Times(free). I am posting this book review in order to show a changed perspective on writing history. Not events, set down in chronological order. Not a Big Idea (ie, Democracy, Beauty, Romanticism) traced as it evolves. Rather the ordinary, taken-for-granted object or idea that is an inherent part of everyday life. This shift if focus may perhaps be in part a result of studies in evolution (fossils, habitats, altruism etc). Note that in this piece on Stripes (decor in clothing), there is no mention of stripes used in bilogy, as in the Coral snake or the zebra--what purpose, we can ask, do these markings serve?
JOHN COLTRANE jazz great
Haiti: Voodoo a number of interesting links on the history of voodoo.
National Museums of Kenya nice virtual tour.
Virtual Design Group's Voodoo Doll You can see where my mind and heart are at today.
Nasal spray for PMS I would not dare to comment.


Sex-mad 'ghost' scares Zanzibaris... and he probably loves garlic.
Very hot and sunny where I am and this is where I ought to Be
Saved From Parkway Peril Human interest. And very sad.
BERLIN -- Nakedness never looked like this before. There's never been a shortage of eye-catching sights at the annual Love Parade, an outdoor party in Berlin's Tiergarten Park featuring throbbing techno and more than a million people in various states of dress and undress. But on Saturday amid the parade of strange and wonderful, Gunter von Hagens and his band of dancers will stand out -- and, no doubt, cause a sensation. Von Hagens' "Body Worlds" display of artfully arranged "plastinated" dead bodies -- minus skin and fat -- has been the talk of Berlin this year, drawing nearly 1 million people to an exhibit at the old Ost Bahnhof train station. It's the Plastinator
Eavesdropping Increases Violence Among Animals can this evolutionary insight teach us something about barroom brawls?
Coming to Blows Over How Valid Science Really Is an interesting review of three books about Thomas Kuhn and his notion of paradigm shifts. Is science scientific or merely a cultrural construct that changes to reflect newer realities? via NY Times (reg required, free).
The Making of a Traitor Benedict Arnold: first a hero. Then a traitor.
Earth Likely To Warm 4 To 7 Degrees By 2100 I plan to put my snow blower up for bidding at E-Bay.
The Age - Craig Abraham wonderful photo gallery--thumbnails.
Dermatophyte Definition the strange world of fungi.
George Shearing w/ a number of midi files for listening.
At Logan Airport, a lounge life Homeless at home in airport. human interest.
Rage Against the Machines The birth of the neo-Luddite Movement.
Welcome to PythOnline!! Monty Python.
Alcatraz Penitentiary America's best-known prison, though no longer in operation.
Welcome to the Museum of Science and Industry lots of nice places to visit, virtually.
The O'Leary Legend the origin of the Great Chicago Fire. Or so the legend would have us believe.
Alzheimer's therapy hope Science zeroing in on this living death that increasingly effects more and more people...but cures still elude us.
Events for 07/21/2001 Daily almanac. Times, dates, events for the day looked at.


Ms. Fariña, a sister of the singer Joan Baez, had a modestly successful folk duo with her husband, Richard Fariña, in the 1960's but was perhaps best known for founding Bread & Roses in 1974. The organization produced 500 shows annually for audiences in senior centers, prisons, psychiatric institutions and centers for abused and neglected children.Mimi Fariña, Folk Singer Who Founded Bread & Roses, Dies at 56 free reg required.
Gunther Gebel-Williams, Circus Animal Trainer, Dies at 66 NY Times, free reg required. I remember this man from tv shows. Great act he had.
Early in the ninth century, adventurous Scandinavians migrated to the northern British Isles (the Shetlands and Orkneys), around Britain to the Hebrides and into the Irish Sea, and still farther west to the apparently uninhabited Faeroe Islands. By A.D. 874 Scandinavian settlers, no doubt accompanied by substantial contingents of native British Islanders, were colonizing Iceland, and in about 985, Iceland-born Erik "the Red" Thorvaldson began the settlement of Greenland, recruiting mostly other Icelanders to join him as colonists. At the turn of the millennium, as recounted in Icelandic sagas first written down 300 years later, Erik's sons explored parts of the Canadian Arctic and the coasts of "Vinland"—probably Newfoundland and adjacent Labrador. Any doubts that the Scandinavians did indeed reach the New World were laid to rest during the 1960s, with the discovery and excavation of L'Anse aux Meadows, a site in Newfoundland that dates to about 1000. The Vikings' silent saga
The American Image: Panoramic Photographs use horizontal scroll bar for full viewing of these photos.
Neuroesthetics A new field combines vision, genetics, and beauty as they commingle. Why do we like Picasso?
Easy on the Hooptedoodle Elmore Leonard on writing. via N.Y.Times, free reg required.
On This Day: Birthdays: Sept. 25 obit for William Faulkner.
ConnectNet.org if you are on the road, travelling, and you need a free connect for Net, use this to locate closest free internet connection--simply enter zip code.
Thalia Street Gallery Home Page - Ed Krebs Photography very nice gallery of photos. Visit it.
This week sees the publication of the third and final volume of Robert Skidelsky’s biography of John Maynard Keynes, one of the greatest and most influential thinkers that Britain has ever produced. We asked Lord Skidelsky to tell us about his biographical adventure and, now that the labour is done, to say what he thinks of the man[more]
Amazing Hot Air Ballooning - balloon information tired of crowded highways? Take to the air.
Free eBook Reveals How to Lose Weight in 21 Days and other freebies for health.
SpamCop - Welcome to SpamCop a free service that traces spam to source and notifies IPS.
The Yardarm nice page on U.S. Navy. Great photos of ships of all types.


