The Virtual Reference Desk A very cool site filled with links, by subject matter, that lets you ask experts questions for various fields. Sort of like raising your hand in class to ask the teacher. Here the teacher knows and the other students don't tease you.
FEED | Science - Cocaine in the Membrane Things may seem to go better with Coke but then too the brain changes.
Algy's Herb page - Apothecary Mny links to herbs, growing and using them.
Rough 'n' RadiantMuseum of Neon Art.
ILO - Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at WorkInternational Labor Organization against forced labor of all types.


CNN.com - Study: Sex ed does not encourage sexual activity . That may be so but it is about (whisper) sex and therefore it is filthy and ought not be taught. (LOL)
CNN: ASYLUM IN AMERICA From all over the world, people come to America, legally or not, seeking a better life than what they have in their native lands. With soraring world population and a widening gap between the wealthy and impoverished nations, more and more people will attempt to survive by trying to get into a country that offers more. Here is a look at people seeking asylum in America.
Faster, Safer Land Mine Detection On The Way: ESA And very much needed as soon as possible!
BBC News | SCI/TECH | Arctic 'getting greener' Evolution at work. From frozen tundra to.....a rain forest if global warming keeps up.
BBC News | HEALTH | Viagra alternative arrives in UK Fast acting. Longer lasting. Makes Stiff competition.
The Real Ira Hayes ....worth a thousand words.
Geek? If not sure, try this or see if you qualify.
The Hyperreal Rave Archives Sex, drugs, music=RAVES. Explore the world of The Rave.
Great Famine Commemoration Hoof and Mouth Disease is of course on all the front pages these days. So too, Mad Cow Disease. But a devestating blight years ago in Ireland made a profound impact. Here is the history.
Dublin Live - Entertainment - Music And now for Ireland there is more to music than The Chieftans and Riverdance.
National Geographic Magazine @ nationalgeographic.com Nice presentation (8.5 minutes) on the Gypsies.
booksonline Review of "Heroines and Harlots: Women at Sea."
Amherst and Smallpox A man so admired by early Americans that they named a town (Amhurst, Mass) in his honor. but he also plotted the extirmination of American Indians by passing out "gifts" of blankets laced with disease. His letters reveal this at this site.


Recently discovered choral piece by HANDEL written some 300 years ago will soon be released to the public on CD. Some critics claim the work as important as Handel's "Messiah."
The Appalachian Trail Over two thousand miles of hiking on great wilderness trails. How was it made? Whose idea was it? What is there to see?
Therapists Reveal Their New Obsession: 'The Sopranos' The season may be over but the analysis is interminable.
The United States Memorial Holocaust Museum There are Holocaust memorials in a number of American cities, but in Washington D.C., there is a museum that offers many memories, insights, tours, exhibits, and memories for the many people--Jews, gypsies,homosexuals, political prisoners--who were slaughtered by the Nazis. An on-line tour not to be rushed.
The States of the Nation. Click on any state (see map) and get full information about that state--history, flag, population etc.
A Perilous Journey of some 4,000 miles, from Mexico to Long Island, travelled by a typical Mexican seeking work in N.Y. state for his family. The trip, detailed through the travels and hardships and rewards, focuses upon a few individuals, thus putting a human face on what is now fairly routine job-seeking.


A side effect: Viagra helps save endangered species, but they don't get served the pill.
Canada may soon Legalize pot This news item compares stats on time served for pot arrests in Canada and in the U.S. and how the U.S. might react should Canada make pot legal.
The Go Gos are Back! Excitement! Rebirth! Great Memories! Great sounds! America is back on track as the famous Go Gos from the 80s are re-born. God's in his heaven and all's right with the world.
Iwo Jima A page of history, photos, and memory. So many deaths. And then the famous flag raising. Memorial Day, 2001.
The Etruscans: A magnificent culture, but one that leaves many questions unanswered.
Death as an Art Form: A return to elaborate and expensive burial sites. Death where is thy sting? Perhaps in the bill that comes later.
Studying GOD in college, California style.
BILLIE HOLIDAY: Her life, her musicand pictures of this great blues singer who died at the age of 44 but whose contribution to American music will always be with us. Famous songs? Remember or read about "Strange Fruit" and "God Bless the Child."
Girls for Sale With all the problems in Africa, for young women, an additional one: sexual slavery.
The Great Migration During WWI and a short period thereafter, there was a mass migration of Southern Blacks to cities in the North. Here are letters by seven blacks about this migration.
Before there was Something (the cosmos), what was there? Some scientific theories consider an age-old question.


