Groucho picture.
Little Girl or Boy on a Bench Wish the child would make up his/her mind which it will be.
TIME.com - Internet InsecurityJust say No....or they will sell your info to third parties.
Diggin in New Mexico New insights into the prehistory of the Southwest.
note: off this weekend so I put a number of posts up late last evening. Check out posts for Friday.
Literary magazines are not known for their longevity, but if you keep at it long enough and open a new one when the old one folds, you can achieve a kind of sporadic continuity. This is what Saul Bellow and his long-time friend and collaborator Keith Botsford have done, and this plump yet inviting book, a perfect literary browse, is a tribute to their efforts over the years. Lifestyle Bellow


USC: F.Scott Fitzgerald Centenary Home Page lots of good links to all aspects of this great American writer.
Race Relations songs for and about various minority groups and their protests. How many of these songs are you familiar with?
SAN FRANCISCO -- A new line of business software introduced Tuesday by AltaVista will let workers scour corporate networks, e-mail accounts and personal computers by stitching together valuable and sometimes embarrassing information scattered on far-flung office systems [more] commputer spying at the job.
Jimi Hendrix's Red, White And Blues you will have to turn down the sound on your speaker to stop the annoying ad. Another Hendrix positing, but this time for the clothes.
Railroads in the Far South click on the red buttons and travel by train to many places.
Hine, Macon, Georgia A nice phto of child labor from the Museum of Modern Art, Photograpy Division.
Carter Family History No. Not the singing Carters already posted. But this family tree, along with the music, entertaining. they go way back.
Barbed Wire History How the West was really won!
The Carter Family If you like Countryk you will love this one.
Splash First you pick a category. Next you pick some phots for that category. Then you red the comments made about the photo...witty, funny, and sometimes seemingly right on target. Great fun.
Photo with caption I bet you say this to all the girls. (via sprezzatura)
Keith Haring A man should blend in with his environment in order to feel truly at home.
China lays 3-mile-high railtrack and opens a way for mass migration into Tibet.
I Told You So Just stay at the local boat slips. It is dangerous out there.
Jack Lemmon photos thumbnails.
Living Edens odd and remote places.
The Central Artery/Tunnel Project - The Big Dig wonderful site for seeing construction of a major project while in the works.
Say Goodbye To Grass No fear: they mean lawns. But many places have laws in place to "protect property values" so mow you must. Till we begin perhaps to run out of water.
n the half-century since Buddhism re-entered American pop culture via the Beats (having first enjoyed a passing vogue during the 1890s), more and more black females—children of the civil rights movement, champions of black nationalism, feminist iconoclasts, and intellectuals—have been finding their way to Buddhist practice. Quietly, without much visibility or commercial fanfare, these women meditate daily, then take the insights they receive "on the cushion" into their lives as mothers, mates, social activists, and career women. From Tina Turner's autobiographical hat-tip to Nichiren Shoshu to bell hooks's describing her personal synthesis of Buddhist meditation, Christian prayer, and Sufi mysticism in 1999's Remembered Rapture to Alice Walker's outing of herself as a practitioner last year in The New York Times, black women Guess Who’s Coming to Dharma by Carol Cooper Interesting.
1960s songs and photos evoke this period.
Sprezzatura.net: Thrilling machine Is it a thrilling machine (vibrator) or drilling machine ? As Ben Jonson said of Shakeseare, I have little Greek and less Latin. But this is an age of ambiguity, irony, and so perhaps we will just it go at that.
Sarah Vaughn nice photo.
The Mason-Dixon Line 04/19/99 history of the line, maps.
Apollo Theater History of this famous site in Harlem, Manhattan.
Philosopher, classicist, Egyptologist, mathematician, philologist, transcriber and translator of Syrian and Chaldean cuneiform texts, physicist, and photographer. The work that he did between 1834 and 1850 established in principle and practise the foundation of modern photography; the basis of the process that is used today. Fox Talbot Museum of Photography
Peopling the Americas who were the first Americans?


Who IS Kilroy? I post this because some time back, I had a post on the Kilroy, used everhwere throughout World War II. Many younger folks of course are not familiar with the Kilroy depiction and story. Here is another Kilroy story.
mayhem Odd deaths chronicled, via GoodBye. Some sad. Some scary. Some sot of amusing.
Gilda Radner Today's birthday person.
"sisters from Catalonia" note the stool undere the one sister's feet.
Julia Roberts and boyfriend split Any guys out there looking for a date?
Gormenghast A family like no other.
boulevards.alleys.latino many links to things Latino.
boulevards.alleys.alternation tired of mainstream media? Try these links to alternative press.
Imation Verifi Accurate Web Color a program (no charge. The retailer pays) that allows you to set your screen colors so that it accurately reflects the item being viewed at an on-line retail store. Example: "You order a T-shirt that appears to be green and is described as "pistachio" and when it arrives you would descibeit as lime green.
Kite Plans in the Web a huge collectionf for kite panning and building...it's summer. Go for it.
Jack Lemmon R.I.P.
The serious price of popularity Sell too many copies of your books and the critics will turn their backs on you. So what’s a writer to do, asks Douglas Kennedy A few years ago in the United States, the Modern Library published a list of the 100 Best Novels of the 20th Century. Drawn up with hefty critical gravitas, the list guaranteed itself a predictable amount of editorial space, as assorted literary pundits decried certain of the novels that had been chosen and certain “obvious candidates” who had been excluded from this Literary Top Hundred. But — as The Atlantic Monthly reported — when the list was finally published, one specific novel cited was so instantly derided by such a wide spectrum of critics that it “was used to ridicule the entire project”. The offending novel was John O’Hara’s Appointment in Samarra. [more] Popularity and acceptability of "good and serious" literature.
The Tinkers and Traders Travelling Fair, is a group of diverse and gifted people who travel the highways of New Zealand in their housetrucks and housebuses making a living from their arts, crafts and other specialised talents. These include jewellery, original leadlights, crystals, massage, hair wrapping, incense, music, clothing and candlemaking, to name but a few. If you are fortunate enough to "go to the fair" don't miss an opportunity to inspect the housetrucks with "open homes" .. you will be amazed!! They are works of art in themselves! Polished wooden floors walls and ceilings, stained glass windows, even balconys and modern kitchens with every convenience. Beautiful is a major understatement, these homes are obviously lovingly created. A number of children share in this unique lifestyle. This family orientated fair has large crowds of little ones gathered around the storyteller, laughing and playing on the bouncy castle or creating works of art of their own in the 'do it yourself' stalls. Of course there are the usual stalls with hotdogs, candyfloss and other tasty treats. fairfun
Albert Camus Bio and links about the French existential writer whose stature continues to grow, perhaps because of the accessability of his writing and the seeming simplicity of his plays, novels, and essays. This ease of reading quickly brings the reader or play goer to the core of the existential perspective on life.
Photos award winning photo gallery
Herrick's "To The Virgins". This is a type of poetry referred to as "seduction poetry," in which the witty poet tries verbally to seduce a wman by cleverly pointing out that her beauty is fleeting and that she therefore ought to take advantage of the present moment to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh. Many years later, a writer noted that gifts such as candy would be more likely to win over the woman, to which the modern American clever poet Ogden Nash replied: Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker. Enjoy.
Are they true believers? Or just pretenders to the throne? They come in all shapes, sizes, and sexes. From slick Las Vegas productions to small town bar rooms to international competitions. With abilities as varied as their costumes. Many do it out of love for the music and the man that came before them. Some may have discovered a likeness in sound or appearance they feel they can capitalize on. Others do it just for fun. And it must be fun. Just look at the diversity. Whatever your feelings toward Elvis Presley, call him king or clown, I hope that after viewing the photos here you will agree that his copies are as fascinating as the man himself. [more] Elivs impersonators.
The best of Life in pictures Stars (thumbnails) of favorite people in entertainment including The Simpsons.
Explorer who found the wreck of the Titanic is to mount an expedition this summer in search of proof that the Black Sea was created by an enormous flood that may have been the inspiration for the biblical story of Noah's ark. [more]