Cult determined to clone humans An interesting read about what is deemed a "cult" and what appears to be "positive" eugenics (rather than killing off those thought to be undesireable this lady want to produce those she believes are superior).
Just say--what? via Devoted Bee web site.
Lemonade Recipes 30 recipies for downloading.
Britain's Channel 4 and ITN are undertaking a historic expedition to find HMS Hood. PBS is proud to present Channel 4's online coverage of the search for one of the most feared warships of the British NavyHood v Bismarck - Home
Gina Gershon Among the many photos of Gina, this one. Gina has played lesbian roles in some 3 films, though why this pose at this site is somewhat surprising. But nice.
The Band great group. Great site.
A Biography of America nice site that gives history, maps, pics of Amrica's growth.
New Spin on the New World Who was first in America?
Nikumaroro Satellite Photo the attempt to locate the Earhart plane.
whale watch the whales also endangered by global changes in environment.
compare your salary to a CEO's handy site to let you know what a boss makes and you make by comparison. Put out by AFL-CIO.
PriceSCAN: Comparison Shop for the Lowest Prices objective (not tied into commercial outlet), a useful site for many items you might wish to price compare for best deal.


Jim Thorpe Official Web Site the most famous athlete of his age. A good bio and many photos. Just for openers:. Believe it or not, a player once hit 3 home runs into 3 different states in the same game...Olympic champion Jim Thorpe played in a semi-pro baseball game in a ballpark on the Texas-Oklahoma-Arkansas border...He hit his first homer over the leftfield wall with the ball landing in Oklahoma...Then he hit a homer over the rightfield wall, into Arkansas...His third homer of the game was an inside-the-park home run in centerfield, which was in Texas! 2. Thorpe is one of two men in history who played for both the New York football (running back) and the baseball (outfielder) Giants.
The Age: Perfect for Patsy may not be the Patsy Cline you have on records or CDs, but a heck of a fine show with loads of music.
PhotoVoyage | The Bruderhof When we think of cooperative living, we often think back to the 60s and the communes that later dissolved. The Bruderhof, by contrast, goes back well before this time and they continue to flourish in their various "compounds." Learn through text and photos their believes, customs, ideals and history.
Who but an inquisitive naturalist or adventurer would ever care to risk a landing on those bleak and forbidding shores? To either of these, however, the urge might well be strong to go there. This part of the service was amplified by the howls and cries of several hundred Eskimo dogs, which constituted a real source of competition for the human voices. First there was a certain mystery concerning these islands. Sailors had reported that, when they were passing them, strange sounds emanated from deep recesses in the high cliffs. What could be the source of these sounds? Furthermore, many speculations had been ventured as to the life that existed on the islands. Eskimos claimed that in years past the polar bear and walrus bred there. Did these great arctic mammals still exist there? There were hosts of questions, moreover, concerning the abundant bird life, for which the islands are especially notable. Where, for instance, could be the nesting places of the fulmars, large gull-like birds, which abound in the straits between the Buttons and Cape Chidley? It was to answer these questions and to open up other biological secrets surrounding the locality that the Bowdoin-MacMillan Expedition of 1934 made the islands one of its main objectives [more]
Report: Internet Not a Threat to Repressive States Conventional wisdom suggested that the Internet would open access to all peoples and thus be a thorn in the side of repressive regimes. No so, states this report. The State controls what gets seen but allows the Net for what is deemed appropriate use for its citizens.
Pictures of the Week July 1 - July 6 Wonderful gallery.via Time Mag. on-line.
On This Day: Birthdays: June 14 Obit for Harriet Beecher Stowe, author of Uncle Tom's Cabin.
The Next Phage Tiny viruses that live off bacteria could become a new class of antibiotics
Border crossing gallery of photos of illegals crossing into the U.S.
Lincoln 'suffered mercury poisoning' Mercury taken in his medicine for depressionbelieved to have caused his documented rages.
Clitorectomy and Infibulation genital mutilation common in 28 African and Middle Eastern nations.
The Web's true digital divideClass divisions and the Web.Who goes where on the Web.
28 January 1999 Dutch spy Mata Hari wasn't as important as everyone seems to believe. This week, the British Security Service released the first documents concerning the life and times of Mata Hari. Accused of being a double agent for both the French and German army during the Great War, Mata Hari was executed in 1917 by a French firing squad. Mata Hari
OneLook® Dictionaries 742 on-line dictionaries in one place.