Is this what we are asked to give Faith based charity money to? Rev Moon, convicted felon Got to love those mass weddings and picked brides. Saves lots of decision making when Big Daddy (Divine Father) tells you what to do and how to do it.
Exotic models and erotica to be used in order to Bring back people to the bible. The format will be magazine style. Will it be left off in hotel rooms for the weary traveller?
Another insidious takeover by America of Chinese culture: Snoppy craze. But where are these items made?
Vote for your choice among The ten best roller coasters in America. Five are steel. Five are wood. Not sure? You can take a virtual ride on any or all before you cast your vote. Make sure you fasten your seat belt.
The Great Plains, filled in by homesteaders at one time and then in later years deserted by its farmers, is again growing as American Indians and bison return to reclaim the land. Population growth among indians and a movement back to their territorial lands, is reviving a land that was nearly dead and empty.
The iconoclast and guru of drugs during the hippie movement, Tim Leary believed that you needed to know about drugs, the good and the bad, and as he neared his death from prostate cancer, he kept a web page to inform the world about his drug taking as he prepared for his death. This former Harvard professor had his cremains sent into space.
Not easy being a Single Parent but it does get a bit easier if you can find help and share your problems with others. And this site is for single parent men too.
Thinking of getting an Iguana as a pet for your home? Here is all the info you will need on how to raise and care for iguanas. Much easier to manage than a 12-foot python.
First they found that certain teas were good as anti-oxidants. Now the discovery that tea fights cavities and reduces plaque. Are five cups of coffee I drink daily good for anything?


Urban Sexual Legends Everyone has heard about urban legends. This site offers urban legends with a sexual twist to each and everyone of them. Sort of sex and the city.
SPARKS The home page for a gifted, funny group of offbeat guys. You may not like them but you have to admire them. Click on the buttons and turn up your audio.
Onion Magazine interview GEORGE CARLIN The title of this blog comes from a Carlin routine about quality drugs.
Summer of Love: Hippie writers and latter day Beats
Siege in Montevideo The famous German pocket battleship Graf Spee during WWII was scuttled, the crew interned, and the Captain took his life.

Note to Readers

Any links you think folks might enjoy? Share them. Write me. What sort of things? Well: no porno and nothing too technical. But if you like something I am sure others as bright and nice as you will too.
How Stuff Works Ever wonder how your TV works? Or your cell phone? or just about anything? Here is a place run by a man whose last name is (honest) Brain. He takes things apart and then lets you know what makes them work.
Remembering WWII, now that the film Pearl Harbor has been released, we ought not forget that the Amrican armed forces were segregated and this, ironically, as we fought Hitler and his racists thinking about inferior peoples. But Blacks contributed to the war effort. A famous group, RedBall Express is here recalled.
Summer Begins Unofficially with Memorial Day, and for many that means camping. American Camping Association: Tips & resources
Great fireworks for 4th of July Blowing up a comet! Flying debris! And for science too. But though no band to play Stars and Stripes, parking will be no problem.
Can you earn a law degree through distance learning? Sure. But will it be accredited and thus accepted? Perhaps. Read on.


Important new findings on a number of neurological diseases.
Let's Remember Pearl Harbor For more than a Hollywood film, try this site.
Clinton to Star Again Among the many outstanding writers to appear at book festival, Clinton the Top Draw.


The Placebo Effect: Placebos now viewed as taken with a grain of salt. Long-held belief discarded with new evidence.


Fast Food Nation How it all began. The rest is history. And so much more.
Cigarette smoking for Women twice as dangerous as it is for a men. And here is the evidence to back what had for some time been suggested.
CULTS in America. Indicates that Rev Sharpton not above taking money from Rev Moon. But then ex-president GB did too.
A brief history of Memorial Day
Scientology pulls a fast one. But all is not lost. For those seeking info on cults, a new organization has replaced CAN, the cult awareness network taken over by Scientology. For info: contact Leo J. Ryan Education Foundation, 203-366-5500.
Despite the statistics recently released, The American Family is not falling apart.
Miles Davis tribute A page on jazz from on-line site of National Public Radio's All Things Considered. I
Web sites inconsistent and at times questionable in matters of health new study finds.
Alliteracy Not a misprint but a cultural change taking place.

America's First Family: A Tribute to the Sopranos


Photo gallery Great photos to remind you of the Soprano TV series.