Greek Art Depicts the Death of Sarpedon, fashioned by Euxitheos & painted by Euphronios (515 BC)
ElvisFind.com - The Elvis Presley Search Engine & Site Directory If you are an Elvis fan, then this is for you. But quit your job: overwhelming in links provided.
Loftus Keating photo you supply a caption.
Flies to Combat Pesky Fire Ants Flies to be released to kill ants but who kills the flies?
Hercules a belt would help free up his arm.
Ann Pearlman was determined to escape the spectre of adultery that had haunted her mother's and grandmother's marriages. But then she discovered her own husband was having an affair... Here, she tells Gaby Wood how writing it all down helped her come to terms with the betrayal. We also present three exclusive extracts from her brutally honest memoir detailing the devastating effects of infidelity across three generations of her family [more]
- Internet Insecurity fixing things for computer security--some tips
The centre cannot hold Nice review on new lit-crit book by Terry Eagleton. Contrast between mainstream and outsiders.
El Niño events may have altered the course of prehistoric civilization. Around 3,000 years ago rainfall seems to have put paid to the Peruvian progress it kicked off 3,000 years earlier, US researchers now report Culture rained off read more of this fascinating story.
Diving Under Antarctic Ice A photo gallery.
Taxidermy Net Your gateway to the"fascinating world of taxidermy." Lots of links for those thinking of new job or hobby.
Abbie Hoffman (1936-1989) was a complex and deeply paradoxical social activist and media celebrity, whose legendary culture-jamming exploits have come to characterise the period's para-political turmoil and counter-culture. His early 1950s experiences as a Brandeis student and sexual experienced aesthete marked Hoffman as a future American Rebel (Outsider). Under the tutelage of famous humanist psychologist Abraham Maslow, Hoffman conceived of political protest as a positive and life-affirming self-actualising process. Abbie Hoffman
Heracleion, in today's Abu Qir Bay, figures strongly in ancient history and Greek legend, but the new discoveries are casting fresh light on the Mediterranean city which predates Alexandria [more]
Abbie Hoffman (60s radical) interviewed. Notes by the author, two parts.
Abbie Hoffman excerpt from interview of dynamic radical of the 60s
To Be a Slave in Brooklyn free registration required.


U.S. hosts conference on tech used in drug war Lots of new goodies (high tech) to catch the baddies.
Famous Trials Many famous trials and heroes of trials. Baseball fans: don't miss the Black Sox trial (1921), the attempt to throw the World Series.
The race is on to prove the existence of a particle that could be the key to the secrets of the Universe [more]
Too nice to miss via Independent, British newspaper.
Woman with white ribbon - Old Photo Album - She never married but loved children and animals. Some said she looked a bit like Virginia Woolf but they were flaterring her somewhat. She loved to knit and from time to time read some Dickens aloud to school children. All in all a very nice but lonely person who never received the love she was capable of giving if she had had the chance.
BBC Iran clamps down on drugs Just say NO. Or be executed..
| Secret History U.S. releases the thus far kept documents concerning the American war (WWII) with Japan. All sections of this report and others relating to WWII in the Pacific can be found on this page, to the left of the text.
Milt Hinton called fondly The Judge, the "dean of jazz bass players." Rest in Peace. (obit in today's N.Y. Times)
Prominent on Christof Koch's desk is a white ceramic phrenology bust, its skull divided by glazed black lines into arbitrary regions. The maverick neuroscientist assures me that I need not worry about any caliper exam; he is as bemused as the rest of us by Lorenzo Fowler's 19th-century phrenological propaganda that cortical areas correspond to such personal attributes as "love of country" and "secretiveness." But Koch appreciates the early brain map as a reminder that he's looking for "a discrete set of neurons that might be in 20 different areas but share some set of properties that are responsible for generating consciousness [more] the search for consciousness: how do you know you are you?
"I Only Say This Because I Love You" by Deborah Tannen analysis of the way families talk to each other. Can you recognize your family in this ?
The Nuremberg War Trials Top Nazi WWII put on trial after the war.
Horatio Alger Well before Bill Gates and the electronic revolution there was Alger as a role model for success.
The Annotated "American Pie" Now considered one of the most popular songs in America, here is a study of what the lyrics seem to be about. You may not always agree.
Bessie Smith, the 6-foot, 200-pound Empress of the Blues, commanded stage and street with a fierce violence and a resonant, endless well of a voice. Bessie Smith
Absolutely Angelina Angelina Jolie pictures.
Lip Crit: It Smacks of AngelinaAngelina Jolie's lips, as remarked upon by various film critics.
archaeology a new museum belong to the Mashantucket Pequot Indian tribe (Connecticut).
Look and learn a new "visual" search engine.