From Jane's Automated spam software discovered Software that can automate the sending of high volume unsolicited e-mail message-advertising (‘spam’) to target computers was discovered by Internet service providers in June. The software was spread across desktops in the form of a virus designed to explore the possibility of infecting home computers with software able to send out spam without the knowledge of the machines owners. This may be the first instance in which hackers have teamed up with advertisers wanting
bbs video of sexual slavery,kidnapping in India. Upsetting.
haute couture? looks like a babe at an S/M place.
Forget ID badges, passwords and access cards. Pretty soon, to get in and out of your office you might start using something you can't forget or misplace: your face.Facial-recognition tech has people pegged
Kimberly Davies Does she ride bareback? I see no saddle. Nice horsey. Nice girlie.
Anthrax vaccine for troops Does this mean they don't trust a rogue nation to use missles? How cynical.
Bill Gates has another questionable idea Screw historians. I got mine, Jack.
Geneticists Await Haplotype Map Perhaps a bit complex for non-science people but well worth knowing about and it is our future...with ethical problems, as always.
Madonna This photo calls for your own caption.
Anarchy in Interpretation: The Life of Emma Goldman Great Anarchist, feminist, writer, speaker.
Alaska artifacts early history of Alaska and its artifacts, via Univ of Alaska Museum.
I was talking to a co-worker, a young computer programmer, who said that he was excited to be working in this field because he hoped to be able to develop a programme that would help people communicate with each other. If they could just share their stories, he felt sure that people would learn to get along with each other, and we would see a substantial reduction in tensions between people. Hasn't happened so far. When the telegraph spread through the developed world in the middle of the 19th century, it was supposed to bring a new era of peace. This was truly the dawning of the electric age—now, news of distant lands could be transmitted virtually instantaneously. No longer would we be ignorant of other people. Scientific American claimed that the telegraph promoted the "kinship of humanity." A similar rhetoric developed around the telephone [more]
Surviving Auschwitz: the morality of luck A review of a book I had recently read. A good analysis of a hypnotic book.
On Friday, President Bush made it clear he intends to continue fighting the Cold War, not against Russia or China, and not against Vietnam, but against the tiny island that lies 90 miles off Key West. On behalf of his rich pals in Miami, Bush is pushing a bankrupt Cuba policy that violates the Geneva Convention and has been overwhelmingly opposed for nine consecutive years in votes before the U.N. General Assembly. The latest vote was 167-3 against the U.S. embargo. Opinion: Bush is moving the wrong way on Cuba policy
Lies, disrespect, sneak attacks: When it comes to pink slips, few technology companies deliver the news with dignity and truthfulness.Honesty isn't a policy, laid-off techies say
On This Day: Birthdays: July 21 Ernest Hemingway obit.
Blondie the music not the current film. Debbie Harry.
Scientists have discovered a way to render cancer cells defenceless to chemotherapy. Cancers are often sensitive to chemotherapy at first, but over time many build up resistance. Scientists disable cancer's defences
Stone disease dates back to the advent of civilization. Kidney and bladder stones were recognized by Hippocrates in 460 B.C. Galen (131-200 AD), a great Roman physician, attributed stone formation to lifestyle. This in turn was determined by heredity, race, climate, diet, drinking water, ingestion of wine, beer, gouty rheumatism and faulty metabolism. The Iranian physician al-Razi attributed kidney stones to the excess intake of salt. Males are afflicted more than females and nearly ten per cent and five per cent respectively are likely to experience renal colic at least once in their life time. If no measures are taken, half of these people will have another episode within five years. This is regrettable because this problem can be averted by addressing one's lifestyle, specially one's diet. [more]
Welcome! In this resource you will find background information, election results, cabinet members, notable events, and some points of interest on each of the presidents. Links to biographies, historical documents, audio and video files, and other presidential sites are also included to enrich this site. Select the president you want information about from the list below. If you don't know which president you are interested in, perhaps the name or subject indexes will help. They are listed at the bottom of the IPL POTUS -- Presidents of the United States
This site has been created to honor and respect our mothers, and to share their recipes with our members. Browse the site and read stories of growing up, find recipes for comfort food, health food, worldwide dishes that make the mouth water. Send us your story, your memories of home, great food, and your mother. in_mamas_kitchen
Welcome to the Current Middle Ages Conemtemporary times notright for you? Try moving back to the Middle Ages. Here's how.
Charlatans, Leeches, and Old Wives: Medical Misinformation with so many "expertxz" on the Web, how does one tell the good from the bad or questionable advice when clicking away for help?