The Family of Man: The Sopranos

For the many people who have found New Jersey through the Soprano family or families, here is a roundup of critical views. The final show for the season

what our ancestors dined on. And we are told today to eat less meat and more fish.
The new American family. Changes in how we live have brought about a new portrait of "Family."
How did Something come out of Nothingness. Science tries to understand Creation.
During a lull in conversations, try Useless knowledge
Why Jonny can't do math and science but students in other countries can.
A grand narrative is a term used by some to describe a large view of things--Marxism, Freudian psychology, Darwinism, religion-that attempts to explain in part three central concerns we often confront: where did we come from? Why are we here? Where are we going? Of course for many of us, to dwell too often on such matters is a distraction from the more mundane matters we face daily. Charles Darwin and Darwinism is becoming increasingly apparent in much of the thinking and writing taking place in academic thinking and writing, from the sciences and now even in the humanities . http://www.sc.edu/library/spcoll/rarebook.htmlarts.
Agent Orange effects remain with us after twenty five years.


A site that gives a look at and memoirs of those present during the infamous Triangle Fire that took many lives of immigrants working in sweat shops.
A long-term study done at Harvard and statistically analyzed indicates how beginning college students can have a better and happier college experience.
Plight of the refugees fleeing to Britain Quick time needed for this viewing.
A great but short-lived moment in America at its best Billions of years of evolution. Finally, Man emerges. Thousands of years of war, plagues, oppression. And then America is born. But it gets better: America at its pinnacle of Greatness: The Rat Pack. Pictures and passages about Dean Martin and the Pack in Las Vegas, from Vegas archives. Note: for a wonderful book on this grand subject, see Dino: Living High in the Dirty Business of Dreams, by Nick Tosches.
Mythology The book of Gods, Goddesses, and Heroes.
Becoming Human A great site that explains the evolutionary process leading to humanity.
The Meaning of "closure" When a loved one dies.
Missionary,come home Lionel Tiger on the missionary need to spread "The Truth."


A fine and important book ,Consilience, by E.O. Wilson I have read this book twice and believe it is an outstanding work. An attempt to wed science and the humanities and arts so that they might learn from each other rather than be at odds with one another, a situation depicted years ago in C.P. Snow's Two Cultures.
Museum of Depressionist Art Wonderful art with explanatory notes. But not to be taken too seriously.
Tough drug laws? These two British women got off relatively easy. Life sentences.
Ladies and Genmtlemen: Presenting Lenny Bruce The stand-up comedian who talked dirty but set a new standard for comedy in which he parodied our hypocrisies. He may seem tame today because many people are now doing what he had been doing. He led the way, was a part of the 60s madness and wonder, and he taught others such as George Carlin what humor could and should do. Sample the man, his life, and his work.
A look at Tokyo Our ally and sometimes our competitor, this is what Tokyo is like today.
trailer trash Take this test and see if you or someone you know is. Music, but not classical.
Male menopauseWhether men undergo a mid-life crisis parallel biologically to that of women has long been argued. Is this the answer?


Alone Again, naturally

Lots of single folks out there, living alone, being alone. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A37160-2001May16.html

Cuba, Si

Ruins of ancient city discovered off coast of Cuba with perhaps a lot of buried treasure. We may yet change our Cuba policy. Elian, suit up. It's payback time for the expense you cost the American government.

Historical look at Masturbation

Not for those underage (? how old is old enough?) this is a serious piece and not a tillilating treatment of something that has always been with us. And some animals. Don't blame me for posting this: I did not invent the practise.

Art or Technology

Now that so much has become digital, is digital art, art, or not? A perspective on the subject. Marshall McCluhan once said that "Art is anything you can get away with."

Rules to be broken

A funny piece on those who write books telling us how to do things and then fail in following their own sage advice. Reminds me of the book some years ago about Open Marriage. The way to keep a marriage healthy and strong through extra-marital dating. Alas, the writing couple later divorced. But writers are a tough breed. One spouse then wrote a book on why monogamy is the right way to achieve marital happiness! from The New Yorker magazine.

Masters of Photography

Many nice thumbnails by a number of top photographers.

For all you Douglas Adams fans mourning his death

Many links to discover more about a favorite writer and person.

Deviant Quiz

You must be old enough to die for your country in a war in order to take this quiz. Yes: sexual preferences quick test.

The Porn Industry

A big industry that makes big money as it seemingly fills big needs.


The Theatre in the time of Shakespeare

Here was a physical plant with many limitations, calling for the use of imagination by those in the audience. No girls allowed to perform. For years, plays put on during sunlight hours (no lighting), and yet some of the greatest plays of all time were staged.

Pic courtesy of Dr. Menlo.

A Cure For Bad Schools?

Lots of money spent to improve a terrible school system in Kansas. But it did not work. Takes more than money.

Reputation Made in China

Marco Polo, early and welcome visitor to China and the Silk Trail, remains best known for his book about his life and travels.

Gentle Reader, a note

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All these years later and I still hear a buzz in my ears that is the Oldsmobile advertising ditty. Now, another classic fading away. Farewell to the classy OLDSMOBILE.