Hobo grapevine Some more links and fun stuff on hoboes. Thought they were a part of our past? Not so. They still gather to talk about the good old days. Here are some nice stories and pics of the fellows who have now taken to the Net.
Eric Clapton: A Life Story Coolly Told With Voice and Guitar Had a posting for Clapton the other day. Here is a review of a N.Y. concert.
African American Odyssey many nice links
July 2 issue — Pierre Rosenberg began working at the Musee du Louvre in 1961, and for the last seven years served as director until his government-imposed retirement in April on the eve of his 65th birthday. During those 40 years, Rosenberg witnessed great changes in everything from why people go to museums to how the museums themselves look and are run. Though attendance is at a record high, Rosenberg believes the future of museums is grim. A Life at the Louvre
asheville, nc : Dummy placed outside a store courtesy:http://trianide.com/portfolio/
Lyrics To "Lydia the Tatooed Lady" Do you know where this song first appeared?
William Randolph Hearst [1863-1951] aka Citizen Kane. When media ran the government instead of merely playing up to political favorites.
The Universal Peace Mission Movement of Father Divine An early charismatic money-making (cult?) leader in American history.
Woody Allen lots of funny Allen one-liners.
Photo illustration for a children's book.
What this may mean is that you require more grey matter to appreciate classical music and that you don't need so much grey matter to appreciate pop music, so as you lose grey matter your taste in music changes accordingly," said Dr Persaud. Scientists start accounting for taste
On Monday, The Boston Globe disclosed that the Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Joseph J. Ellis had routinely embellished his undergraduate lectures with lies about serving in Vietnam. Immediately, the academic community went into overdrive. There were online debates over professional ethics and calls for Mr. Ellis's resignation. Even an announcement by his employer, Mount Holyoke College, that he would no longer teach his course on Vietnam and American culture did little to quell the frenzy of electronic communication.The Untold Links Between Biographer and Subject


Early Civil Rights Struggles: The Murder of Emmett Till This is not the same as the previous Emmett Till posting.
Dear Readers: if you have something of interest (URLs) to share with others, please send along to me.
Dust Bowl Refugee(s) (Woody Guthrie) This page and its lyrics in keeping with the already posted piece (see below) on Hoboes in America, showing one group of on-the-roaders searching for a new and better life. Today, of course, the "new" migrant workers are often illegals.
John's Journal On a scale of one to ten, how do you rate the blog film review at John's blog?
hobo signs Bums=did not want to work but wanted handouts and to hang around. Tramps=would travel to get work but preferred to be fairly stationary. Hoboes? Wanted to travel. If they worked it was merely a temporary necessity and they soon grew restless and went on their way. But this army of the restless grew their own sense of community (hobo camps etc) and left signs for their fellow hoboes to make life a bit easier for the guy coming along. Hoboes led their way of life because (1) unemployment, (2) trains were not yet powered by electricity and were thus slower and easier to climb unto, (3) our national highway system and the cars they were to use was not yet developed. Hoboing included some women and many young boys running away to do whatever it was that young boys wanted to do--not happy at home, seeking adventure, looking for independence. Behind hoboing was the singular idea that America was a vast land, unlike the smaller nations of Europe, and that one was always seeking something or just plain restless to try change. Our entire history is one of moving westward, opeing new territories. Then there was too the On the Road tradition of the pioneer, the Grapes of Wrath experience of the migrant farmers moving away from the dustbowl, and the political wnader as in Jack London, and finally On the Road--Jack Kerouac and the Beat movement.
It has been said that cynicism is the weapon of the wounded. Not sure about that but if you want to know more about the subject try The Cynics Sanctuary
Route 66 Take a virtual trip on the "Mother Road," Route 66, a road that was the legendary route of so many people crossing the country till it was replaced by our trans=continental highway system.
Quincy Jones was born on March 14, 1933, in Chicago, but was brought up in Seattle. At the age of 12, Jones began to study trumpet and sing in a gospel quartet. He continued to study music at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he stayed until he was able to tour with Lionel Hampton's band as a trumpeter, arranger, and sometime-pianist. In 1951, Q moved to New York where he began to make a name for himself as an arranger. By the mid 1950's, Jones was arranging and recording for artists such as Ray Charles, Sarah Vaughan, Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Big Maybelle, Dinah Washington, Cannonball Adderly, Billy Quincy Jones
The French Foreign Legion It really exists and not just in films. Lost your girl? Want to get awy from it all. Try this.
History, Gay & Lesbian Things change. Slowly.


Colombia busts kidnap gang I note this because last evening I watched the film Proof of Life, with Meg Ryan and R. Crowe, based on a kidnap -for-ransom group in a similar location.
I AM JACKIE CHAN: ACHES AND PAINS via LagTime . A tough way to make a living. The aches and pains are for real.
Carte de Visite But can you send it via your computer?
Adoption Photo Gallery: U.S. News Online the growing popularity of overseas adoptions.
Years ago, during the cold nights in a toll booth on Hartford's Charter Oak Bridge, my father would write me letters on his brown lunch bags. Often stained with the grease of a ham sandwich hastily wrapped in wax paper, they contained bits of paternal advice and honest observation. Afterward, he would fold the bag, write my address on the bottom, and slap a stamp on it. I still have a couple of them. My son gets e-mail. Obviously, it's not the same. My father's thoughtful letters came to mind while I was reading these books. Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett - both weighed down by the critical prejudice against so-called mystery or hard-boiled-fiction writers - provide more intelligent observations in their letters than many novelists do given an audience of millions and a matching barrel of cash. These letters, of course, were meant for an audience of one for the price of a 3-cent stamp. Thank goodness the recipients saved them. For both books are laden with the pain, exhilaration, and humor of their remarkable composers. A sampling from Chandler [more]
Thalia Street Gallery Home Page - Ed Krebs Photography Potrait Photograpy, courtesy of Ed Krebs.
Procter and Gamble explores tampon market Yes. I know. Odd to put here. But indicative of globalization, branding, marketing, and changing cultural habits.
Lynn is a coal miner's daughter, being the second of the eight children of Ted and Clara Webb. She is one-quarter Cherokee and her name came from her mother's fondness for film star, Loretta Young. She was raised in a small shack during the Depression and was attracted to country music as an 11-year-old, when the family acquired a radio and she heard the singing of Molly O'Day. Loretta Lynn The coal miner's daughter and great country-western singer. Bio and pics.
The Trials of Oscar Wilde famous trials.
Fun with Flash via Metafilter. Turn up sound. Click away and get into nice mood.
Though biographers, like saints, are always thinking of other people, they are not popular with fellow writers. Novelists and playwrights fear the literary biographer; historians do not think much of most royal biographers. "Every great man has his disciples," Oscar Wilde said, "and it is always Judas who writes the biography." The general verdict seems to be that biographers have added a new terror to death. [more] a>.
The man who's had 46 affairs (and counting) (Part two) He is hardly alone. Except for the quantity. The life of a serial philanderer
William D. "Big Bill" Haywood ranks as one of the foremost and perhaps most feared of America's labor radicals. Physically imposing with a thunderous voice and almost total disrespect for law, Haywood mobilized unionists, intimidated company bosses, and repeatedly found himself facing prosecution. Biography of William Big Bill Haywood
California! The early days. Gold rush, Spanish missions, early settlers, the Spanish, history, first-person narratives. Many nice links about the early from U.S. Government archivges.days.
Faith Hill All that and she sings too.
THE explorer who found the wreck of the Titanic is to mount an expedition this summer in search of proof that the Black Sea was created by an enormous flood that may have been the inspiration for the biblical story of Noah's ark. [more]
Panda Central Everthing you want to know about pandas, with a bisit to San Diego Zoo to meet Shi Shi, Bai Yun and baby Hua Mei.
Marlene Dietrich, 1901-1992 Her name says it all. Biography and pictures.
Snow Crystals many nice photos. How are they formed?