Ben Shahn poster Before the days of overseas sweatshops and globalization. A more overtly political work, Lest We Forget recalls the plight of landless farmers in the American South and the organizing efforts of the Southern Tenant Farmers' Union. Marked Tree is a small Arkansas town that was the site of anti-union violence. Ben Shahn traveled through Arkansas in 1935 while working as a photographer for the Resettlement Administration. Many of his photographs later served as inspiration and studies for his drawings and paintings. The quotation on the bottom of the page is from Rexford Tugwell, the head of the Resettlement Administration. When Tugwell left his position in 1937, his staff presented him with this volume, which includes Shahn's drawing.
Miss Puerto Rico crowned Miss Universe Bet she was glad that her mother told her to shave her armpits.
Feeling blah? Try going for a short run or taking a spin on your bike. New research shows that as little as 10 minutes of moderate exercise can help liven you up. The study offers yet another reason to get active with your body instead of the TV remote control. [more] I might have posted this some time ago. But it is I believe interesting and helpful enough to read or to read again. Take your blahs away! clear your head! Feel alive! And to do so requires not much time at all.
Get Medieval Demo game that seems like fun.
: Ukrainian Pottery discourse on the subject accompanied by fine photos.
FRANKFURT. No doubt about it -- the architecture of former East Germany has little in common with the architecture of the European Middle Ages. But piecing together its development can cause similar problems for historians of architecture, for just as Gothic-era masons remain anonymous members of stonemasons' lodges, most East German architects are hidden in the obscurity of socialist design collectives. Even the architecture of the early Middle Ages is more familiar to us today than that of East Germany. [more]
Xinjiang, the westernmost province of China, lies in a vast desert area containing the country's most valuable resources of oil, lead, zinc, and gold. Living amongst this natural wealth are the Uighurs, an ethnic minority in China but the majority in the province. The approximately 8 million Uighurs are a unique Muslim society with a Turkish dialect and are physically and culturally distinct from the ethnic Chinese. Here, shoppers walk by stores in downtown Kashgar, a market town on the fabled Silk Road. Uighurs Photo Gallery fromn US.News Online, archives. Fourteen photos about a little-know people in China.
Coloring BooksKeith Haring. Young or old, have some fun.
Hank Snow: The Singing Ranger country western great.
The Collections - New Acquisitions (Getty Explore Art) Claude Monet. Hit links for paintings and then zoom in.
Totem Poles of the North American Northwest Coast Indians Why not build a totem pole for your front lawn? Here's how and what they are all about.
The Trojan War - A companion with associated images this is where it all began. An entire nation went to war to bring back a woman, kidnapped, and ten years later they won. Heck, wouldn't you do this for some guy's wife? Great illustrations.
This Old House Online Home Page If you liked the show you will like this page. Nice for the handyman in you.
The Mighty Organ No. Not what you might think. Lots of pieces of writing mostly concerned with travels to exotic places.
Poetry Portal: Overview of Internet Poetry World Everything here at your hands if you are interested in poetry.
The Medieval English Longbow The long bow is a fine example of technology changing things. With this new weapon, the British soldiers had armor [piercing capability and thus the ordinary soldier, using this, could take down a man in armor on horseback. Thus, the ordinary soldier began to count for much more. This then was a part of a change that was to bring about a greater importance of the ordinary man, leading, finally, to the Puritan revolution and Democracy.