Nice links to a look at humanism
, from its early days to the present.

The Sopranos take a Time Out

Season finale to go out with a bang (or bidda bing bidda bang)

The Treasures and Pleasures of War

Iraq looted art from Kuwait. Kuwait got it back. Now it is on loan to British museum.

Serious books

Summer reading ? Perhaps not. But here is a list of of books that a reader of serious books might want to review to add to a reading list. How many on this list have you read?

Transcendentalism in America

The transcendental movement in New England, a movement filled with idealism, belittled by Herman Melville in Moby Dick, but yielding a positive outlook on life and Nature, stressing individualism, and with the lasting great writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Henry David Thoreau. The various members of this "group" lived and wrote during the period 1830 till the outbreak of the Civil War, and they were as writers and thinkers a part of what has been called The American Renaissance.


Selkirk's Island

Book review about Selkirk's adventures that would lead to Robinson Crusoe (Defoe) and finally Tom Hanks.

Hey, good looking, what'cha got cooking?

Not much on looks but perhaps a nice personality. Science studies bizarre form of animal life. See photo.

Jerry Garcia: RIP

In memory of Jerry Garcia. Note: my son made me do this.http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~mleone/gdead/deadicated.html

Art from Auschwitz

Even in the death camps, the human need to create art stayed alive. An exhibition of art created at Auschwitz. http://lastexpression.northwestern.edu/

Remember Pearl Harbor

History is in the details. The National Geographic Society offers maps, photos, timelines, eyewitness accounts. Also a spot to post memories and ask questions. Go to: WWW.national-Geographic.com/pearlharbor

Children and Puberty

What causes the children of immigrants to reach puberty earlier than native- born children?


Don't look Back: two books on Bob Dylan and getting out of the Village. http://www.salon.com/books/feature/2001/05/14/dylan/index.html

He said; She said

Gender differences in E-mail writing.http://www.nytimes.com/2001/05/17/technology/17TALK.html

Book reviews and reviewers

A nice discussion of the many book reviewers for any given new book, by James Atlas, via Arts and Letters. I was drawn to this because of references to my all-time favorite American man of Letters, Edmund Wilson. Atlas just published a bio of Saul Bellow. This piece appeared in NYRB, then in Brills, and then was picked up by A&L. T.S. Eliot remarked that taking the work of one person was plagerism. Using the work of a number of people was scholarship. And lifting from many people was Creative. http://www.brillscontent.com/2001june/depts/books_atlas.shtml

Columbus Day Sales/Sails

14 hundred and ninty two might not, alas, be really true...We may have to learn a new jingle to remember the date because the date might be off by a number of years, according to evidence now gathered. This post via Reutellog--and I owe them big time for all their help. Thanks again Rene. http://dsc.discovery.com/news/briefs/20010514/columbus.html

The Great books debate: the argument continues

Whose Great Books ? And what makes a great book great? http://www.nytimes.com/2001/04/08/education/08ED-EAKI.html?pagewanted=print

To serve and protect: our water problem

What must be done to save and protect this all-important but shrinking resource. http://www.sciam.com/2001/0201issue/0201intro.html

Animal Diversity Museum

A place for both fun and learning. Diversity strengthens all life and we may be losing much of it. http://animaldiversity.ummz.umich.edu/index.html


Women in science. A bright woman who changed things. http://www.nytimes.com/2001/04/08/education/08ED-FEMI.html?pagewanted=print
Any nice links you think I should post: write me Postroad at Hotmail dot com. And thanks in advance.


the Knight's Tale

Before there was the film, there was the book. Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, in Middle English or Modern English, with notes and a quick precis so you can watch the film and make knowing remarks.

(Yea, but not in the theatre, ok, Fred? I hate that shit. --Dr. Menlo wuz here)

Bio: Amelia Earheart

First lady of the sky, as a country-Western song called her. An icon of feminism because she busied herself doing rather than talking about what a woman might be able to do. A life worth knowing about.
A note to readers: My title is taken from the comedy routine by George Carlin. He is speaking of a druggie who has just acquired some new drugs. The druggie discovers that the "shit" --jargon for drugs--is very fine quality. Thus the oxymoron.

Immigration: A Sense of Belonging

Increasingly immigration is taking place throughout the world, as more and more people find life too difficult to live in their native lands and they try to go elsewhere to find a new home. This immigration is fraught with perils as well as promise as this essay suggests.

The Beat Generation

http://www.space.com/scienceastronomy/generalscience/neogenesis_scitues_010501-1.html Creating alternative, different forms of life now possible.
Alternative life forms can now be created by science