New Deal: Useful Arts nice posters, thumbnail. The idea here is that the arts can be socially useful and not just aesthetically pleasing.
IN JUNE 2000, THE PHILOSOPHER DEAN ZIMMERMAN moved from the University of Notre Dame to Syracuse University with his wife and three kids, only to see their new house catch fire the day they moved in. Much of what they owned was destroyed. "We were out of the house for six months," he recalls. "It was a miserable experience." The week after the fire, Zimmerman got a fortune cookie at a Chinese restaurant that brought encouraging news: "You will move to a wonderful new home within the year," it read. Zimmerman, a metaphysician with side interests in resurrection and divine eternity, was heartened by the prophecy. And when he returned to the restaurant three months later, his second fortune was equally promising: "A way out of a financial mess is discovered as if by magic!" The next day Zimmerman received a letter from the A.M. Monius Institute. Printed on official-looking stationery and signed by the institute's director, Netzin Steklis, the letter offered Zimmerman a "generous" sum of money to review a sixty-page work of metaphysics titled "Coming to Understanding." As the letter explained, the institute "exists for the primary purpose of disseminating the work 'Coming to Understanding' and encouraging its critical review and improvement." For Zimmerman's philosophical services, the institute was prepared to pay him the astronomical fee of twelve thousand U.S. dollars. [MORE]
Puppetry Don't try this in a bar. via http://sprezzatura.editthispage.com/
Faberge All eggs are not the same.
Clara Barton is best known as being the founder of the American Red Cross and, prior to this significant achievement, as a nurse who tended to countless wounded soldiers on Civil War battlefields. Her tireless, compassionate work during the Battle of Antietam in the Civil War would inspire praise of her as being "the true heroine of the age, the angel of the battlefield"—the latter part of the phrase associated with her name thereafter. But why this courageous woman chose to pursue a challenging and difficult career path despite great obstacles, and how much else she accomplished and endured in her long and productive life, is just as noteworthy as the work for which she is well remembered. The Biography of Clara Barton Civil War Hero
documents how NIH researchers answered such questions when asked to recall the early days of HIV/AIDS. In launching this Web site, we commemorate the 20-year struggle to confront the deadly AIDS
Power Reporting: Reference shelf/Encyclopedias a number of useful links for those using encyclopedias.
American Western Magazine - Western Authors, Books, Reviews, Cowboy Poetry, Music, Art, Movies Neat New Stuff I Found This Week http://marylaine.com/neatnew.html Copyright, Marylaine Block, 2000.
TruthAboutCredit.org Those neat little cards can be tricky!
Women are attracted to altruistic men, but not vice versa, according to new Canadian research. Previous studies have found that women rate altruism as an attractive trait in a partner. It serves as a signal that a man will invest energy and resources in the relationship and in children, says Kind and considerate
Certain images are so familiar that they are deeply embedded in the collective consciousness of human beings. They have become cultural icons. Unfortunately, many of these images - and the understanding they convey - are seriously misleading, creating false impressions of the world that are remarkably difficult to correct [more]
One February evening in North Chicago, seven well-dressed men were found riddled with bullets inside the S.M.C Cartage Co. garage. They had been lined up against a wall, with their backs to their executioners and shot to death. With the exception of Dr. Reinhardt H. Schwimmer these men were mobsters working under the leadership of gangster and bootlegger, "Bugs" Moran. Within a few seconds, while staring at a bare brick wall, these seven men had become a part of Valentine's Day history: the St. Valentine's Day Massacre. [More]
Wilhelm Reich and His Amazing Orgone Tired and wornout? Perhaps you need to climb into an Orgone Box.
Societal Undertones courtesy of Probus Photos--Gallery at the End of the Universe c/o John Gleason, Jr. jgleas@probusphotos.com thumbnails.
John Lee HookerRest in Peace
Carroll O'Connor Rest in Peace
Seen from space, the African continent stares out like a vast and dusty eye amid a calm sea of blue and green. She looms large, daring all who see her to comprehend her mysteries. Sahara : Welcome