Archaeologists excavating 19th century cemeteries may make an unexpected and unwelcome discovery: arsenic. The toxic chemical, used from the Civil War until the turn of the century for embalming, is now making its ugly appearance in the soils and groundwater of cemeteriesA Toxic Secret - Archaeology
. Who was born on the 333rd day of the year, has had books on the bestseller list over 100 years after her death, and has a crater on Venus named after her? answer here
Community Power Figure (nkishi) move the mouse about and this will make the figure turn for a variety of views.
The French Paradox Why do the French eat food that for Americans would be "forbidden" if on a diet and yet remain in general healthy and not overweight?
Easy to pack Doesn't take up much space and can be carted about in golf bag.
Read it or smoke it An E-Book would have been more revealing.
song lyrics by Buffy St. Marie, former wife of Kris Kristofferson and herself an American Indian sings about mistreatment of America's native citizens.
ePodunk - New and noteworthy post cards everyone has dozens of places to get e-mail cards to send to friends. This one gives you old timey pictures from many towns and most of our states so you can connect to the past. And they are free too. Nice cards with nice photos.
Names relating to Celtic myths and legends--Irish example: Ailbhis, from 6th c. Irish saint: Anglecized as Elvis.
Best hospitals: Honor Roll In the United States. A yuearly ranking prepared by U.S. News.
Counting on mobile homes In some crowded areas, short of housing, trailer homes take on new meaning. And arguements for and against.
Hal Goldman, Comedy Writer, Dies at 81 reg required for Times (free). Obits are history in a microcosm.
On This Day: Birthdays: Aug. 4 Obit for Louis Armstrong who died July 7, 1971.


Poor Mary Mallon. Of all the bizarre and melancholy fates that could befall an otherwise ordinary person, hers has to be among the most sad and peculiar. Like millions before and since, she came to this country from Ireland, seeking a better life. Instead, she was forced by public health officials to live for a total of 26 years on a tiny island in the East River, isolated from and shunned by her fellow humans. And while she was not the only one of her kind, her name became synonymous with disease and death. She was Typhoid Mary, and her story really begins on Long Island Dinner With Typhoid Mary Careful with invites to dinner.
Modernism Barcelona
AI (film) Where's the intelligence? a review.
Twists, Slugs and Roscoes: A Glossary of Hardboiled Slang Useful for writing or reading a noir book of fiction or viewing film noire.
Ahmo Hight 2nd day in a row I have posted a girl with a whip. What does it say about modelling today? Or me? Oh, heck, you can click to other pics of the same sweet thing. ps: if you are a woman and would like to see some male models, please write me.
hobo train hopping "The following story is offered for its entertainment value only, and in no way do we condone or encourage train hopping, since it is very dangerous."
DECOY's Scott Joplin king of "rag," and a number of midi-fioles included for listening.


France upholds 'right not to be born' Next: compensation if you are born and not attractive enough?
The Oracle of the Pearl and she gives her hair some 300 brush strokes every night.
IGLU.COM Planning to ski? Know where? All you want to know to plan ahead for some slip sliding on the slopes.
Mt. Rushmore.net ten questions about Mt. Rushmore. And links too.
Lesbian gives birth to brother's baby all in the family? will the baby boy be gay? Is this incest? So many questions. Things were much simpler down on the farm.
New marketing ploys pop up on Net and gives some free downloads to prevent pop-up ads!
Sprezzatura.net Photo & quote.
The British, famously, do not trust intellectuals. We are much more at home cultivating plants than ideas. George Orwell called England 'a nation of flower-lovers', and even the Bloomsbury Group, the last and most celebrated members of a visible intelligentsia, have been transformed over the years into horticulturalists and interior designers. Mention the name now and it's more likely to provoke thoughts of the landscaped grounds and vivid paint schemes of Sissinghurst and Charleston than economic theory or literary experimentation. In an era when gardeners, decorators and chefs are household names, ask the average person in the street to identify a bona fide intellectual and it's a safe bet that they would need to phone a friend (and the friend wouldn't know either). And who could blame them? [more] Who, what, where are our public intellectuals?
Making sense of modern art San Francisco Museum of Modern Art