You supply an alternative caption I wonder if "Premiun" seats are as good as "Premium" seats?
Mark Twain Returns A Murder, a Mystery. and a Marriage.
On a typical Saturday night, thousands of American teenagers flood Tijuana's Revolucion Avenue in search of the kind of fun they can't find at home. The legal drinking age here is 18, not that anyone bothers to check. There are hookers. And drugs. And there's a rumor that if you know the right people, a particularly exotic combination of both can be arranged without too much of a hassle. When the sun goes down, the crowds thicken outside the 80-odd cantinas along the avenue, and pulsing jock-rock mingles with the aroma of stale beer and fresh vomit to form Revolucion's unmistakable atmosphere. "This is what the world knows of Tijuana," says Pepe Mogt, 31, smiling at the drunken humanity sprawled out before him. "It gives us a lot of material." What Mogt makes of it is called nortec, a new breed of music that mixes traditional Mexican norteño and tambora riffs on the accordion, tuba and drums with electronica. In the two years since nortec was born, it has become the dominant sound of Tijuana's cool set. But in the same way that rock 'n' roll is more than just the sum of a few chords, nortec has expanded well beyond some creative samples and a break beat. Graphic artists, fashion designers and filmmakers have been inspired to shrug off Tijuana's reputation as a cultural void and address the contrary realities of a place that's neither First World nor Third World; a culture that is neither Mexican nor American; an economy propelled by the dual engines of drug traffic and high-tech maquiladoras; a large, stable middle class sandwiched between grotesque poverty and excessive narco wealth. The goal, simply, is to transform the strangeness of Tijuana into art. The New Frontier
Evita Peron Historical Research Foundation Don't cry for me Argentina. I am not forgotten. Can be read in English, nice bio and photos.
The Plant Men of AlcatrazI ike this. NY Times, reg req., free.
Will Rogers Museum Home Page Rpgers a very funny cowboy, humorist, writer, movie star. He could have been president if he chose to run (said If elected he would resign), an American original. Donated a large tract of waterfront proptery to California. Poked fun of those in power, esp. Congress.
See http://booknotes.weblogs.com/ for nice goodies on Archimides. Craig, keeper of the Reading Torch, along with Molly Ivins may wello be the last Texans who still love books and reading. Ok I left out a few names.
Summer Reading for when you're not at this site.
Photographers' Journals How race is lived in America.
The mushrooming of retail superstores--where forklifts prowl aisles, stacking pallets of merchandise from floor to ceiling--has brought lower prices and convenience to cities and small towns across America. But thousands of consumers who have ventured into these retail centers to run routine errands have encountered tragedy instead'Sky Shelves' Can Be Lethal for Shoppers
1960s History through music.
The Shroud of Turin is a centuries old linen cloth that bears the image of a crucified man. A man that millions believe to be Jesus of Nazareth. Is it really the cloth that wrapped his crucified body, or is it simply a medieval forgery, a hoax perpetrated by some clever artist? Modern, twentieth century science has completed hundreds of thousands of hours of detailed study and intense research on the Shroud. It is, in fact, the single most studied artifact in human history, and we know more about it today than we ever have before. And yet, the controversy still rages. This web site will keep you abreast of current research, provide you with accurate data from the previous research and let you interact with the researchers themselves. We believe that if you have access to the facts, you can make up your own mind about the Shroud. Make sure you visit the page where you can Examine the Shroud of Turin for yourself. The Shroud of Turin Website
Picture GalleryLemurs, lemurs, and more lemurs
"War" is not too strong of a term to describe the state of affairs existing between the Western Federation of Miners and the Western Mine Owners' Association at the turn of the twentieth century. When the state of Idaho prosecuted William "Big Bill" Haywood in 1907 for ordering the assassination of former governor Frank Steunenberg, fifteen years of union bombings and murders, fifteen years of mine owner intimidation and greed, and fifteen years of government abuse of process and denials of liberties spilled into the national headlines. Featuring James McParland, America's most famous detective; Harry Orchard, America's most notorious mass murderer turned state's witness; Big Bill Haywood, America's most radical labor leader; and Clarence Darrow, America's most reknown defense attorney, the Haywood trial ranks as one of the most fascinating criminal trials in historyThe Trial of Bill Haywood
Keith Richards Home Page of the Rolling Stones.
Meet the Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, Australian, interviewed.
Law Buzz: awesome trialsthe trial of Lizzy Borden.
The Sacco and Vanzetti Trial The trialof the two Italiian anarchists that stirred world-wide portests.


One pic worth a lot of comments see comments on right side of photo. LOL.
A Ship Like No Other As the world's first ocean-going luxury resort, The World will provide 110 spacious Residences-fully furnished and equipped-and 88 Guest Suites for family, friends, business associates, or personal staff. A full-time crew of 343 seafarers and hospitality staff members will help run the ship and serve Residents. The ship will combine the comforts of a private home with the best features of cruising as well [MORE]
Alamo Chronology It's not the White House but it is Texas.
Doc Watson Biography Great musical innovator.
No one ever suddenly became depraved You have to work at it? Not sure the photo fits the Juvenal quote but a very fine picture indeed.
The Mozart Project: Biography Ever notice that very famous people have but one name? Plato, Moses, Socrates, Freud, Mozart....Here is a nice Mozart (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) "project."
New Your Virtual Identity Getting Googled.
In 1882 a baby girl caught a fever that was so fierce she nearly died. She survived but the fever left its mark - she could no longer see or hear. Because she could not hear she also found it very difficult to speak. So how did this child, blinded and deafened at 19 months old, grow up to become a world-famous author and public speaier? The life of Helen Keller
For over half a century, Jimmy Stewart has been a surrogate brother, father, and friend to fans of American film. His projections on the silver screen are so much more than the words in his scripts-- he made them our friends. He helped teach us how to live, and how to appreciate living.The Jimmy Stewart Museum:
Capture the Moment On the uses and misuses of phtojournalism.
Apocalyptic thinking The spread of infectioous disease. End times. Plagues.
In the swampy lowlands of primordial Wyoming, an allosaurus springs open-mouthed from ambush. The 1.4-ton predator slams its snout into its startled prey with pile-driver force. The impact drives its serrated upper jaw like a steak knife deep into muscle and sinew. Yanking back its head, the carnivore carves off broad ribbons of flesh. Then the allosaurus backs away to wait at a safe distance for its prey to bleed to death. 70-Million-Year-Old Moves The past brought to life through virtual reality.
Oscar de la Hoya A great boxer.
Chris Keeley The use of photography to help with recovery. Photographs not to be missed.


Il Calendario Pirelli 1989 Should be 18 to view. Taking the bull by the horns. Or something.
It wasn't a conductor or a critic or a music scholar who discovered there was a problem with the Requiem. It was someone in the audience. At some point during the performance here of an "American premiere" Requiem Mass by the Atlanta-based composer Tristan Foison, that person, a local amateur singer, began to fume. Foison's Mass, billed as a new work, was supposedly being heard outside Europe for the first time, a major coup for the small but ambitious Capitol Hill Chorale. But this singer was sure he had sung it before -- in Vienna, Va., only a year ago, with the Fairfax Choral Society.[more] A bold plagarism. Listen carefully when you attend a concert!
A new book on relations between Jews and Russians written by Russia's Nobel laureate author and historian Alexander Solzhenitsyn hits the book shops in Moscow today. The work, "Two Hundred Years Together, 1795-1995," is the product of ten years of research and writing. [MORE] A master story teller who had lived for a number of years in America before returning to Russia, though he quickly became disillusioned once back home.
Imagine a world where the vast steppe stretches unbroken as far as the eye can see. Envision a place where predators of staggering proportions compete with human hunters for food. Picture a land where the animals and plants struggle to survive in the cold, dry treeless expanse. Explore the treasures of that world within the Yukon Beringia Interpretive Centre and watch Beringia come alive. Welcome to the the Yukon Beringia Interpretive Centre
A Celebration of Lena Horne ...and still gorgeous.
Brother Rémy Rougeau could smell the nectar. Even now, in the hush of an abbey cloister, with the prairie road too muddy to reach the hives. He could imagine the sweet boozy scent of honeybees quickening like roiling clouds. Summer is a season of timeless ritual for Brother Rougeau, a beekeeper and Benedictine monk. He must check the queens, tend the colonies and prepare for a late harvest of sweet clover honey that tastes of the Great Plains. And he must doff his black habit for a book tour in the Northeast to promote his first novel, "All We Know of Heaven." [more] A life with God, articulated. NY Times reg. required (free).
Actions are right in proportion as they tend to promote happiness; wrong as they tend to produce the reverse of happiness. John Stuart Mill Useful for an understanding of Utilitarianism.
Secret History Part one of three parts. Documents released on World War II under President Bill Clinton. Sidebar will get you to parts two and three.
Darwin the archaeologist Another aspect of Darwin's great contribution to science. An area that is seldom associated with Darwin and evolution: archaeology and soil science.
Amelia Earhart - First lady of the air (a line from a song about her), an early and wonderful example of a woman who would show that she could do what only men were supposed to be able to do. Her disappearance with her lost plane has become the stuff of myth.
Greek myths Prsented in a popularized format with nice cartoonish drawings. Fun.


. . It was only after the turn of the century that photography began to breach the walls of the gallery and museum world in America, and even then with limited success. Now, however, photographs can sell for six figures — not in the same league as the millions for a Van Gogh painting, but not exactly chump change either — and be presented in fine art museums, not industrial expositions American Photography
School Class Picture Somebody forgot to yell out "Say cheese."
Steller Sea Lions Wildcam at Chiswell Island visits the largest and most northerly of all sea lions.
Urban Legend Machine Why not make up your own legend and send it out to replicate?
Two New Dinosaurs Found, Including Odd Plant-EaterWASHINGTON (Reuters) - Illuminating a mysterious epoch in the age of dinosaurs, scientists said on Monday they had unearthed two new species in New Mexico, including a bizarre one that sprang from the same lineage as super carnivore Tyrannosaurus rex but was content to eat plants. The two dinosaurs -- the weird, sloth-like Nothronychus and a small carnivore from the coelurosaur family that has not yet been named -- lived 90 million years ago in a swampy, forest similar to the modern day bayous of Louisiana, according to paleontologists...
The Ballad of Ned Ludd, What's a Luddite? We all know the word Luddite, but what exactly does it mean and what does the word refer to. See the interesting links on this page for a full updating of the luddite perspective.
Hayden White Talks Trash White is the president of Stanford University. "Trash" is Marxist ideology. And you thought it was dead?
The John Lennon FBI files website Some records the FBI did not lose.
The Donner Party Famous for the story of cannabalism associated with it. note: the word party refers to the group of people and not to a fun-filled time at a picnic.
BloomsburyMagazine.com - Writer's almanac lots of useful info and help on the book business, for publishing, and the laws governing copyright.


Independence Home Shame on China
Happy Father's Day see you tomorrow.
Bart Simpson If It's Sunday, It's Bart Simpson Day. Still going strong. Peck's bad boy updated.
Jack London's Journalism:The Story of an Eyewitness The famous novelist here reports firsthand on the San Francisco earthquake.
HyperWar: USS Reuben James (DD-245) This Navy ship named after what is consideered the first merchant marine ship sunk by the Germans prior to our entry into WWII. Woddy Guthrie, so it is said, was on the ship, survived, and wrote a song about this ship's sinking.
Resources for right livelihood: YES! A Journal of Positive FuturesHow can you design your work life so it is an expression of your gifts and makes a contribution to the world? How can you make your time at work meaningful. A reading list of self-help books.


Without Sanctuary Lynching photography in America. Not easy to take. Not easy to forget. But ought not be forgotten.
SKorea conficates picasso I believe they mean the painting(s) and not the artist.
New Huckleberry Finn Debuts America's great novel in a new edition with important illustrations (from original) and some three passages from the original manuscript, not previously printed.
The James Joyce Centre - Welcome to the Centre BLOOMSDAY. For much fuller account, see:Booknotes.
Paz Sun-Sentinel photo.
Shared Experience Cancer Support Knowledgebase via Dr Menlo, always caring, always sharing.
In a political and physical feat, tower set to reopen Leaning Tower of Pisa set to re-open
Stalking Dr. Steere Over Lyme DiseaseNY Times registration (free) required.
The plastered paterfamilias ...but he's still my dad and I love him.
Year of the Ocean gorgeous photo gallery of underwater life (jellyfish) at California's Monterey Bay Acquarium
Central Park places in this great park that are often used for marriage ceremonies. Just hope it doesn't rain.
The Pangram page Why send a telegram when you have panagram's available? Or maybe not.
Sprezzatura.net: Alms for oblivion Typical Sprezzatura combo of photo and provacative quote to nibble on. But offhand I bet that quote is not from 12th Night but rather Troilus and Cressida (Shakespeare), if memory serves me correctly.
KEITH HARING From graffiti tagger to artist. Click on virtual gallery to see his work.
For the BoysPinups of World War II. Today, with women now serving in the military, this might seem out of place. But it does have its place in America's history.
Whittling A form of meditation ? Not sure-- but a hobby for many. .
Strange Fruit (1940) the story behind the ever- moving song by Billie Holiday.
Frank Sinatra Wherever there is love there is music. Wherevev there is love music there is Old Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra.
Vice Presidents.com Everything you have wanted to know about the second in command: the American Vice Presidency.
Steve Prefontaine the story and life of the charismatic runner who lived but 24 years and established Eugene , Oregon, as the capital of America's running sports. A moving story of an outstanding young man whose life has been made into two films. Pre (as he was affectionatley called) "developed his hunger to be the best in the field, and more, to do it with style--to create beauty when he ran, to show people something they had never seen before." I am reminded of A.E. Houseman's poem "To An Athlete Dying Young."
The S.S. St. Louis after 60 Years A sad tale of indifference.
"That said, Inventing Herself [the book's title]should be bought by every woman of my generation and presented to someone younger who needs educating in women’s history. It will make essential, inspiring reading for those who have reaped the benefits, yet appear to have turned their back on feminism as an idea." [more] A review of Elaine Showalter's latest book is here highly praised.
The Meaning of Life 101 Back to basics. Some general books on philosophy are reviewed for an audience that still seeks Understanding and Meaning.


Grave reveals secret of long life The long and short of it.
Immersion Theater This will keep you so busy you won't have time for popcorn!
Skier revived from clinical death And I thought some of the women I dated were cold!
The Red Fighter Pilot, by Manfred von Richthofen aka The Red Baron. Flying high for Germany in WWI.
Father's Day A celebration in honor of all Fathers and father figures...history of Father's Day and a number of fun links.
20th Century History of the Treatment of Mental Illness Traces in a brief outline the change over the years to the present, where pharmaceuticals now play a major role, and genetic "errors" are seemingly an important underlying cause. Ignores what some people feel may be an overmedicating to make people easier to deal with.
The beast of complexity:The future of software may be a huge Internet-borne cloud of electronic offerings from which users can choose exactly what they want, says Ludwig Siegele [more]
Ubi sunt Where are the snows of yesteryear? Ever meander through an old cemetary and, reading the names, wonder about the lives of the people buried there? So, too, with old photos.
museum of dirt Dirt collected from celebrities. Dirt rejected from celebreties who refused to send their dirt. Dirt from well-known places (Graceland, Alcatraz etc). Get down and dirty here.
WorldNews: Hiking Has Special Training Needs Not the same as working out in a gym
Usable Web Many links, tips on using the Web efficiently


Gangs In case you want to join a gang, start a gang, or have a child in a gang. Lots of info on gang life.
Arts and Life story A professor of English presents an origianl idea to a distinguished group of astronomers.
A Capitol Fourth: Flag History Brush up on the American flag, its history and uses.
Atlantis Some useful background on Atlantis.
Atlantis - The Lost Continent Finally Found Well, if not exactly found, it is a guess that it has been found.
Oceania -- The Atlantis Project Tired of your country and all the other countries with their problems? Move to a new country, just beginning. Get there early enough and you will have nice parking place...or boat mooring.
Look and learn A new search engine that is especially useful for research work and can be downloaded (beta version) free.
SlavonicWeb Music, pictures, gypsies. Don't miss the oral histories. They offer a nice view of the diversity of our nation.
Penguin Looking for a date ? I mean is the p[enguin.
ScienceDaily Magazine -- Study Finds Marijuana Use May Pose Health Threat To Baby Boomers But then someday when the laws change they will be able to smoke it for the pain of illness derived from smoking it.
Kenneth Rexroth, autobiograpy, part 1 Gives nice historical perspective on radical and union movements and politics before all pre-empted by corporations and their growth in government power.
Rural America Photo Gallery Once so fertile for crops and for farming, today the Great Plains undergoing change as small towns decay, farms close down, ahd the area returns to Nature.
How the Arrival of Artificial Light Changed Everything Technical change brings about changes in all things. Before Shakespeare's Globe theater was roofed over and candles used for illumination, the theatre gave performances during daytime. But many of the scenes were set at night, thus requiring dialogue to suggest the darkness and also making imaginative demands upon the audience. So, too, before artificial light from gas lighting or later electric bulbs, everyone ate by candlelight. With the advent of electricity and bulbs, only the rich could afford to dine with the use of bulbs. Later, when electrrical lighting became inexpensive, the rich when dining fashionably used candles! Thus even our customs and conventions are affected by technological evolution. Here is an interesting piece that explores photography and artificial lighting.
Joe Gould's Secret History The story behind the recent film about Gould, who was the legendary Greenwich Village figure. Joe claimed to have spent manyyears working on an oral history of the contemporary world, seen through the eyes of ordinary citizens. The New Yorker writer Joseph Mitchell wrote a two-part memorable piece about the Joe Gould he came to know.
Superlative Trees which is the tallest tree? the oldest? most valuable? Everything you will want to know about trees.


Lost pet Slightly temperamental? Note the teeth in doggie photo!
Civil War Navy DispatchesOfficial records of the Union and the Confederate navies in the Civil War (war of the rebellion).
Havasupai Tribal Council-ITCA This is an indian tribe that lives in the Grand Canyon. You must get tourist pass to go through the area under their control. In the past, many whites, wanted by the law, fled and sought a hiding place in the canyon among this tribe, and the tribe seems to have survived much of the white man's onslaught against the indians by having this getaway area, though the government did limit the lands they could control For further info:http://gosouthwest.about.com/travel/gosouthwest/cs/grandcanyon10/
NASA To "Map" Big Bang Remnant To Solve Universal Mysteries An attempt to get back to the Beginning.
Fountain of life runs dry for the Cycladic islands And it is happening in many parts of the world: water drying up. Some writers suggest the wars in the future will be over water.
The jellyfish triumph A book about the mysteries of the deep oceans has won the world's most prestigious prize for popular science writing - the Aventis Prize for Science Books. Robert Kunzig's book - Mapping the Deep, The Extraordinary Story of Ocean Science - had been regarded as something of an outsider. But the story of jellyfish, siphonophores, salps and other strange characters from the world of water clearly enthralled the The jellyfish triumph
The literature of the 18th-century grand tour divided, Ian Littlewood found, between public work on arty culture and private writing on sexual adventures. This division - between what they saw and who they shagged - is at the heart of his lively book, which is as much a celebration as an examination of 200 years of sex tourism. Review: Sultry Climates: Travel and Sex Since the Grand Tour by Ian Littlewood Sex travels.
The Spanish-American War (21 April to 13 August 1898) was a turning point in the history of the United States, signalling the country's emergence as a world power. The blowing up of the battleship USS Maine in Havana harbor on the evening of 15 February was a critical event on the road to that war. In order to understand the role the ship's destruction played in the start of the war, one must know the context in which the event took place EVENTS--Sinking of USS MAINE
Museum of Paleontology Though the Humanities and the Arts have long played a central role in the lives of the educated person, science and technology has now also become equally important. And though many branches of science are perhaps too specialized and technical for many of us, there are now brilliant popularizers whose books sell as well as the best sellers of fiction. In many instances, there has been a cross over, so that insights furnished by the sciences are used by those in other fields. Much of science has been unified by the New Synthesis, the 2nd coming of Evolution, the combining of genetics and Darwinian insights. Today, Evolutionary thought provides a metanarrative for many people. A metanarrative attempts to answer central questions: Where did we come from? Why are we here? Where are we going? And though the answers from an evolutionary point of view may not be as comforting as, say, the answers religion traditionally gives, increasingly this outlook has become central for many people. For those for whom the coldness of science may not be sufficient, turning to New Age beliefs or simply filling life up with material and earthly goodies always remains an option.
NYC Subway Graffiti Graffiti artists seemed a scourge to many. They defaced public property, usually during the night, and left their mark (many had idetifying handles). Constantly at war with the authorities, and often rishking their lives in dangerous places, a number of these writers (as they were called) went on to have their work preserved and some became artists in more tradtional venues, such as Keith Haring. Grafiti goes back to anchienthistory--man's need to leave his mark, and it was a performance art, here today and destroyed by (wiped out) soon after being exhibited. With the advent of the internet, one can find places to put one's grafiti while not leaving the computer--walls set up for this.
Leopold and Loeb Trial There has always been a fascination with famous criminal cases. Today, perhaps, we focus more upon serial killers, but this early trial captured the attention of many, and of course without the bombardment of TV broqadcasts and pundits giving their daily opionions. Back then radio and the newspapers gave us our window into the drama taking place in our world.
Joe Louis The Brown Bomber. I know precious little about sports history but it seems to me that in sports as in music and in most other matters, segregation was the general rule, officially or otherwise, but in boxing this was not the case. Clearly though, as in most matters, spectators for years rooted for the fighter who represented their race.


Nasa aims to move Earth But what if the folks in Florida or, say, Sweden, object and like things just as they are? Who is to foot the bill? Do we get to vote on this? Will school be dismissed for the day? Will it ruin my lawn?
TIME.com: Education -- What Ever Happened To Play? Great. But any potential lawsuits?
Surfrider Foundation: State of the Beach 2001 Waves rather than raves for a healthy high.
titled The End of the Party self explanatory.
For the Boys A typical pinup girl, hung up to remind the fighting boys of home. World War II.
Welcome to lavarand! generate random numbers by harnessing the power of Lava Lite lamps. Overly controlled? Try randomizing and chaos.
Huey Long in depth An American populist likened by some to being a fascist but a believer in democracy and the ordinary citizen. Robert Penn Warren's novel All the King's Men, later made into a fine film, was based on Long's rise from poverty to governorship of Louisiana. His views on corporations, the very wealthy, taxes, inheritance and the People are perhaps lost in our past but are worth examining.
MANNERISM PAGE Very odd commentary (attempting to be hip) but nice photos of great art.
eric clapton Great rock guitarist.
The Coon Caricature The museum of Racist Memorabilia.
Bio: Jesse Owens A Great American Olympian in 1936 Olympics held in Nazi Germany.


the ROMP You need to be male and horny (redundant?), fun-loving and macho. And you need to register (free) and then click to whatever moves you. No youngsters, please.
Interview: Marin Alsop, conductor How times (finally) have changed! The first woman (and an American ) to conduct a British symphony orchestra. I am old enough to recall a popular radio show on Sundays that featured a male conductor and an all-woman (they called it "girl") Orchestra. How novel. Women, properly led, could play classical music. The baton has now been passed.
Sprezzatura.net: Serious artists Who folded the towels?
The amazing story of the man who wrote the song (as we know it today) Amazing Grace This song, originally a song sung by slaves, was written by a former shipper of slaves before he "was found."
Pork chop 'killed Mozart' The other white meat.
Take a break. Color in your pick of Keith Haring coloring books (interactive). Now wasn't that fun?
Gone. And seemingly forgotten. Where are the snows of yesteryear?
A writer comments on travelling For some writers, to travel is merely to bring ruins to ruins (Emerson), but for others it offers a deepening of one's sensibility. Joseph Epstein offers his view as he travels.
Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn And the Great American Novel.
Mona Lisa The theft of the century.
Charlie Parker Bird Lives! If you love jazz you love Yardbird.
Dorothea Lange On-line Photos Stunning photos of migrant families in California in the 30s.
THE NAHMANS OF GERONA Looking for some info about Jews in Spain during the Inquisition and stumbled across this. History through a family tree.


Anguish & fright Note how this photo depicts a universal responses. The eyes. The clutching arms.
Boomer rockers reelin' in the years Garage bands bring back the past.
Anthony Quinn Anthony Quinn poses with the Academy Award he won as best supporting actor for his role in the film, 'Lust for Life,' in 1956.
Some unusual Sumo photosvia Metafilter
Pitching Science: science and baseball seek answers The pitcher's action up to the release of the ball is part of the art of pitching; the action of the ball after release . . . is addressed by physics. —Robert K. Adair, The Physics of Baseball, 1994
Bonobos | 09.30.99 Sex sells, but can it save the planet?
Home is where the heart is Family Values and marriage and platonic marriages and friends and commitment and....


Mourning Outfitvia Cold Marble Mourning. A Civil War Mourning Dress. The point being made for this museum is that we no longer have the ability to mourn and grieve properly. I would argue this point. But over a beer and not here.
Darwin's Voyage of the Beagle excerpts with interesting commentary and full notation, plus maps.
People we can look up to as role models Well, as the singer Meatloaf noted in a song: two out of three ain't bad.
Why College Costs So Much NY Times registration (free) required. You ought to sign up for this. Lots in this paper and No Charge.
, The History of Syphilis Can it teach us something about AIDS? Not for the faint of heart.
The Japanese American Internment ...May it serve as a constant reminder of our past so that Americans in the future will never again be denied their constitutional rights and may the remembrance of that experience serve to advance the evolution of the human spirit... - Plaque at the Pooston Relocation Center1 How could such a tragedy have occurred in a democratic society that prides itself on individual rights and freedoms?... I have brooded about this whole episode on and off for the past three decades... - Milton S. Eisenhower:( in The President Is Calling3 ) In the entire course of the war, 10 people were convicted of spying for Japan, all of whom were Caucasian.2
Tintype a part of the history of photography, the tintype was popular with Civil War soldiers for its durability, and its inexpensiveness helped popularize photography.